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Creative birthday greetings: ideas

Before you start writing creativecongratulations on your birthday, carefully think over its subjects. If the birthday boy is dear to you, your wishes should be related to his specific dreams, desires, needs, tastes, plans.

Congratulations to your friend with the creative!

For each person you can come up with a uniqueAn original congratulation, which he will remember for a long time. But there are several universal options that you can supplement and modify, based on the tastes of the birthday boy.

creative congratulations to your girlfriend

For example, coming up with a creative congratulation to her friend, you can wish her:

1) A huge dressing room, popping from designer clothes.

2) The personal make-up artist and hairdresser who will guide her to the marathon every time she goes to the store for bread.

3) Megatons of the best cosmetics and barrels of elite perfumes.

4) Billions of roses (or any of its favorite colors) of all colors and varieties.

5) Prince on a white limousine (as a prince you can name her favorite actor, singer, athlete, etc.).

6) Own library / art gallery / fitness club / restaurant - depending on what she is fond of.

Such creative ideas of congratulations can beenumerate endlessly: if your girlfriend wants to live in New York, wish her a penthouse in Manhattan, wants to become an actress - say that Hollywood falls at her feet, loves Pekingese - wish a little barking furry happiness, etc.

Come up with an ideal greeting to a friend.

To prepare a creative congratulation of a friend, you must follow the same golden rule: we want what he would like to receive. You can use the following options:

creative congratulations to a friend

1) Personal auto show with different cars for every day.

2) To "Apple" created exclusively for him the most powerful in the world makbuk / ipad / iphone.

3) That the refrigerator is never empty and filled automatically with its most favorite dishes.

4) To have a robot in his house that will clean up regularly, wash dishes, wash and iron clothes.

5) To all girls went crazy at the mere glance at him, as in the advertisement of a male deodorant.

6) To the balance of the bank account numbered as many digits, of how many is his phone number.

If he is a fan of "Star Wars", wish him to beunbeaten always and in everything, like a Jedi. If he likes some kind of computer game - let in her congratulations appear her characters. If he does some sport, wish him to be stronger than Tyson, faster than Schumacher, more clever than Beckham, etc.

From these examples it is evident that it is not at all necessary to write wishes on the postcard in verse - one can come up with creative congratulations in prose.

We create unusual congratulations with round dates

creative congratulations on the anniversary

To organize a creative greeting fromanniversary, it is necessary to make maximum use of the figure in it, which means the number of years that is performed by the birthday person. So, you can adopt the following tricks:

1) Use measures of size, volume, length: 35 megatons of joy, 50 centners of luck, 45 poods of success, etc.

2) Denote the number of pleasant things: 55 million smiles, 30 thousand happy moments, 45 trillion minutes of enjoyment.

3) Calculate material wealth: 50 largest diamonds, 30 most expensive cars, 40 thousand of the most beautiful dresses, etc.

creative congratulations on the anniversary
To prepare a creative congratulation on your birthday, you can write wishes on the items, the number of which corresponds to the return of the hero of the day:

  • On chocolate coins (put them in a bucket or basket and say that this is a treasure that you excavated specifically for the birthday).
  • On tea bags.
  • On candy wrappers.
  • In cookies with "prophecies".
  • Attach notes to flowers in a bouquet.
  • Write the wishes on small multi-colored sheets of paper and put them in a jar.
  • Put the notes with congratulations into the balloons and make the birthday boy shake each of them in turn and read the wishes inside.

We present the congratulation beautifully

To make a creative congratulations on the daybirth, it is not at all necessary to simply write it on a postcard or proclaim it during a feast in the form of a toast. In order to congratulate a loved one on his most important holiday, you can come up with a lot of original ways.

We paint asphalt!

ideas of creative congratulations

You can decorate the sidewalk somewhere in the parknear the house of the birthday boy with colorful chalks and bring him there blindfolded. You must leave the birthday party at the beginning of the color track, and you yourself should be on the opposite side - at the end. Then your friend removes the bandage from his eyes and goes to you on the painted plates. When he comes up, you say: "Let every step taken on your life's path be as bright and colorful as the road you just passed" -and you give him a gift.

Continuing the theme of the crayons, you can beautifully paintasphalt in the yard of the birthday boy under his balcony or a concrete fence in front of the yard, if any. Write a big beautiful font congratulation and decorate it with images of hearts, flowers, cakes, balls - in general, create a huge postcard on the asphalt. This can be done not only chalks, but also paints.

If you want to present a surprise at night, you can use luminous in the dark colors, and for greater effectiveness, decorate your creation with lighted candles.

We connect the printer!

Even with the most common "vord" you canmake an unforgettable creative congratulation for your loved one. If you live together, you can wait until the birthday is not at home, and decorate the apartment with his photos with warm words tied to each of them. Each picture should illustrate what is written under it.

For example, you can come up with a playful verse,which tells the story of the life of the birthday boy from birth to today. In the final lines you will wish him everything you can think of. By the way, you can hang these images around the house at night, while the neighbor is asleep, and in the morning present him with a cake or a gift in bed and lead him to inspect your congratulatory creation.

Photoshop to help!

If your knowledge of working with pictures is not limited to adding inscriptions to it, you can reveal your photoshop talents in full, creating a creative congratulation on your birthday.

So, you can make a whole congratulatory book. The simplest version of design:

creative congratulations on your birthday

1) Download a bunch of vector backgrounds on the Internet (separate for each page).

2) On these backgrounds put photographs of the birthday (you can either just blur its edges, or frame it with some beautiful frame).

3) Write under each photo good words inthe address of the person to whom she is dedicated ("You have the sweetest smile," "the strongest hands," "the most beautiful shoes," "the most kind soul," "You are always there," "support me," "protect"). This list can be continued as long as desired. The main thing is that each page should be assigned one phrase. And after all these compliments, write "Because I wish you" and list everything that you come up with.

4) Draw a cover with the background, the name of the book (for example, "A few pages about you"). From above write your name as the author, from below - the city and date of birth.

5) Stitch the pages with a spring or ribbon - and ready.

Such a "postcard" will not only be an unusual congratulation, but can even serve as a basic gift. Your friend will be pleased to receive such a present.

Camera, motor, shoot!

Another win-win version of the congratulation is a video. There are several ways to create it:

creative congratulations on your birthday

1) Group (write down on the camera wishes from all your friends close and mount it all into one video).

2) Personal (you shoot video only from yourself). In this case it is much easier to give freedom of imagination, because you control the whole process and do not depend on what others will say or do in the frame.

3) Thematic (each wish in the frame is shot in a separate place, illustrating it - about clothes near the boutique, about food - in a favorite restaurant, etc.).

4) Clip (remake texts of severalfavorite songs of the birthday boy under the congratulatory, sing them to the phonogram, record, shoot in the clips under the resulting songs and combine them into one video).

Using these ideas, you can create a creativecongratulations to a woman, a man, a friend, a relative, a colleague and anyone. Such surprises are always received by the birthday people very warmly and with infinite gratitude.