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Children's garage for cars with their own hands

Every young parent at least once in hislife was thinking about how to build a garage for cars with their own hands. Little boys are fiercely fond of road transport. They tremblingly collect a collection of cars, buses, motorcycles and imagine how they drive on the high road and even get into traffic accidents.

Naturally, for toys their own house, in which they will be stored, is a garage. It is not necessary to run around the shops in search of the necessary goods, you can do it yourself.

garage for cars with own hands

Garage construction options

Before you build a garage for cars with your own hands, you should imagine what the future construction looks like. In total there are several basic options for its design:

  • The simplest garage is an object of a cubic form. It can store one or two cars. This is a fairly simple structure, which can be created in just a few minutes.
  • The second option is a garage in the form of a house. In its basic characteristics, it does not differ from the previous version, but it has a slightly improved appearance.
  • The most beloved boys option ismulti-level structure, with parking, various slides and lifting mechanisms. This is an interesting design, but you will have to work hard to create it.

garage for cars toy own hands

  • Probably will not leave any boy indifferentand consisting of several similar designs of garage for cars (toy). With your hands in this case, you can create a whole complex for cars.
  • Another interesting option is a parking storage for cars, in which up to ten or more units of road transport can be located at the same time.

how to make a garage for cars with your own hands

It is worthwhile to think over the color and size of the future object.

What material is better to make a toy garage?

The second question, which you need to think about before building a garage, is the choice of the material:

  1. Temporary storage for machines can be made froma conventional plastic designer. The main advantages are that its construction will require minimal material costs, a small amount of time. In addition, you can create several different designs. However, such a structure is small, inconvenient and short-lived.
  2. You can create a garage of paper or wood. But a beginner to make a beautiful object from a similar material will be quite difficult.
  3. Out of the box or plywood will be enoughrobust and reliable construction. This material does not harm the health of the child, is durable enough and can be easily processed. Absolutely any person can cope with the construction of such a garage.

Thus, it is best to make a garage for cars with your own hands from a box (cardboard) or plywood.

Preparation for work

children's garage for cars with their own hands

Before you get started, you should take care of preparing the necessary tools, material and equipment. To create a toy design you will need the following:

  • Main material. It is desirable that its thickness is approximately 0.3 centimeters.
  • Glue (PVA or "Moment" is an excellent choice).
  • Pencil and eraser.
  • Ruler.
  • Scissors, jig saw, overfilter.
  • Sandpaper.
  • Varnish, glitter, paint (if necessary).

Now we need to draw what it looks likethe future garage, on a sheet of paper. Every detail should be reproduced in detail, including the roof, doors, stairs and everything else. The drawing of the future design entirely depends on the creator's desire.

Then you should transfer the drawing to the main material (cardboard or plywood) in the size of 1: 1. It remains only to carefully cut every detail and process its edges with sandpaper.

The basis of the stage of performance of work

Children's garage for cars with their own hands can be built in just a few basic steps:

  1. First of all, it is necessary to take the basis of the future design (floor or platform). Those places on which the floors will be located should be carefully treated with glue.
  2. Now you need to attach walls, stairs, floors and everything else.
  3. Once the first floor is built, it is necessaryleave it to dry for a while. And at this time you can tackle the lifting mechanism, attaching an object under the base, like a small hill. You can do without it at all.
  4. To the finished walls you need to attach the foundation for the second floor or the roof.
  5. So you made a garage for cars with your own hands! Now you should leave it for a while to dry, after which you can place your favorite cars in it.

When building a toy storage of road transport, it is necessary to take into account the size of the car.

garage for cars by hand from the box

Additional processing

In order for the object to be not only reliable andpractical, but also beautiful, it is necessary to make some additional works. First of all, it needs to be painted. In the assembled form, only the outer part of the garage can be treated, if it is required to make it beautiful from the inside, then paint every detail before assembling. To add brightness, you can also apply glitter or varnish.

Improve the design can also be additional signs, inscriptions, stickers, signs or drawings.

If you want, you can additionally take care of the organization of the street in order for the game to look more believable. Put trees, houses, shops, mark roads, etc.

A few tips for beginning builders

 garage for cars

In general, you already know how to make a garage for cars with your own hands, it remains to tell about a few minor details:

  • Every detail must be completely processed so that the child does not get injured.
  • It is not recommended to use iron, glass and any other cutting material for the construction of the structure.
  • It is worth taking into account how muchkid of your favorite machines, and calculate the dimensions of the structure in such a way that there is enough room for each of them. It is also worth considering how the transportation will enter the garage, leave it and be stored on its territory.

And, of course, it's best if you build a garage for cars with your own hands with the child, then this lesson will not only be useful, but also exciting and interesting.