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How to beat off a beret: a few practical tips

Seamless beret - it's pretty practicala headpiece that is equally suitable for men and women and can be an excellent addition to any ensemble of outerwear. Of course, today, like many years ago, the beret is associated primarily with military uniforms. In every part and type of troops there are their own traditions of wearing berets and its specific form of this headdress. However, it often happens that the recruits are given out in a state that resembles, rather, does not take, but a pancake, a frying pan or in general something formless. So the first test of a newly-minted serviceman is to properly take off the beret. How this is done is of interest to many, so in this article we will try simply and intelligibly to tell how to bring the beret into a normal form and give it the required form.

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How to beat off a beret: method 1

The headdress is slightly wetted with water, puton a flat hard surface, such as a stool, and then beat on the edge with a hammer or an old spoon (but not aluminum) until the edge becomes thin and sharp, like the arrows on the trousers.

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Method 2

How to beat off a beret and keep its shape for long? It is possible to moisten the beret before it is "shaped" to use not water, but a solution of sugar, and also after inserting insert inside a special adhesive, dense cardboard, plastic. Some even experiment with candle wax. As a result, when it takes a dry time, its shape will remain as you need, much longer. The only nuance is that now you are better off if you do not get in the rain, that is, do not wet beret, otherwise you will have to repeat the whole process again.

Method 3

If you are wondering how to beat off takes quickly,easily and without special adaptations, try to moisten the beret, with your fingers several times to walk along the edge, in order to properly stroke the edge. Then the left part of the tip is gently stretched to the desired configuration. After that, the headdress is again wetted with water, put on the head, where it is given the final form. When you succeed, you can take it carefully and leave it to dry.

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Method 4

You still do not know how to take the beret off withnewspapers? Then remember: in the moistened beret, old newspapers are superimposed, and then with the help of pins, clips, clothespins and other devices available at hand, the desired shape is given to it. The headgear is left to dry completely, then try on. If there are any roughnesses and defects, you can slightly moisten the product again and correct the shape by hand.

In fact, nothing complicated. The main thing is, even before you start to beat the beret, you just need to know exactly what form it needs to give. Even if at the beginning your headdress looks unattractive, remember that berets are made of a material that is easy to process and mold, so you probably will succeed. And one more advantage of berets (usual headdresses, not military ones) is that each time you can get a practically new product depending on how to take off the beret. Photos on this page is confirmed.