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Accessories for a red dress: description, photo

When creating an image, the accessories play veryimportant role. The style and chic of the outfit emphasize the details. Especially bright and multi-faceted accessories can emphasize dresses in red. This color is classic. However, this dress color has more than fifty shades, so that every girl can choose the tone most suitable for her type of figure, skin color and hair. What accessories will suit a red dress?

accessories to a red dress

Principles of color matching

With red color, black,white, gray, gold and silver. Based on the image of the dress, the combination is selected. Black accessories for a red dress will give the image sexuality and determination. This combination is always very impressive. Diluting the red dress accessories white, you can give the image finesse and sensuality, also to such an ensemble well suited blue color. Shoes and a handbag under the zebra will give out in the girl the fashionable woman and the original person.

The calm gray color is in good harmony withred, especially if the parts are made of a different material or have a different texture. Gray will restrain the powerful message of red. Gold and silver give the red a special chic and elegance. Basically, such combinations are used in the selection of accessories for parties or identities.

accessories to a red dress photo

Selection by style

Virtually every woman in the wardrobe hasRed dress. What accessories will suit him? Very much depends on the style of the dress. An accessory to a red dress can serve not only as a handbag. Shoes, gloves and hats can also emphasize the style of the chosen image. The first association with red is passion. The dress can play in other colors, depending on the accessories.

A laconic dress of simple cut can be put onanything, changing it beyond recognition. Going to the party, you can add brightness, complementing it with lacquer shoes, volumetric earrings and yellow bracelets. When planning to wear this dress for a meeting, you can use a belt, shoes and a gray or black handbag. Decoration in this case is better to choose in a low-key style.

Dresses with flying forms of fine fabrics,translucent should not be supplemented with accessories made from heavy materials. The shapes of all parts must be rounded. For example, a light sundress of red chiffon is well complemented by white ballet flats and a small handbag. Of the jewelry, you can wear a pearl thread and earrings. Trendy dress of complex cut, combined with gray suede shoes and clutch can be supplemented with very short gloves.

What are the accessories for a red dress? The photos in the article show us a variety of options. It all depends on the circumstances. And it's a matter of taste for every woman.

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Points can emphasize the girl's efficiency. Attractive may be the image of a girl in a red dress with glasses in a dark frame with light glasses. No less beautiful look under this outfit glasses in a light frame with colored glasses. The red dress is best suited black, white and combined in red or beige. In general, creating an image is a purely individual thing, and a girl can combine different colors in her attire. The line between fashionable eclecticism and bad taste is very thin. Therefore, do not put too much on yourself the various accessories for a red dress that will only repel people standing next to you.

what accessories will suit a red dress


The main rule in the selection of jewelry istheir number and color scale. Excessive abundance of jewelry looks tasteless. The combination of different materials is unacceptable. If the girl wears gold earrings, then the bracelet is only needed from gold. It is unacceptable to wear a jewelry earring and a metal or wooden bracelet. All ornaments are selected from the same material and should be appropriate in color and style.

In the color decisions of costume jewelry plays a big roleit is the material from which it is made. For example, take a black color. The trimmed black stones will add wealth and gloss, while metal or plastic will add more rigor. Pearls give red along elegance and restraint, and ordinary beads of white color - simplicity and lightness. By the way, pearls can be both white, and gray, olive, black, cowberry. All these colors are made in the pearl of the pearl, can be combined well with the red dress. Unchanging gold can be the best decoration for a red dress. The gold ring can be encrusted with a red or black stone. The wrists will emphasize loose bracelets or gold watches. If there is a stone in the ring, then the same stones should be in the earrings.

How to choose the right accessories for a red dress? The photos in the article can help with the choice, suggest an interesting idea. Experiment with the image - and you will look great.

accessories for a red evening gown

Handbags and hats

What else can you pick up accessories to red?dress? This can be a hat and, of course, a handbag. Without her, the girl does not leave the house. Handbag is the main accessory of a woman. It is best to choose a handbag for a particular dress, not only in color, but in style. A beautiful stylish dress, even with pockets, means that nothing will be worn in them. Choose a handbag for a red dress you need, focusing on the style and image of the toilet. The casual model can be black or white. For everyday use, you can buy a handbag of ordinary design.

If a lady plans to wear a jacket of a different color over the dress, you can choose a red handbag. Gold and silver clutches - this is just for events of a secular type.

Hats - miniature and large - mustmatch the color of shoes. For a summer red dress it can be a white and beige hat decorated with a ribbon or a flower. Small hats of black color with a veil are designed for fitting dresses and look feminine.

accessories to a red dress

Evening dresses

Red evening dress is always gorgeous andelegantly. Such outfits for women usually do not happen with a deaf horse. That's why it's very important to choose the right accessories for a red evening dress. Particular attention should be paid to jewelry. In this case, can come up a beautiful refined necklace of white stones and earrings, made in one style. It should be taken into account that for a march to a secular reception you need chic high-heeled shoes, gloves and a handbag. Such accessories must be combined in color and complement each other. If the shoes are open, then the silver and gold color is ideal. If it's shoes, then it's better not to shy away from the classics, white, black shoe color is ideal for different outfit in style.

Choosing the right accessories for the red dress, you can make the image feminine and attractive.