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Tomato "orange heart": characteristics, variety description and reviews

Tomatoes - perhaps the most popular in summer residentsgarden culture. Growing them on their suburban areas, almost all gardeners. And, of course, there are a lot of varieties of this plant. For example, if you want for your site, you can choose tomato "orange heart".

History of the variety

Derived tomatoes "orange heart" wereRussian breeders. In the State Register, the variety was introduced quite recently - in 2003. The "orange heart" refers to the group of hybrids F1. That is, you can not harvest seeds from this tomato. Because of the splitting, tomatoes from them will grow "different" and will lose all excellent varietal qualities. Those gardeners who like this hybrid, the seeds of it will have to be bought every year again.

tomato orange heart

general description

Positioned tomato "orange heart"producer as a medium-ripening variety, high-yielding. It is believed that it is suitable for growing absolutely in any regions of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. You can plant it either in a greenhouse or in a greenhouse or in an open ground. The grade "orange heart" refers to the group of indeterminate ones. That is, this tomato grows unlimited. In the Russian climate, for example, its height can reach 1.8 meters. Therefore, when growing an "orange heart" it is necessary to use a trellis.

Too spreading bush of tomato "bullish heartorange "(the popular name) does not grow.The hybrids are abundant in ligature, these tomatoes look pretty neat.The leaves of the" orange heart "are dark green, not particularly large.

tomato bovine heart orange

Fruits of tomato

It is believed that just a great variety of tomato"orange heart", the characteristics and description of which were given above, is suitable for those summer residents who have an allergy to red fruits. Yellow tomatoes of this hybrid are characterized by fleshiness and simply excellent taste qualities. Dimensions of the fruit "orange heart" are quite large. Their weight can reach 150-300 grams. Form tomatoes of this variety, as already can be judged by the name, have a round-heart-shaped. The stalk on the tomatoes is notable for ribbing.

Ripening, the fruits of the "orange heart" color havepale yellow. At the same time, you can see a green spot on them. The fully matured fruits of this variety are distinguished by a bright orange-yellow color. Since in the tomatoes of this hybrid contains a lot of sugar, manufacturers recommend them, including for baby food.

Tomato "orange heart": reviews of summer residents

Good opinion of gardeners about this varietywas formed, first of all, precisely because of the excellent taste qualities of its fruits. The flesh of these tomatoes, judging by the reviews, is not only fleshy, but also very juicy. The taste of the fruits of this variety is rich, sweet with a light fruit note. The aroma of the pulp of the "orange heart" is delicate, pleasant.

orange heart tomato отзывы

It is best, in the opinion of summer residents,the quality of these tomatoes are manifested in salads. In terms of keeping quality and transportability of fruits, gardeners also have basically only good reviews. Another undoubted advantage of this variety is considered unpretentiousness in care.

According to the manufacturer, as already mentioned,tomato "bull heart orange" refers to a group of early maturing varieties. However, many summer residents note the fact that these tomatoes ripen, unfortunately, not too fast. According to most gardeners, it will be more correct to classify this variety as middle-ripening. Also, some gardeners note the inaccuracy in the description of the fruit color given by the manufacturer. More often these tomatoes grow yellow, not orange. In some cases, the fruit can also take the form of not a "heart", but a rounded-flattened ribbed one.

Some defect of these tomatoes in gardenersit is considered, among other things, susceptibility to their late blight. Most gardeners are advised before planting to necessarily soak the seeds of this variety in manganese. For pickles, the fruits of the "orange heart", according to many summer residents, do not fit too well. They are really big enough. However, if desired, these tomatoes can be successfully used for cooking, for example, winter salads.

Features of care

Grow tomatoes "orange heart" according to the usualtechnologies. That is, about mid-March planted seedlings of this variety in boxes. Seeds are pre-treated with growth stimulants. It is not recommended to deepen them into the soil too much (no more than 1.5 cm). On the site, the best predecessors for these tomatoes are carrots, cabbage, spicy herbs, legumes.

Tomatoes are transferred to the beds at the end of May. At 1 m2 planting is recommended to place about 2-3 bushes. During the season tomatoes "orange heart" are fed 3-4 times with a full complex fertilizer. You can also use mullein infusion.

tomato orange heart characteristic and description of the variety

Form the bushes of the "orange heart" usually in 2escape. Excess stepchildren are removed. Also, experienced gardeners recommend plucking small or deformed flowers on the bushes. In this case, later on tomatoes will grow larger tomatoes.