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Tent for dacha - your salvation on a hot summer day

On a hot summer day at the dacha you need to take care ofto find a place where the whole family can hide from the scorching rays of the sun. The tent for the dacha will be an excellent substitute for the arbor, where you can hide from the rain and sun. Such a gazebo will become a wonderful decoration of the garden in the country.


A variety of awnings for the garden

There are a large number of models of tents,which are used for outdoor recreation. The simplest is a prefab tent for dachas or a tent-shed, which is easy to install in nature, in the forest, on the sea, that is, in absolutely any conditions.

If you are looking for an analogue of a cottage,tent-gazebo for summer residence. It not only protects against natural disasters and bright sun, but also creates extra comfort due to additional accessories. After all, such structures are also equipped with mosquito nets, windows, doors, and sometimes partitions - the owners can regulate the level of ventilation and the intensity of lighting inside the tent.

And if you have a large-scale event, the awningfor the suburban area there must be an appropriate - the so-called tent for events. In such premises in nature it is convenient to organize family celebrations or banquets. Naturally, such a tent will require more careful preparation of the site than the usual tent for giving, the price will also differ substantially.

Materials for the tent

tent arbor to give

A tent with rain protection must not passmoisture, so the material should be as strong as possible. The fabric from which the marquee is made for the dacha and determines its further purpose. For protection from the sun will be enough thin, but strong fabrics. Polyethylene tents are not very strong, and in hot weather it is too stuffy in them, so it is still worth to refuse to purchase them.

Choosing a tent-tent to give

Before buying you should decide on theThe site where the construction will stand. Measure the size of the area where the tent will stand. For example, a tent measuring 2.5 mx 2.5 m will make it possible to arrange a table set and 4-6 chairs. The most popular form of dacha shelter is quadrangular, but other variations are available in stores. And the success of the design is largely determined by the wall, which serves as its foundation. The straight line greatly expands the space. A slightly sloping wall will "eat" the place, but it will be more resistant to sudden changes in weather, for example a sudden strong wind. Protective structures easily fold into compact cases and fit into the trunk of the car, taking up very little space. Read the instructions for caring for the tent, and if you will keep them all, the dacha tent will serve you more than one year.


Setting the tent

In the corners of the platform you need to install racks in heightfrom 2.7 to 3 meters - wooden or metal. When installing the roof, you need to pay attention to some of the nuances: it is desirable that it was sloping - then rainwater will be better to leave. The construction above the head consists of five guides, one of which is located in the center as a support. A canvas or other waterproof fabric is suitable for the cover. One of the side walls can be left transparent.