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Day of Artillery November 19: congratulations

The day of the artillery on November 19 is marked by officers and soldiers, cadets and contract soldiers, all servicemen, for whom it is not just a profession, but a vocation, to protect the Motherland.

It is worth saying "thanks" to the shooters in the first placefor a peaceful sky above our heads and a free land beneath our feet. After all, if it were not for these courageous, strong and fearless guys with good hearts, we might not have breathed a full breast in our beautiful and powerful country!

Artillery is a closed society

Before congratulating the perpetrators of the celebration, it is worth remembering their history. What exactly are we celebrating marking the Day of Artillery.

For a long time it was believed that the shooter is not a warrior, but a special oneclass of military society. Work on fire weapons, like its use, was the privilege only of its creators. The artillerymen were primarily masters. They hired workers, owned their own shops and did not obey the orders of the highest military leadership. Thanks to the cover of secrecy reigning in the shops, even the rulers of states did not know exactly what was happening there. In general, it was a kind of closed group, a society with its secrets, interests and ideas.

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The history of artillery is centuries old. And in the Middle Ages, the Chinese used gunpowder to launch shells into the enemy.

History of Russian Artillery

In the early 1700's in Moscow was createdThe rocket laboratory, which worked to a greater extent on the production of light missiles in the likeness of fireworks. Since 1820 in the arsenal of the Russian army appeared the first military missiles with a range of fire more than 2500 meters.

The next step in the development of artillery was made inbeginning of the twentieth century. Military scientists began to use smokeless powder, which helped to increase the reactive traction. Now you could multiply the mass of the rocket and the range of its impact. A few years after this, the first rocket school was opened.

Subsequently, it was from such educational institutions that they released such masters of the cosmos as Sergey Korolev and Valentin Glushko.

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The first missiles in the Soviet Army, and part-time main armament during the Great Patriotic War, were PC82 and PC132, in accordance with the diameter of the projectile in millimeters.

The only girl in the artillery regiment

In June 1941, the Russian land was covered by a cloud of Hitlerite invaders. Plan "Barbarossa" and the unexpected war captivated people.

It was this period that glorified the only girl in the artillery regiment, a strong, graceful and fast Katyusha. It is a combat machine of rocket artillery.

Back in 1938, military scientists decidedto develop machines, on which it would be possible to place launchers. The main function - the speed of mobilization and convenience in the attack. When the project was ready, the machines were named BM13 (a combat vehicle with a shell, the diameter of which is 13 cm). People began to call them simply - "Katyusha". During the war years, more than 10,000 such combat vehicles got to the front. According to one version, the installation received its "name" thanks to the popular song in the pre-war time. But a more beautiful explanation is that Katyusha is a partisan girl who destroyed a large number of opponents.

Introduction of the holiday - thanks for the services

The Day of Artillery is celebrated on November 19, becausethis number became a turning point in the history of the Great Patriotic War. Then, in the distant 1942, Stalingrad, after a long blockade volleys, declared to the enemy that he would not tolerate the yoke imposed on his neck. At 7.30 in the morning the artillery showed the full power of its fire, which caused irreparable damage to Hitler's troops. Striking a similar force opponents got for the first time. The Day of Artillery was established in memory of this significant event.

Day of Artillery November 19
The law on the establishment of a new tradition was filedin the midst of the war, namely, in 1944. After the successful Stalingrad breakthrough, on the orders of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, the Soviet Union decided to appoint a new military celebration and thereby honor the honor of the heroes. A few years later, in 1964, the Day of Artillery was combined with the holiday of the missile forces. After all, they are not just "neighbors" but "brothers". Since then, two celebrations have merged into one - the Day of Missile Artillery.

Restoration of the day of artillerymen

For a while the country has forgotten its heroes. But on the order of the head of state of May 31, 2006, in connection with the deployment of a program to establish professional holidays in honor of the military, November 19 is designated as the Day of the State Artillery Forces. Artillery and missile forces are the basic basis of the Russian Federation troops. Parts of this specialization are most in demand in combat operations. The further course of operations depends on their maneuvers. The main task of artillery is to retain superiority over the enemy in the fire.

Cinema: artillerymen

Films of the Soviet era are not aloneOscar. Most of us grew up on old and kind comedies. The military theme has always been one of the most demanded. Therefore, the theme of artillerymen was often filmed. The guys from the regiment are always good-natured, sincere and interesting. They have a sense of humor, they are not mean to beautiful words and at the same time extremely modest.

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Perhaps not one boy, looking at the militarythe film, in the heart of a guess in the future to become an artilleryman. Well, imagine the tape "Wedding in Malinovka" without Yashka-gunner? And we would have fallen in love with the film "Ivan Brovkin", if the main character was not a gunner? The Day of Artillery is the celebration of our youth. Together with the parade, he bears a share of nostalgia for the departed, the kind and bright, the times.

Artillerymen and now inspire: girls - to write romantic letters, directors - to shoot talented films, and small boys - to dream of a career military.

Museums of Glory

Military hands, like no other, deserve their ownglory. They do not hide under water, do not soar in the sky and do not drive large tanks, but without their work, one can say, the victory would have been much harder. Therefore, it is not in vain that in every school, village, museum of a large city, one corner will necessarily be devoted to heroic artillerymen.

the day of artillery is celebrated on November 19
For example, "Battle Glory of the Urals" - a military gallerytechnique - is proud of numerous specimens of artillery and armored vehicles. The city is proud of more than 50 units of armored vehicles, among which there are cars, since 1911.

Where is taught on artillerymen

The love of the army for boys is taught morefrom school. Every second of them during the parade on the Day of Artillery, November 19, secretly dreams of a military profession. It is for such future defenders of the Fatherland that special schools work. One of them, the oldest and most prestigious institution, is the Mikhailovsky Military Artillery Academy in St. Petersburg. From the distant 1701 the school trained professionals in its field.

Congratulations on the Day of Artillery for Defenders

Like any of the military, on the holiday, the artillerymen should be willing to fight only in class.

"Let in your honor rumble gun shots only at the parades. You are the main fire in military operations, so let in your life there is always a strong fire of faith, hope and love. "

feast day of artillery
"We wish that there is always one, faithful friend,whose strength of spirit will not give way to Katyusha. Salutes and fireworks let the road of your life be illuminated. Let the orders hanging on the chest be not only a symbol of success, but a sign that will stimulate further feats. "

"Let the medals be just one-sided. Congratulations on the Day of Artillery are taken at the national level, because behind the wide chest are millions of lives. We wish to go through life with a tailwind, which will inflate a highly raised flag in a peaceful sky, thanks to you. Strive for the stars - not only on the shoulder straps, but on what's in the sky. We wish victories without losses. "

Day of Artillery is a holiday for allmilitary personnel. After all, in the arsenal of each army unit there are firearms. This day is a solemn one for all those who bravely and fearlessly defend their land.