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Dog food (canned food): reviews, features, types and manufacturers

Four-legged friends always make people happy. Dogs are excellent protectors and never betray their masters. Everyone wants his beloved to be healthy and happy. This can be achieved if you carefully monitor the diet of the pet.

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Today you can meet reviews about feed andcanned food for dogs, as well as numerous dry food producers. Because of this variety of choice and wide price range, it becomes difficult to choose the best products. In addition, breeders are still arguing what kind of food is better for the animal. Now the day in stores are sold dry and canned food. Which kind is better?

Features of nutrition

If you study the reviews on feed and canned food fordogs, it becomes obvious that the most important thing to pay attention to the composition of a product. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the physiological characteristics of the animal, its age, weight and breed. Also, experts recommend paying attention to the conditions of the pet.

Regardless of the type of feed chosen, on the packagingThe manufacturer must indicate for what type of animals it is intended for. Also, self-respecting companies will add an approximate dose and a detailed composition of the components. If it does not have natural ingredients, but instead contains a huge amount of artificial additives, then, regardless of the type of food, it will not benefit the pet.

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According to numerous reviews about feed and canned foodfor dogs, it is better to give preference to the products of "Premium" and "Super-Premium" class. Such formulations usually contain useful additives and vitamins for the full development of the animal.

Dry food or canned food: which is better

In reviews of feed and canned food for dogs, manywrite that liquid food contains more natural ingredients. This is a huge misconception. In fact, today they produce dry feeds that contain the same amount of natural substances, including meat, minerals, vitamins and much more.

Nevertheless, it is worth considering that liquid foodis absorbed by the body much better. Since canned food contains about 75% moisture, and in dry food only 10%. If the pet drinks well and does not have problems with digestion, then it can be fed only with high-quality dry food. However, in situations where the animal consumes little fresh water, it is recommended that it be given more liquid food.

According to the latest research, the highest quality canned food for dogs is absorbed by about 80% of the weight, and dry food - by 70%.

Also, canned food is advised to givePets, who have problems with their teeth or digestive tract. For pets suffering from obesity, such nutrition will also be useful, because it contains much less carbohydrates (about 10%). In dry mixtures, the content of this component is as much as 45%.

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Classes of canned food

If we talk about wet food, then they usually have the same class as the dry analogues. To have an idea of ​​the classes, today there are three types of feeds on offer:

  • Economy. If the packaging has such a name, it means that the cost of such formulations is much lower, however, most often they contain artificial components, and the share of natural products is minimized. As a rule, you can buy such food at any grocery store. The best in this segment are the brands "Chappi", "Darling" and others.
  • "Premium". These feeds are much better than the previous class, however, and they cost almost twice as much. These include the products of Purina, Royal Canin, Bozita and others.
  • "Super-premium." Such canned food for dogs instead of meat can be safely given to four-legged pets. They are developed on the basis of natural components and contain all the additives necessary for the full development of the body. However, there are such forages almost as much as a piece of beef. These include "Eucanuba", "Animonda" and a large number of other canned foods that are sold exclusively in veterinary clinics or specialized stores.

Also, it is worth considering that the feed is classified according to the size of the pet.

For large dogs

In canned food for such breeds there is a lot of fatand cholesterol, as more dimensional animals need these components in the first place. Also in the composition of feed of this type must be present natural meat of different types. Large dogs are especially useful chicken, beef, rabbit.

canned food for dogs instead of meat

Among the best fodders of this type are dog breedersthe Almon Natural Green Label soup is selected. This manufacturer produces food exclusively from natural ingredients without the addition of artificial additives.

For small dogs

Small pets need a more gentle stern. That's why some prefer to produce it in the form of light pate. It is also worth noting that more miniature dogs are characterized by increased activity. To ensure that the non-attendants can get the right energy, they have a rather large volume of protein, vitamins and nutrients in their feeds.

If a small pet is neutered, then for himit is worth choosing the appropriate food. Among the best products of this category is the food Almo Nature Daily Menu. These canned products are made exclusively from delicate varieties of natural meat. At the same time, there are no dyes, preservatives and other substandard components in the feed.

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Dog breeders also provide a balanced dietHappy Dog. It is sold in the form of tender pate. In addition to the basic natural ingredients, it contains minerals and a mixture of all the necessary vitamins, which the body needs a pet.

Food for dogs "Royal Canin": reviews

The French manufacturer has long occupied oneFrom the leading positions in the sale of specialized animal feed. Canned food for dogs from this company are manufactured using a similar technology as granulated food. However, more natural sauces are used for wet food. Thanks to this, most dog breeders note that the product has a very pleasant aroma.

At the same time, many noticed that canned foodThey are stored for a very long time and retain their useful properties throughout this period. In addition, dogs with great pleasure are treated with this product. Cases when the pet refuses such food, are single.

Roast canine food for dogs


This brand from the company of the same name appearedrecently. However, the domestic manufacturer very quickly won the hearts of owners of four-legged pets. The preserved dog food "Zoogurman" is notable for its low cost and includes natural ingredients of the highest class. Meat is purchased at the same factories, which are engaged in the production of products for people.

In this case, the breeders are offered a fairly wide range of feed varieties, which do not include harmful or toxic components.


Canned food for Brit dogs are produced by Czechcompany. This feed belongs to the category of "Super-premium", so the price for the products is appropriate. The main advantage of these preserves is that the manufacturer guarantees that the composition of wet mixes contains at least 40% of natural meat. Dog owners note that the feed data is well absorbed by the animal organism.

pedigree pedigree dog food reviews

The cans contain naturalbeef, rice cereals, gelling agents, water and by-products. At the same time, they include dry protein, fat, mineral components, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and vitamins.


Judging by the reviews, dog food Pedigree ("Pedigree") is made exclusively in dry form. Therefore, this manufacturer, despite its popularity, was not considered in the article.

When buying canned canned food you should not payattention to the picture on the label. As a rule, it has nothing to do with what is actually in the bank. It is best to carefully study the composition of the feed and clarify what percentage of natural meat it contains. From the quality of feed depends the life and health of four-legged pets.