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Magnifier binocular: parameters, varieties and features of use

Magnifier binocular is a specific opticala system that is used in medicine, industry, repair of machinery and electronics. It can be used even in domestic conditions, for example, for needlework.

Varieties and construction

magnifier binocular
The structure of the presented product depends on itstype. The most popular are magnifiers that are installed on the table, as well as those that are worn on the head. Both the first and second option frees both hands for work. The binocular magnifier has one feature: you can look through it with both eyes. This provides a higher image clarity. At the same time, the eyes get tired much less.

It should be noted that the head versionadjustable depending on the circumference of the head. Any version of the product can be equipped with a backlight. In addition, the design can be equipped with additional lenses, by means of which the magnification changes. As for the desktop versions, the binocular magnifier is then inserted into the plastic round case on the folding leg. The lens is often surrounded by sufficiently powerful LEDs.

Parameters and features of using a magnifying glass

magnifier binocular with illumination
During the selection and application of the product,remember that the degree of increase depends on the focal length. The higher the second indicator, the lower the first. In addition, the head version can give a shadow. Magnifier binocular with backlight provides maximum image quality, and also gives an opportunity to work in the evenings. The advantage of such a product is that the beam is adjustable.

Another advantage of the design is itslight weight, which makes it very comfortable. Some models have a septum on the lens, which in some cases can lead to excessive eye fatigue. Therefore, if your pupils are located at a distance of 0.64 cm from each other, it is better to use a full lens.

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Thanks to the device, you have the opportunityconsider very small details. Most often in their work such equipment is used by neurosurgeons, people who repair mobile phones and other equipment, dentists and others.

With regard to the correct operationdesign, the binocular magnifier is most effective if the working distance to the items under consideration is correctly selected. In this case, vision quickly adapts to the parameters of the product. A very convenient design is for those people who have a broken eye.

Thus, the headband binocular magnifier, the pricewhich is about 10 dollars (some professional models can cost $ 100 and more), will become a very effective device for any user who deals with very small details.

When buying a design, try firstDetermine their capabilities and needs, and then already take into account the ratings of producers. A feature of modern loops is that manufacturers try to protect them from dust, moisture and other negative influences.