/ / "Artek Ozerny". Camp in the Crimea.

"Artek Lake." Camp in the Crimea.

Choosing a place of rest for children is not easyoccupation. Always parents want to give their child the best. If you send it in the summer somewhere to rest, then this place should be reliable and wonderful in all respects. We bring to your attention one of the best camps in the Crimea - "Artek. Ozerny." Let's study this place in more detail.

"Artek" (camp "Ozerny"): general information

Children's camp, which we will talk about,located at the address: Crimea, Yalta city, Gurzuf town, Leningradskaya street, 41. By the way, in 2015, the Artek sanatorium "Pushcha-Ozernaya", which has the status of an international camp, was opened near Kiev. Both children's institutions work year-round, with the possibility of teaching children. But we will dwell in greater detail on the famous Crimean.

"Artek.Ozerny "opened back in the distant 1962 on June 23, and since then this place is very popular, there has never been a shift where there would have been at least one vacant place. There were always more people willing to relax here than the number of places. Every camp change can take 475 children.

"Ozerny" is one of the camps that belong to the complex "Coastal" (there are four of them).

Since the opening of some of the corps came ina dilapidated state, and in 2015 a large reconstruction of the entire complex was carried out. At the same time, the work was not carried out in the summer, and this year the children also had the opportunity to relax in the named camp.

the lake lake artek


"Artek Ozerny" has five buildings for children. Each building is named after the famous Russian lake - Seliger, Balkhash, Ilmen, Sevan and Baikal.

Two-storey buildings are located in a beautiful and green park area with a view of the picturesque bay. In each building there are two or three detachments.

Rooms are equipped with modern furniture.Each child is provided with a separate bedside table. The beds are mostly installed bunk, and the cupboards are built-in (two for all living in the room). The number of children per room is usually six to seven people.

Artek Lake

On especially hot days in buildings the system of conditioning joins. Facilities (shower rooms and toilets) are located on each floor.

Round-the-clock on the camp territory is a doctor on duty andnurse. Six meals a day - includes breakfast, lunch, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and a second dinner. For lunch and lunch, as a rule, give fruit and sweets, and the second dinner - a glass of kefir before bed.

Program for children

Every day the children are full of valuable activities and fun. Experienced teachers and educators work with them. The program includes three main areas:

  1. Athletic.Children are engaged in physiotherapy exercises in a specially equipped hall or on the street on the court, play sports games such as football, pioneerball, basketball, volleyball and so on. For each child, an individual approach is chosen - his health and general well-being are taken into account.
  2. Intellectual. With the children they play table games that develop the mind, thinking and logic. Various thematic quizzes are held. Winners are awarded with diplomas and medals, although there are no losers here.
  3. Entertaining. In the "Artek. Ozyny "periodically come to entertaining groups and make children happy with their performances.It can be an incendiary dance or a circus performance or tricks, children also watch interesting children's films in the cinema of the camp.In the evenings, two-hour discos take place every other day.

Among other things, teachers are engaged in spiritualthe upbringing of children. They teach them to be friends, help each other out in a difficult situation and help the weak. There are rules that say that you can not offend others and lose your own face under any circumstances.

Artek Lake camp

"Artek Ozerny": Nature and health of children

We have reviewed information about the conditions inthe camp itself - accommodation, meals and a program for children. But these remarkable indicators are often not the most powerful arguments for parents to send their child here.

The main reason is oftenthe surrounding nature of the place. The mild climate of the Crimea, the sea air, numerous green massifs have a tremendously positive effect on children's health.

The Black Sea is within walking distance from the camp, and regular bathing in it very well strengthens the immunity and gives the guys strength before the start of the new school year.

Artek lake photo

If you want to additionally see all the delights of the nature of this place, then find the "Artek. Ozerny" on the Internet. Photos of this place are laid out in the world network in a great variety.