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Nickname for York girls-girls are popular and funny

"How do you call a yacht, so it will float", -said the character of the notorious Soviet cartoon. On the influence of the name on the character and sometimes even on the fate of its carrier is known for a long time, which is why the future parents carefully choose how to name their child. It's the same with dogs - they are the same children! But it should be borne in mind that not every name will suit a particular pet, for example, it will be strange to see a graceful poodle of Sharik. What are the nicknames for York girls-these charming and, it's a sin to hide, often the lovers of dogs who have become symbols of fashion?

History of the breed

Let's start, perhaps, from the roots.Few people know that this English breed was bred by peasants who were forbidden to have large dogs - it was feared that big pets could compete with their own dogs on hunting grounds. Yes, Yorkshire babes were originally hunting dogs, with the main victims being rats. Gradually the peasants began to move to the cities, without leaving, of course, their fluffy pets.

At a new place of residence quickly settledYorkshires first confirmed their reputation as excellent hunters, and then, thanks to their small size and similarity with the popular but expensive Maltese lapdog, moved to the living rooms of those aristocrats who once pushed the people to the breeding of this breed. Of course, nicknames for York girls with value were most popular at that time, and the same can be said about the names for doggies-boys - the owners sought to emphasize the significance of their small pet: Amond (almond), Isolde (the dominance of ice), Jule (treasure).

nickname for York girls

But at the beginning of the twentieth century, the amazingbreed, except the British, no one knew, only during World War II the Yorkshire "moved" to the continent. In history, the name of the terrier Smokey, who was in the ranks of the American army, was preserved: he repeatedly warned his two-legged fellow soldiers about the attacks of kamikaze. After the war, charming and friendly Yorkshire quickly won the love of dog breeders on both sides of the ocean.

And today these English rat-catchers usepopularity, bribing their owners with activity, obedience and, that's a sin to conceal, pretty. True, today, the nicknames for girls-girls are diminishingly caressing, they are diminished by their miniature and subtlety: Barbie, Vicky, Zsuzsa, Obby and so on. Probably, they fit fuzzy more - today they have retained their decorativeness, forgetting about the heroic Pryaslov past.

For fun's sake!

Choosing a name for the pet, not everyone is trying to findsomething serious aristocratic. And, probably, the nicknames for York girls-funny are better to emphasize their mild character and sociability. And here you can give vent to your imagination - Toffee, for example, is perfect for a baby with a caramel color. A button can be called a yorkie-crumb.

nicknames for girls yorkies funny

From the popular verb "tusit" proprietressYorkshire created a nickname Tusya - a terrific option for sociable doggie. If you want to come up, you can do anything, the main thing is to find the very word that suits your pet.

Let's return to the origins

But nobody canceled the nicknames for York girlsbeautiful and harmonious - the breed is still ancient, albeit not quite noble in origin. Today's dog owners can choose a name for their favorite from any known language - such privileges were denied to British aristocrats, isolated in their kingdom. As mentioned above, usually sonorous names carry a complex meaning in themselves. Amanda, for example, means "worthy of love." And Dominica is "dominant". Tina - "quiet", and Felicia - "happy."

nickname for York girls popular

Besides, who prevents to name a dog by a namefamous character? Juliet, Gilda, Scarlett - the list is really endless. True, they say that the name of the heroine can affect the fate of her fluffy namesake, so you need to be cautious when selecting the nickname for a fluffy pet.

Famous Yorkshire from Russia

Speaking of names for Yorkshire terriers, one can not ignore the fact that these dogs often live in the homes of famous people. What are the nicknames for celebrity girls?

nicknames for girls yorky beautiful

Among Russian celebrities it is possible to note XeniaBorodin, former participant of the teleproject "Dom-2", and now a well-known TV presenter. Her pet is called Shtruda, and a little girl appeared in the house of Borodino after her (Ksenia, of course) entered the prestigious university. TV hostess is crazy about the dog, though, now it is very difficult for her to leave Shtrud, even with friends for a long time - Yorkshire is very attached to her mistress.

Dima Bilan, the winner of "Eurovision", gotTerrier Tracy right during the concert - it was a gift of fans to your favorite artist. According to Bilan, his dog, like the owner, has a sonorous voice, so, as the performer jokes, one day they will record a couple of songs together.

Julia Kovalchuk, the singer, is the mistress of the dogwith a long name Melody of a blue pearl, or Meli, if in a simple way. Previously, the little girl was constantly traveling with her mistress, although she could hardly bear the road, but now she is quietly staying at home for a long time.

And from abroad

Jean-Paul Belmondo and his wife met exactlythanks to yorkies - their pets decided to get acquainted during a street walk, later their owners followed suit. In the house of the married couple live Maya and Calypso, photographers say that the "father of the family" is often seen in pet stores, where he buys delicious food for his babies.

nickname for york girls with value

She also had a love for Yorkies and Peris Hilton: she already grows the third generation of terriers, however, little is known about dogs, they say that one of the Yorkshire is called Baby. Supermodel Gisele Bundchen - proprietress Views. The dog, according to rumors, very often travels with its famous hostess.

Top names

Clicks for York girls-girls are popular - prettyan interesting point. On the one hand, names that are in demand - are usually truly universal and can suit any dog, but on the other - how original? Such nicknames "for all" do not emphasize the individuality of the pet at all.

In the trend now names such as Betty(short for Elizabeth, perfect for a gentle and calm dog), Ricky (fidget and izaça, who always aspires forward), Jessie (short for Jessica, which means "God is watching," a great nickname for a brave and clever dog), Fefela a paradox name for a clumsy and awkward little dog) and Tina (an amazing name for a sympathetic and affectionate baby who always and everywhere will be with her master).

nicknames for girls yorkov diminutively caressing

Yes, choose nicknames for York girls from the listpopular names - not the best idea. Some names may simply not suit the fascinating fuzzy, which is traditionally associated with fragility and subtlety.

The name of the letter ... "U"!

Some owners prefer to choose nicknamesfor their favorites for a certain letter, perhaps because of some stereotypes, perhaps in an attempt to tailor the pet's name to his own. There are letters to which you can find dozens of variants of a variety of names, but for others to pick up something - a really impossible task. For example, nicknames for York girls with the letter "y" - not such a simple task, as it seems at first glance. The book Ursula comes to mind - but this is not the best option for a light Yorkshire. Luck is also somewhat heavy. Ulla also sounds like a name for a large dog, and not for a charming terrier.

nickname for york girls on the letter y

Umka - a terrific version of the Soviet cartoon, which emphasizes the uniqueness of the dog. The name of Uniquely, which sounds so similar to the word "unique", is also perfect.

The only advice when choosing a name ona specific letter - "try it on" your pet to avoid embarrassment. And then, it is likely that you will find exactly what is ideal for your pet.


Each owner is free to choose which namechoose for your pet. As you can see, nicknames for York girls are something that you can fantasize about for a very, very long time. Try, experiment - and your little one will become the most-most unique!