/ How to feed a Yorkshire terrier? Secrets and features of food

What to feed the Yorkshire terrier? Secrets and features of food

What to feed the Yorkshire terrier?The digestive system of the representatives of this breed is famous for its exactingness. Health and even the life of a dog directly depend on its nutrition, poor and inappropriate food will cause great harm to it. What should the owners know?

A few words about the breed

How to feed a Yorkshire terrier to donatehim long life? To begin with, it is worth investigating what this breed is. York - a decorative dog, whose weight does not exceed 3.5 kg. On average, representatives weigh no more than 2.5 kg. Therefore, it is very difficult to make a diet so that the dog's body receives all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

than to feed the Yorkshire terrier at home

The answer to the question of what to feed the YorkshireTerrier, directly depends on the temperament of the animal. One dog can be agile and playful. The other is capable of being slow and phlegmatic. Due to differences in activity, experienced dog breeders are advised to select food individually.


What to feed a puppy of a Yorkshire terrier whohas just been born? As a rule, they are born very small, the weight of the newborn rarely exceeds 120 grams. In the first two weeks, the obligation to feed them completely lies with the mother. It is important that puppies have daily weight gain.

If the born dog does not have milk, forfeeding a puppy, you can use a milk formula, which is sold at a pet store. Of course, it is not necessary to buy it, you can make it yourself. To do this, you need cow, sheep or goat milk. To it the boiled pounded stomach is added. The power interval is 1-2 hours.

At the age of two weeks, you can gradually add to the diet sour-milk products - curdled milk, cottage cheese, fermented baked milk, yogurt.

1-2 months

What does Yorkshire Terrier eat a month, what to feed?puppy? Already at this age the representative of the breed begins to be transferred to an adult diet. There should be a small amount of raw meat on the menu. It is important that the product is pre-frozen, this will help prevent helminth infection. Defrosted meat can be twisted through a meat grinder or finely chopped. It is also necessary to scald it with boiling water.

how to properly feed a Yorkshire terrier

In 1.5 months in the diet of york, you can enter marine boiled fish, boiled croutons, finely chopped boiled vegetables.

What to feed a puppy of a Yorkshire terrier in 2 months?It depends on how the dog will eat in the future. If you plan to give the animal natural food, the products remain the same. The frequency of food intake can be reduced up to four times a day. If York will eat dry food, then it's time to begin to translate it to him. Sour-milk products should be added to the ration.

3-4 months

How to feed a Yorkshire terrier puppy in 3-4months? At this age, the animal should already be transferred to dry food if it is planned that it will eat it. Of course, you can give him only special marks that are meant for puppies. Feeding is carried out three times a day. Food should not be left in a bowl, as this is fraught with overeating. At this age, it is already possible to exclude dairy products. However, once a week it is necessary to treat the puppy with a raw egg.

Will the food be natural? In this case, the puppy is available all the products that are present in the diet of an adult.

Number of feedings by age

How much yorkshire terrier to feed once a day? It directly depends on how much he was fulfilled. The approximate number of feedings by age is as follows:

  • 0-2 months - 5-6 times;
  • 2-4 months - 4-5 times;
  • 4-6 months 3-4 times;
  • 6-10 months - 2-3 times;
  • after 10 months - 2 times.

It is necessary to pay attention to the ratio of products in the diet, it should be correct:

  • proteins (meat, fish, cottage cheese) - 50%;
  • vegetables and fruits - 25%;
  • porridge - 25%.

What to feed the Yorkshire Terrier: meat and fish

Meat - the main element in the diet of the pet. It can be offered york in raw form, but it is preferable to cook. It is important that meat products do not contain fatty interlayers. The animal can be given beef, chicken, turkey, rabbit.

Natural food for the Yorkshire terrier

How to properly feed a Yorkshire terrier, it is worthto add subproducts to the menu? It should be remembered that the liver, stomach, lung, heart should be given to the dog only in boiled form. They should not be considered a substitute for meat. By-products are included in the menu only once a week.

Also, the animal will benefit from the addition ofa diet of sea fish without pits, scales and viscera. In the raw form, this product should not be given to york, it is necessary to cook. It is better not to feed a pet with species that do not allow the iron to be digested, for example, blue whiting, pollock. Fish is introduced into the diet about once a week.

Vegetables, fruits, dried fruits, greens

What to feed the Yorkshire terrier, in addition to meat,by-products and fish? The animal needs and vegetables, which must be served in cooked form. Carrots, beets, pumpkin, zucchini - such options are possible. Carrots are best added to the ration in raw form, finely grinding and adding a few drops of vegetable oil. It is strictly not recommended to feed potatoes in New York.

Greens should also be present in the pet's diet. It is used in small quantities, as an additive to the main product. Green onions, spinach, lettuce - all this can be yorku.

What to Feed Yorkshire Terrier in the Homeconditions, do they need fruit? Yes, the use of the dog will bring in the diet of apples, melons, watermelons, bananas, pears. From time to time it is necessary to pamper the animal and dried fruits that contain large amounts of potassium, manganese and iron. This will make up for the shortage of important trace elements, will positively affect the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

Dairy products, eggs, cereals

What to Feed Yorkshire Terrier in the Homeconditions, do you give the dog dairy products? Yes, since they are valuable sources of calcium. Cottage cheese, low-fat kefir, yogurt, ryazhenka must be present in the pet's diet. This is especially important in puppyhood, when the backbone and teeth are forming. The Yorkshire Terrier needs milk for milk only for up to four months, after which it should be excluded.

yorkshire terrier ration

In the diet, dogs must be presentand porridge. They will supply the body with potassium and magnesium, and also fill the need for vitamins of group B. Rice, oats, buckwheat - you can feed your pet with such porridges.

Do you need yorky eggs? Twice a week you should offer the yolk to the dog. Protein is not recommended, since it can cause allergies.

What else is needed

Than you can feed a Yorkshire terrier apart fromthis? In the diet, you should include olive or linseed oil. This product is best added to vegetable mixes. The oil will saturate dishes with amino acids, will promote the assimilation of nutrients.

The dog must have constant access to clean and fresh drinking water.

The smallest

Above is told about what should be in the diet of a representative of the standard breed. What to feed the Yorkshire Terrier Mini? In the menu of the pet you can include all the products described above.

The main task of the owner is to learn correctlydetermine the portion size. One tablespoon of food should be accounted for every half a kilogram. For example, if a mini-york weighs 1.5 kg, it needs three tablespoons of provisions.

What can not

There are products that can not be included in theration Yorkshire terrier. Some of them are capable of causing minor harm, others are not at all absorbed by the pet's organism. So, from what it is necessary to refuse?

Forage for Yorkshire Terrier
  • Salt, sugar, pepper, all kinds of spices and seasonings - all this can not be used while cooking for a york.
  • Fish must be a marine, a freshwater pet should not be fed.
  • Yorkshire terrier is contraindicated in fatty meats. It is better to give up pork and lamb brisket.
  • Sausage and smoked products attract manyPets are no exception and yorkies. Unfortunately, they are prohibited, because they are very harmful to the body, they are the source of cholesterol. A pet, in whose diet they are present, threatens kidney disease, pancreas and other troubles.
  • When choosing a vegetable for a dog you need to foreverto abandon turnips. Bloating can cause cabbage and legumes, they are poorly digested. Of the fruit under the strictest ban are citrus fruits.
  • Yorkshire terrier is contraindicated in sweets,causing dermatitis and diarrhea. Also, the pet should not be given pasta, baked goods, including bread. However, it is possible to purchase special treats for pets in the pet store and occasionally include them in the diet as an incentive.
  • Meat, mushroom broths are too heavy for a tender stomach.
  • Milk provokes diarrhea in an adult pet, this product can be given only to puppies.
  • Stomach York does not digest protein in its raw form.

The five main prohibitions

Hosts who are interested in what to feed the Yorkshire Terrier at home, often make the same mistakes. So, what to do is strictly not recommended?

dry food for a Yorkshire terrier
  • To regale from the table. Charming yorkies have no equal in the ability to get the forbidden slice. Skin from the chicken, sausage, chocolate - all this can harm the tender stomach. In addition, the dog must remember that food is served to her in the designated place.
  • Giving the bones. Bird and fish bones are extremely dangerous for the pet, they lead to perforation of the intestine.
  • There is something to force. Yorkshire Terrier must decide whether he is hungry. If the dog wanted to arrange a fasting day, this does not yet indicate problems with health, poor health. Forced feeding can become a source of psychological trauma.
  • Overfeed. Home favorite does not know how to stop on time. The result may be oversaturation, which will lead to obesity. This will negatively affect the condition of the musculoskeletal system, internal organs. The absence of obesity is evidenced by the fact that the ribs are felt on palpation.
  • Be hard with vitamins. If the Yorkshire Terrier eats natural products, its diet should certainly introduce nutritional supplements. It is important only to use a reasonable amount of vitamins.

Important rules

What else should the Yorkshire Terrier owners remember? Feeding advice is provided below.

  • You can not abruptly translate the dog, which is accustomed to eat ready-made food, for natural food. This should take at least two weeks.
  • New products are introduced into the menu of the pet gradually.
  • Natural food and ready-made dry food can not be mixed.
  • You should not feed yorky dishes that are prepared for family members. Food for the dog is prepared separately, while salt and spices are not used.
  • The food for a yorkie should not be too hot or cold. It's great if it's room temperature.
  • Kashi can not be cooked on broth.

Dry food

What kind of food is better - a question that alreadyseveral years is the subject of discussions among veterinarians. What to feed the Yorkshire terrier at home, how to choose between natural food and dry? What are the advantages and disadvantages of ready-made food?

Forage for Yorkshire Terrier

To positive features of dry forage can be attributedno time for cooking. Food for the pet is simply purchased in the store and poured into a bowl, no additional manipulation is required. Food can be purchased with a margin, you do not need to constantly walk behind it. In addition, a pet is less likely to need vitamin supplements, since they are already included. However, along with beneficial microelements and vitamins, the dog inevitably receives a certain proportion of preservatives. First of all it concerns cheap forages.

The main advantage of a natural food -natural composition. The owner can not doubt that in the diet of a pet is missing a variety of chemicals that can cause harm to the tender body. Natural food is easy to adjust, while dry food can not boast of diversity, it has the same composition. However, the diet is made "by eye", in connection with which the dog may not receive certain micronutrients and vitamins. In addition, constant cooking requires a substantial amount of time.

What food to choose

What is the food for the Yorkshire terrier? The following options are available for owners of pets.

  • Economy class. The main advantage of such nutrition is affordable cost, it consists of bone meal and proteins. Unfortunately, these feeds contain a minimum number of useful elements. Long-term feeding by them will negatively affect the health of the animal.
  • Custom class. Such feeds are acceptable in terms of cost, have a rich composition. However, it should be taken into account that they contain many artificial additives that can lead to allergies and are addictive.
  • Premium class. It is these fodders that are suitable for Yorkshire terrier, the organism of which is characterized by its demand for food. The finished product contains all the important microelements and vitamins. Unfortunately, he has a significant drawback - high cost.

Brands that are preferred by experiencedcynologists, at all on hearing. "MeraDog", "Proplan", "Hills", "Royal Kanin" - names of popular brands. In the range of species for small breeds in certain periods of life. You can choose food for puppies of different ages, adults, old dogs and so on.