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Thermos bag: simple and convenient

You are going on a picnic and stacking sandwichesand products in a basket or on polyethylene bags? But why such difficulties, when long ago came up with a bag that performs the desired function - the function of the thermos. This bag inside has a casing of dense nylon fabric, a refrigerator compartment that is surrounded by a special material, as well as numerous pockets for bottles, cutlery, cups.

bag thermos

It is indispensable for the campaign ...

Note to those who want to have a convenient capacityfor long trips or hikes: a thermos bag is a functional and irreplaceable thing. It is light and does not take up much space, and some models have cutlery stored in special compartments. For all its compactness, the thermos bag is spacious enough.

Products that can be put into it will be preservedtheir properties for a long time, up to several hours. You can absolutely calmly get together for a long walk and do not worry that food and drinks will spoil. This is a convenient container, in which you can put everything you need for a picnic. Need to put a bottle of water, compote or lemonade? Please, the thermos bag has fastening slings for bottles. It's the same refrigerator for a few hours.

... and in the car

As for its use in a car,there is even a special model - a thermos bag-refrigerator, the elements of which can be recharged from the cigarette lighter. It is very convenient and cheaper than buying an ordinary car refrigerator.

bag thermos for bottles

A worthy mate's assistant

Modern manufacturers are pleased with their noveltiesto help young mothers. One of these is a thermos bag for bottles. This box, made of polystyrene, is installed in a cover. Usually covers make beautiful, bright. This thing is simply indispensable for walking with a baby or for traveling.

It is known that small children should be fed onhours and for them it does not matter that the parents decided to travel. Therefore, it is very convenient to get a thermos bottle with a bottle of boiled warm water, and just dilute the mixture in it. Do you need to give your baby some warm tea or milk? It is easy - get out of the thermos cherished bottle and drink your child to health!

Wherever you are, she is with you!

cooler bag thermos
This is a thing that is really necessary.After all, there are situations when there is nothing suitable at hand: a kettle to warm water, an electrical outlet. The child can not wait long, when the conditions for feeding or quenching thirst will become familiar. A children's thermos bag is useful for a trip with a child to a clinic or for a winter walk.

Careful manufacturers have created models of handbagsDouble, in which you can put 2 bottles of food. The thermo bag provides heat for 3-4 hours. In it you can put not only food for the baby, but also wet napkins, diapers, documents. All that is required of an attentive mother can be placed in such a bag and safely go with the child along the intended path. Just put it in the stroller, and you will easily do all the planned things!