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Special date - International Children's Day

Children are the best thing on our planet.Their laughter makes people happier, kinder. How do you want to never see in the eyes of the child tears and sadness. And yet - how wonderful that the first day of summer is officially declared the International Children's Day. Do you know about this holiday? If not, hurry to find out.

June 1 - red date in the calendar

International Children's Day
On June 1, many countries of our planet celebrateInternational Children's Day. Why the first of June - no one will answer. They do not know. Assigned and all! But the history of the appearance of the marked date is very interesting.

In 1925, everything happened. The conference discussed the issue of the welfare of children in Geneva. During the conference, they decided to set a date for a special day.

There are several versions,who exactly came up with such a holiday. According to one information, the world day of children began to celebrate after the Chinese consul, having collected homeless orphans from China, arranged for them a cheerful festival-festival of dragon boats. The holiday was held in San Francisco. They say that everything was organized on June 1. And on that day in Geneva the very same conference was held.

Also there is another version of the creationholiday. And the story is connected with the Second World War. After the war, many children were orphaned. The children, left without parental care, shelter over their heads, ached and starved. Increased infant mortality.

In 1949 at the Paris conference soundedThe slogan calling for the struggle for the happiness of children, in which the future of all mankind. Exactly one year later the first holiday was organized - the International Children's Day. Since then it is held every year.

Features of the children's holiday

World Children's Day
A very interesting fact is the celebration of the Children's Daywas supported by many socialist countries. For example, in the USSR it was decided that summer holidays for children begin on June 1. On that day, trips to cinemas, excursions, competitions and relay races were organized. The main participants in the festival are children, of course. But parents also take an active part.

International Children's Day has its ownA unique flag, to confuse which with some other is simply impossible. Against the background of green around the globe there are children's colorful figures. Each element depicted on the flag is symbolic. Green means harmony and prosperity, purity and fertility. The globe is a common home. Human figures are the children of the Earth.

How to celebrate a children's holiday?

Of course, for a child every day should be likecelebration. But June 1 is a special day. Adults, postpone business on the International Children's Day! Devote yourself to the children. Go with the whole family for a walk, visit entertainment for children's events, please them with sweets and gifts. Let the children laugh and rejoice.

International Children's Day
yet, do not forget the international day of protectionchildren about those who do not know and do not remember the parental warmth. Visit, for example, a children's shelter and give presents to the children's home. They will be very happy. Believe me, in these touching moments you will feel immense happiness from the fact that thanks to you these lonely little hearts have become a little happier.