/ Delicious dishes: reviews. DELIMANO (Italian tableware): reviews

Dishes Delimano: reviews. DELIMANO (Italian tableware): reviews

Today many women spend time in the kitchen withgreat pleasure. Now, universal ceramic cookware is at their disposal. Different dishes can be prepared with her. Everything is made of stainless steel, and this is the most necessary condition for obtaining delicate dishes. It is important to note that dishes "Delimano", reviews about which are only positive, allows you to quickly and easily prepare meals. Here you can apply both traditional methods of cooking, and under pressure, and at the moment when it really becomes necessary. In such dishes, the food will be much tastier and more attractive. But most importantly - much more useful than the one that is prepared in the traditional way.

Unique dishes

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This set of kitchen items is multifunctional.It can cook food in the usual way and under pressure, put out, fry, make pasta, marinate meat, tofu or fish, cook something for a couple, cook chocolate glaze or another sauce, keep the food in a vacuum.

What is the secret of the pressure cooker?

It's no secret that the water begins to boilat 100 ° C. However, in order to keep this temperature constant, the heat source must be constantly switched on. But the exception is the dishes of Delimano. The testimonies indicate that in such a pressure cooker the steam, remaining inside, makes the pressure in the pan high. This is achieved due to the fact that the hermetic cover is used. And the temperature can exceed even a mark of 120 ° C!

The most important thing is health!

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As a result of prolonged thermalprocessing food loses a huge amount of essential vitamins. It becomes colorless and faded. But frying pan "Delimano" just copes with the problem. The food in it is cooked very neatly and quickly on an oxygen-free steam. Now there is an excellent opportunity to save not only time, but also to save very important minerals, nutrients and vitamins. Thus, it is possible to save about 95% of the vital amino acids that are contained in meat protein, about 77% of vitamin B1 and about 82% of vitamin A. The preparation of dishes with this glass helps to preserve the color of vegetables and their original taste.

Save time

Ceramic tableware "Delimano" saves about 70%free time. Now, do not spend hours trying to cook meat soup, goulash, stew, beans or potatoes. They will be ready in just a few minutes. For goulash it will take 65 minutes, for vegetable stew - 35 minutes, and for potatoes it will take only 13 minutes. This saving is simply priceless, especially when hungry family members come home from work and gather at a table for dinner.

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Financial benefits

A set of "Delimano Tempo Presto" allowsconsiderably save energy even on the preparation of complex dishes. On simple it takes much less time. It does not matter what size a serving will be. Expenditure on any is absolutely the same. This brand fully justifies the value it has. Do not limit your own imagination. The main thing is to take into account the amount of food and those features that some products have. The pressure cooker "Delimano" provides an excellent opportunity for experiments. With such dishes you can only enjoy the process of cooking.

Advantages of dishes

The entire set of this trademark consists ofseven subjects. All of them are made of stainless steel and have high quality. A distinctive feature is convenience. All parts have a diameter of 24 cm. Safety is considered to be an important component. On the cover there is a special valve that regulates the pressure. A unique system allows you to open the pan with just one finger. This dish can be used on different types of plates. It is very durable, easy to clean and has excellent thermal conductivity. The warranty period is 3 years. The set includes:

  • a 7-liter pan that has a thermal capsule at the base;
  • steam basket;
  • A bowl to knead food;
  • a bowl for the preparation of pasta;
  • traditional steel cover, in order to cook in the usual way;
  • Hermetic cover, which has a unique valve that is able to regulate the pressure.

italian dishes delimano reviews
The real joy for women is the dishes"Delimano." The feedback of many happy owners shows that it is also quite durable, and also safe to use. It is made of the finest materials and in accordance with high standards. Products are not afraid of water and steam. They can be used for fruit acids, for weak organic and inorganic acids, as well as for food oxidants.

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Characteristics of pots

Ceramic tableware "Delimano" is made infashionable and attractive design. The pans are very strong and light. They just need to be taken care of, they can even be washed in a dishwasher. Pans are suitable for the traditional way of cooking, and if covered with a special lid, you can cook food under pressure. To do this, do not need any special adaptations or skills. After all, the lid is equipped with a system that will cope with the task at hand. Italian dishes "Delimano" has a very strong base, which has excellent heat-conducting properties and perfectly preserves energy. For ease of use, there are special dimensional marks that show how much the maximum and minimum capacity can be filled. The pan has rather large handles, which are made of plastic. They do not heat up, so it can be removed at any time from the plate. Also, the pens perfectly emphasize the strict and fairly modern shape of the product.

Hermetic cover

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Quite a lot of talk about what qualityhas dishes "Delimano", reviews. Mistresses are happy with the fact that the lid is easy to use. Just one touch - and it will be open or closed. In order to be easy to use, the handle was built in. Do not put extra effort to close the lid tightly, just press the button. It can be fixed or removed in any position with one hand. Can anything be easier? Also this product is characterized by complete safety. It is equipped with a special valve, which regulates the pressure. It is mounted on a spring and is able to observe the temperature that is needed at a certain moment. If the pressure inside the pan is higher than normal, then excess steam easily comes from there. If pressure develops in the pan, a special mechanism will lock the lid. It will not open until it is significantly lower. At this time, a special pressure indicator lights up red. When its level becomes very high, the safety valve is able to automatically release steam. An additional security feature is the window that is built into the cover. At very high pressure, the ring protrudes from the window and the steam leaves easily.

Steam basket

Ceramic tableware allows you to cook food withoutfat. Food becomes useful. Now you can afford to eat dishes such as pelmeni, fried chicken or fish, oriental dishes. All of them will not only be useful, but also quite tasty. They will preserve all the vitamins and the necessary trace elements. The food is cooked quickly due to the fact that hot steam easily circulates in the basket. In addition, at the same time you can put several types of food in the dishes. Sometimes you do not even need a lid, which allows you to cook meals under pressure.

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And a few more positive moments

Italian dishes Delimano, reviews about whichcan be read in women's magazines, allows you to get an excellent result. With the help of it, you can make a cake frosting or bake a delicious cupcake. You can also make an air cream or flavored bread. In it, you can even melt foods that are necessary for different dishes. In the pasta cooking container, you can cook not only pasta, but also vegetables. With the help of special holes that are in the walls of the dishes, you can drain the water at the end of the cooking.

Now the kitchen has a real find forhousewives - dishes "Delimano". Feedback from housewives suggests that it is truly practical. With the help of her master of culinary arts will be able to come up with new dishes.