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Home contests for adults at their birthday

You make a party and think whatcontests for adults at a birthday can be done? The answer to this question can only be given by a birthday person. After all, he knows his guests, their temperament and preferences. If friends prefer active games and are not averse to fooling around, choose mobile competitions, and if friends prefer to sit on the couch, come up with intellectual Olympiads. The main thing is the good ideas of the competitions themselves, which you can find below in the article.

Tie contest

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All your friends came on holiday in costumes and withgirls? Then such a contest for adults at their birthday will be very appropriate. You can check whether the girl is good for the man and whether she can become the support and support. How can you find out? If a girl helps her companion in everything, then she knows how to tie a tie. Well, if she does not know how to do this, she can still find a way out of the difficult situation.

How to hold a contest?Guests are divided into teams of two people. Each team must have one man and one woman. If all guys have ties - well, if someone does not have this accessory, you will have to give. On the sign of the presenter, the countdown begins. Girls should remove the tie from the men, show it to the presenter, and then tie the necktie. The winner is the couple who will cope with the task ahead of everyone. Consolation prize can be given to those teams that showed greater originality, for example, tied a tie with a sea knot or a bow.

Get the apple

Your friends are not afraid to seem ridiculous?Hence, this contest for adults at their birthday will be very useful. What is it? You should choose the most daring guests, who are dressed in trousers or jeans. Girls in dresses can not participate. Now each of the volunteers must be given a stool. The participant sits on a chair, bending his legs under him. On the floor before each guest you need to put a plate with an apple slice. Instead of an apple, you can use an orange or a candy. After the host announces the start, the task of the participants is to get a piece of the apple. Do it with your mouth. Do not touch the ground with your hands and feet. You can roll over and slide off the chair. But it should be said that the one who falls will automatically be disqualified. The winner is the participant, who will eat the apple slice faster than others.

Guess whose shadow

Interesting competition for a birthday for adultscan be arranged with a lamp. If you celebrate in a large room, then you definitely do not have any problems with finding an empty seat. At one of the corners you need to seat a volunteer. You need to install a lamp behind your back. The host announces the start, and all guests in turn start to pass behind the participant's back. Its task is to determine from the shadow who is behind it now. To complicate the task, guests can pass wriggling, bouncing or changing, wearing a wig. On the chair, each guest should sit with his back to the procession. Then everyone will have the opportunity to test their observation and intuition. In this competition, the one who correctly guessed more people by their shadows wins.

The namesake

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This interesting contest checks not onlyingenuity of guests, but also originality of thinking. What is its essence? Several volunteers come out of the table. The leader announces the rules. Each of the volunteers should name three famous personalities, who are namesake namesakes. For example, if the culprit of the celebration is Alexander, then one of the players may have such a set: Alexander the Great, Alexander II, Alexander Tsekalo. Now each of the players should wish the birthday person those qualities that are the best in the previously known people. For example: "I wish you to be as invincible, to make reforms, and also to look at everything happening with you with humor." Prizes for the birthday contest for adults must be issued. After all, any person will be pleased to receive some reward for their wits and ingenuity.


If you celebrate a student's holiday, thenit will be difficult to do without such a home competition. On the birthday of adults, he will be as much in demand as at the school children's holiday. After all, many men and women secretly, and sometimes openly, want to return to the school bench. So give your friends this opportunity.

The competition will be attended by several teams,each of which must consist of two people. Each team is given a roll of paper. One participant must hide the paper in the clothes of his partner. How to do it? It is necessary to unwind the small piece from the roll and distribute the paper to the places where students and students usually lay out cribs. It can be pockets, socks, sleeves, a shirt collar. In general, let the guests show their imagination. The team that wins the paper roll faster than the others wins.


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Think about the fun at your birthdayadult? The competitions that you will be holding can be not only static, but also very dynamic. For example, you can play a light version of the twister. Such competition is called "Feet". All participants are in a circle and join hands. The birthday begins. He tells his neighbor on the right where to put his right foot. For example, on the foot of your neighbor on the right. So the guests give directions to each other. Already after 5 minutes of playing the circle becomes like something incomprehensible and very confusing. The one who stands on his feet wins in this competition. But the rules of the game are not forbidden to pull your neighbors when you fall.


Such competition on anniversary birthdayAdult person will be very handy. Nothing difficult to do is not necessary, but guests will need to show their dexterity and skill. To conduct a contest, all those present should be divided into two teams and line up in lines. Now each participant should be given a tube for a cocktail. The person who heads the column is given a pea. The host announces the start and the fun begins. The first member of the team sucks the pea through the tube, and the participant who stands behind should take the pea in the same way. Hands can not help the transfer process. But if you see that the pea is falling, you can catch it. That person, from whom she fell, again sucks her through the tube and makes another attempt to transfer. The team that is faster than the other will cope with the task set by the leader wins.


Very funny birthday contestsadults are those in which men and women change clothes. One of these games is called "Harem". Participate in it are two teams, each of which consists of five women and one man. By the sign of the host, the competition begins. Girls take off their clothes, as part of decency, of course, and put it on a man. What could it be? Girls can "sacrifice" shoes, scarves, belts, bracelets, hairpins, vests, etc. The winner in this contest is the team whose man is dressed more beautifully.

Whose knees

This interesting contest will help to checkthe intuition of your friends. For its carrying out it is required to put around chairs and to include music. The guests sit down on the chairs, all but one. The volunteer is blindfolded and launched into the center of the circle. Now a person needs to unwind. While the music continues to play, the contestant must walk in a circle. When the song ends, a person should sit on the nearest knee in his opinion. And now the participant's task is to determine who he is sitting on. Naturally, you can not use your hands. You can focus on your intuition and sense of smell. If a person guessed, then he takes a chair, and the one who has sat on it before becomes the leader. If the first volunteer turned out to be slow-witted, then he is out. The contest continues until it becomes clear which of the participants has the best intuition.

The most attentive

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In this contest women are more likely to win. After all, as is known, they pay special attention to details. How to hold a contest? Several people, little familiar with each other, are divided into pairs. Within a minute they carefully study each other, and then become the back of the head to each other. And now the presenter asks each of the contestants 10 questions. What can I ask?

  • What color are the eyes?
  • How many rings on the fingers?
  • What color is the varnish?
  • Does a man have whiskers?
  • What is written on the T-shirt?

Such questions will not only help you pass the time cheerfully and check the memory of the guests, but they will also be able to unite the unfamiliar collective well.


karaoke contest

Musical competitions for the birthday of adultsare very popular. Especially if they are not held at the beginning of the event, but closer to the end. Then the guests can get to know each other, relax and feel more relaxed.

How to conduct an interesting music contest forbirthday of an adult? You will have to divide all the guests into two or three teams. Now every team comes up with an assignment for their competitors. It is necessary to say any word, and the task of the other team is to recall the song in which the mentioned word is mentioned, and sing it. If the participants are divided into three groups, the move goes from one to the other clockwise. The team that was able to sing a greater number of songs wins.

Dance while you can

What do people have fun on holidays? That's right, they sing and dance. Therefore, if you can not think up funny contests for the birthday of adults, dance battles will be for you just a rescue.

How do you hold them? You need to divide the guests in pairs into teams. The team should consist of a man and a woman. The newspaper spreads under their feet. The music turns on and everyone starts to dance. The task of the participants is not to go beyond the boundaries of the newspaper. At the first stage, usually no one is out. When the song is over, the newspaper needs to be folded in half and continue to dance. Such a dance contest for the birthday of an adult usually becomes the most amusing at the end. As soon as the pair does not twist. Sometimes men dance with their ladies in their arms. The team that will be able to hold out longer without leaving the borders all the time of the diminishing newspaper wins.


One of the simplest birthday contestsadults is a game of stickers. What is its meaning? It is necessary to guess one of the famous personalities that the neighbor has in mind. The process of the game goes like this: all participants receive a sheet of paper and a pen. Now you need to choose a theme, for example, movie actors. Each contestant writes on his sheet the name and surname of a famous person, then glues it on the forehead of the neighbor on the right. When all participants of the competition get acquainted with the enigmatic characters, the game begins. Every person asks a question about his personality. Examples of questions:

  • I am a man?
  • I am Russian?
  • I'm an actor of comedy films?

Questions need to be shaped so that they can bewas to answer yes or no. If, in response to a question, you get "no", then the move goes clockwise to the next participant. The winner is the one who best guesses the identity of the person he is guessed.


musical competitions

Do not want to explain the rules of the game for a long time? Then the contest-scenes for the birthday of adults will be your company's liking. Probably, everyone at least once played in the "Crocodile". The game is simple and does not require complex intellectual work. The meaning of the contest is to show the best possible word with the help of pantomime. Words can be thought of as guests from the audience, and the presenter. The first option will be acceptable in the event that the gathered at the table of friends a good fantasy. And how to count the points? The volunteer should explain the word or phrase within a minute. If it fits, the ball is counted. But you can not cheat, the leader must follow this. If a person shows a completely understandable pantomime, and guests do not guess it in principle, the player should accrue the ball. Funny contest-scenes for the birthday of adults are more popular, keep this in mind.

A broken phone without words

Tired of "Crocodile"? Then you can upgrade the game. For example, do so. Ask three volunteers to leave the room. Now show one of them some animal, for example, a monkey. The first person will demonstrate from memory the animal to the second volunteer, and the second, respectively, to the third. Well, now the last person shows the animal to the rest of the guests. And they will have to guess what the presenter intended. You can guess not only the animal, but also various objects, and also try to recreate short skits.

Customs officer

friendly party

This contest allows you to find out whocompanies most attentive. The conditions are incredibly simple, the presenter gives the task: what can not be taken abroad. The first person named Vasily begins to wonder:

- A bike?

The host responds:

- Yes.

Now it's Dmitry's turn:

"The cow?"

The host says:

- No.

Xenia says:

"The cat?"

The host agrees:

- Yes.

The most attentive guest may notice a connectionbetween words and names. And he will be right. But each link must change, for example, you can take all the masculine things abroad, but women are not allowed to go there. In general, to show imagination is the business of the presenter.

Interesting situation

How often do men feel like women? In normal life, this does not happen, but here at the festival you can experiment. Contests with balls for the birthday of adults are no less popular than on children's matinees.

The competition involved men. The matches are scattered across the floor, each belly is constructed from a large ball for each male representative. Now the task of men is to collect as many as possible matches for the two minutes allocated to them. But you do not need to burst the ball. To complicate the task, it is necessary to prohibit contestants from crawling on all fours. After all, the whole difficulty is just to sit down and get up from the squat. Such a contest will not only amuse the men, but will also make them better understood and respected by pregnant women.