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Let's see why the baby cries before bed?

Thinking about why a baby cries beforesleep, any mother first of all will start to suspect at it any indispositions. Still would! There are so many of them, and the baby is so small and defenseless! But let's think without panic, is it really so terrible in reality? Could it be that the screams and reluctance to sleep are not due to the poor health of the crumbs?

why the baby cries before bedtime

Does the baby cry before going to sleep? Komarovsky talks about the rules of preparing for sleep

The most famous doctor of our time claims that a healthy and strong sleep of a child should be ensured by creating a normal environment in the room where the baby sleeps. It implies the following:

  1. No accumulators of dust in the form of rugs, pads, a huge number of soft toys in the children's room!
  2. The temperature of the air in the room for sleep should not exceed 20 °, and the humidity, respectively, is 50-70%.
  3. Heaters, drying the air, and warm things will not help your baby fall asleep, rather, on the contrary, will make his sleep disturbing and heavy.

Only in normal conditions, the baby will calmly fall asleep, not signaling to "dumb" parents about their discomfort.

Why does the child cry before going to sleep? Down with bad habits!

baby crying before going to bed mosquito

But not only the above factors prevents the baby from sleeping. Perhaps you have taught him to fall asleep only in your arms (or rather, did he accustom you)? Thus, the instinct of the newborn entered into force.

The fact is that his connection with his mother beforeof a certain age is very strong. Without it, the baby does not feel protected. And he can realize this only when he is on his hands and feels something big and warm next to him. And, succumbing to such a provocation, my mother only fixes this instinct more strongly.

In different children, by the way, this need is expressed in different degrees, while sleep on the hands will not be an acute problem, if you do not support the baby in his request.

The main thing is to make sure that the cries before bed areit is the desire to be "safe". It is clear that no pain is not due to the fact that the baby was picked up. If he screams in the crib, and immediately stops talking on his hands, be patient and wait his turbulent emotions, comforting himself with the thought that it will soon pass. But if the toddler taken out of the crib continues to cry, you need to look for other reasons for your child's anxiety.

Why does a child cry before going to bed: maybe he is sick?

A crying child can try to tell you abouthis poor health: his stomach hurts, his nose does not breathe well, his teeth are chopped, etc. But surely not only moods before going to bed will be symptoms of the disease. If you find that the baby is sick - consult a pediatrician. He will help you deal with the problem and find the necessary treatment.

Constant whims and unwillingness to sleep can be a consequence of developing fears or phobias in your child. In this case, you need a neurologist.

The baby cries in the evening before going to sleep

the child cries in the evening before going to sleep

For a sound sleep, of course, you need towalk up in the fresh air and get pretty tired during the day. But do not overdo it! Do not run and jump shortly before packing - then tears are provided to you.

Closer to the evening, take care of something quiet,and when you lay down to sleep, try to stay with him for a while, holding the crumbs by the hand and singing softly or telling a fairy tale. Perhaps this is what the kid is trying to achieve.

Warmth in communication, love and attentiveness will help parents understand why a child cries before going to bed, and eliminate this problem.