New: XHose hose

The new XHose hose is radically different from thelong and bulky rubber sleeves and plastic inflexible pipes. It can be the same in length, it can still be increased by connecting one to the other, even the old hose. An attractive holiday assistant will turn your work into entertainment and rest by the water.

Hose xhose

Not at all like a hose

Folded neatly in the form of concentriccircles, it can easily fit in a flower pot of medium size. A beautiful bright blue color, the soft hose XHose resembles a silk-covered decorative ribbon. Very light, less than 500 grams. Equipped with a special device to be able to hang it on the wall, - looks like an ornament in the cottage. You can put in a locker or on a shelf, - does not burden and does not block up a premise (as usual rubber hose).

Main advantages

The hose XHose does not require much effort when watering.It is enough to connect it to the water supply system, putting it on the ground in a twisted form. Under the pressure of the jet, it will turn on its own, straighten and at maximum pressure increase in diameter by a factor of three. When you move around with such a tape around the site, you do not feel it at all in your hand. The designers have designed the system so that the hose can not twist and form a knot, or squeeze itself, like a plastic one, for example. It is also easy to roll it up, without any effort or inclination. Turn off the tap, drained the water from the hose and the silk cord automatically folds itself.

Hose for drip irrigation

Easy to adapt for other needs

You can wash it with the help of windows on the second and eventhe third floors of houses. The XHose hose is topped with a polyester fabric cloth, it does not get dirty. When you lift it up, touching the wall, or when washing the machine you do not have to be afraid of contamination. New methods of irrigation are provided by fittings from both sides of the hose and nozzle with eight different functions. For example, a water spray gun irrigates well the greens and flowers, while the usual hose should be squeezed with a finger or palm, if you want to sprinkle the distant plants.

Hose rubber watering

Another amazing "waterer"

Hose for drip irrigation - so you can askin the shop. Normal hose with holes, but not really. A thin tape can be watered not only plants "on the ground" - cucumbers, strawberry garden - but also in greenhouses. The holes in the drop hose are located at regular intervals. In them emitters (special droppers) are built. Very economical flow of water with such irrigation, since the stream is sent to the root. This is also good because, in sunny weather, water does not fall on leaves that can be wrinkled from excessive moisture. The special arrangement of the emitter nozzles allows changing the pressure and distributing the water evenly over the entire length. The rubber watering hose is inexpensive, but allows you to perform a microdrop complex irrigation. It is well used for spraying on a section of water from a barrel. It is enough that the capacity is raised only 2 meters above the ground, 0.2 atmosphere is enough. The so-called compensated hose pours well even at long lengths and without additional bias.

Such modern irrigation systems will make your work in the garden easy and pleasant. The hose XHose can be called a tool for the production of a new generation.