/ From what age can kiwis be given to children? Tips and Tricks

At what age can kiwis be given to children? Tips and Tricks

As the child matures, mother's milkceases to be for him the main source of energy. This moment comes about six months. The reason lies in the fact that breast milk can no longer fully satisfy all the needs of a growing organism, and the digestive system is ready for new food.

from what age can kiwis be given to children

Usually the first lure starts with liquid porridge,then comes the time of vegetable mashed potatoes, followed by the slow introduction of meat and various fruit products into the menu. With age, the baby has a great interest in "adult" food. Exotic fruits such as kiwi, oranges, mangoes and grapes can be given to the child at the very last. And many parents because of the lack of experience do not know how and from what age can give kiwis to children.

 from what age can a baby kiwi

Briefly about fruit

The native land of kiwi is considered to be North China, butToday this fruit is growing in many countries of the world: in the USA, Japan, Italy, New Zealand, Greece, Spain. The main supplier of fruit to Russia is New Zealand. It was in this country that he got his unusual name. Kiwi is a bird that lives in those parts, which looks very similar to the fruit of the same name. And we can enjoy the "Chinese gooseberry" all year round without compromising our wallet. And the children simply love this fruit for its bright color. But caring parents do not know from what age it is possible to give kiwis to children. By the way, scientists say that kiwi is a berry, and no fruit.

at what age is allowed to give kiwi to a child

Everyone feels the taste of the fruit in different ways. In it you can feel the notes of strawberry, banana, melon, watermelon, gooseberry and even pineapple. And this miracle berry does not lose its useful properties, even in canned form.


It's no wonder that people have a lotquestions, for example "whether it is possible to give a child kiwi and at what age". After all, this fruit is the record for the number of vitamins and microelements contained in it:

  1. Phosphorus, potassium, calcium, fluorine, copper, boron, zinc, iodine, magnesium, iron.
  2. Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, E and PP.
  3. Nicotinic acid, mono- and disaccharides, dietary fiber.

Kiwi at what age can the child: benefit and harm

Doctors still can not agree. And parents constantly ask questions: "Can kiwi be given to children?", "Benefits and harm?", "At what age will it be safe to introduce this fruit into the diet?"

  1. One fetus replenishes the daily norm of vitamin C, its content in the pulp exceeds its amount in the orange and strawberry. It also helps to strengthen immunity and fight infections and viruses.
  2. The fruit has in its composition a valuable fiber, an especially important substance for the infant's intestines. Coarse fibers promote timely cleansing of the intestine.
  3. Kiwi has a laxative effect. The fruit dilutes the stool and helps gently pull it out of the intestine. Perfect for children with chronic constipation.
  4. Magnesium, contained in the fruit, strengthens the walls of blood vessels. The child will have less bruises.
  5. Kiwi reduces the risk of urolithiasis, because it facilitates the easy removal of salts from the body.
  6. In the miracle-berry there is almost no sugar, 84% of the fruit consists of water. It can be safely given to young children with diabetes.

Can I give my baby kiwi and at what age?

A fruit of foreign origin, and you need ittreat with caution. In the Soviet times, there was no such exotica. Because of the lack of experience with grandparents, parents have to rely on doctors, the Internet and their own experience. Opinions of pediatricians diverge. At what age can a child have kiwi? Despite useful qualities, it can also cause harm:

  1. Children with hypotension kiwi is not recommended. Potassium in "Chinese gooseberry" acts on blood pressure and can lower it.
  2. The fruit has a diuretic effect. Frequent use of the fetus heavily burdens the kidneys of the child, which leads to a violation of the acid-base balance. Phosphates are also washed out of the body.
  3. The chance of an allergic reaction to kiwi is low, but its manifestations can be serious: a rash, itchy skin, swelling of the upper respiratory tract and oral cavity.
  4. Exotic fruits should not be eaten by children who are allergic to other foods. Kiwi can provoke and aggravate food intolerance, thereby worsening the state of health.
  5. An overdose of vitamin C threatens the child with kidney, pancreas and Vitamin B deficiency.

kiwi at what age can the child benefit and harm

At what age can kiwis be given to children

The benefits of this fruit is understandable, but at what age is it allowed to give kiwi to a child and not fear for his health?

According to doctors, kiwi can be introduced into lureafter three years. But if you "climb through the Internet" on the forums, it's easy to find an answer to the question of how old you can give kiwis to children. And some mummies begin to give an exotic fruit to children from six months of age. These experiments have a great chance to seriously upset the digestive processes of the baby and turn into a hospital bed for him.

At the age of one year, doctors also do not adviseadd kiwi crumbs to the menu. The risk is already significantly lower, since the stomach and intestines of a one-year-old child are almost completely ready to eat adult food. And many parents successfully introduce the kiwi baby into the diet. The fruit is especially effective in functional constipation and it helps to eliminate a similar problem. But you should remember about the allergy and check the presence of it in the child.

The amount of fruit for a child at the age of one year should not exceed two teaspoons of puree or one plate per week. In the absence of reaction, a miracle-berry is given once a week.

It is because of the fears of an allergic reaction that pediatricians do not recommend kiwi to give babies up to five years.

 how many months can a baby give kiwi

How to choose the right kiwi baby

A few tips will help you buy the right fruit.

  1. Acquire fruit only bona fide sellers, the fruits should not be treated with any chemicals.
  2. The fruit should not be too soft. This means that he is overripe or worse, spoiled. And it should not be too hard, it means that the fruit is not ripe. "Green" kiwi can strongly burn the mucous baby.
  3. The smell of quality fruit is missing. If kiwi has a wine flavor, do not buy it.
  4. On the peel there should be no stains and outgrowths. Such deficiencies indicate fetal disease.
  5. There are several varieties of Chinese gooseberry. The difference is in the skin. It can be with villi and smooth. Useful properties of both varieties are the same.
  6. A child can not be given a fruit, which, when pressed on the fruit stem, flows with juice. These are the first signs of spoilage.
  7. The rind must be absolutely clean. The raid on it speaks about the process of decay.

The best quality fruit is firm, with pressure - elastic.

Tips for parents

So at what age can a child have kiwi? There are several simple rules by which we will significantly reduce the risk of allergies.

  1. On the day of the first test, there should be no other products that can cause allergies. Thus, when you develop a rash, you can easily determine the cause.
  2. For the first time, the child will have only one plate. In this case, you do not need to eat a slice, just suck. It is important to keep track of the reaction of the mucous membrane and the skin around the mouth to kiwi.
  3. The first exotic fruit should be a banana. According to the research, if the baby does not have an allergy to this fruit, then the reaction will also be absent from the kiwi.
  4. Lure should start with a consistency of mashed potatoes, then you can go to the plates, and then give a whole fruit.
  5. If you want to give the baby kiwi juice, the liquid should be diluted with water to avoid burns of the mucous esophagus.
  6. The skin must be cut off. It causes irritation and is not absorbed by the children's digestive system.

Recipes of desserts from kiwi

To the child still with great pleasure ate a vitamin fruit, try a few delicious recipes:

  1. Marmalade from kiwi will please both adults and children. For cooking, you need one kilogram of kiwi, one kilogram of sugar and a glass of cold water. Kiwi grind, put in a pot of water and bring to a boil. The mixture should boil for five minutes, after which the fire should be reduced and the mass is weighed for two hours. Next, the contents should be poured onto a baking tray and allowed to cool. Cold marmalade cut into pieces.
  2. A kiwi cocktail will also be enjoyed by the children. To do this, you need two kiwis, two bananas, a teaspoon of honey and 100 grams of yogurt. Mix all ingredients and blend with a blender.

Can Kiwi Children Benefit and Harm from What Age?


Each parent needs to make his own decision,from how many months the child can be given kiwi, because the children's body is unique. One child will only benefit, another can cause harm. If possible, pediatricians recommend starting to give kiwi at least after three years, and not more than one fruit a week. It is important for moms and dads to remember that the main rule of complementary feeding is not to harm!