/ / We install a door of the standard size: how to do this?

We set the door to the standard size: how to do it?

door of standard size
If you decide to install it yourselfinterior doors, we advise you immediately to be patient, as in this case much depends on the impeccably accurate following of all instructions. If you do something wrong, then even a standard-sized door will not fit into an equally standard door frame. Therefore, we strongly advise you to carefully read our article and only after that start working.

Before installing doors, you should draw a draftprocessing of openings. Simply put, they must be cleaned of the remnants of the old plaster, paint and wallpaper, aligned and zashpatlevany. If you do everything correctly, the door of the standard size will be installed much easier.

Very important! All the "wet" work must necessarily be completed before the installation, and all surfaces by that time already have to be dry. The tree is a capricious material, but from its dampness it is almost guaranteed to "lead". If you plan to do something with floor coverings, you need to do this again before the door works, otherwise you are tortured with the definition of threshold height and other similar parameters.

standard dimensions of iron doors

Mount racks

Even a standard-sized door on the crookedThe installed box will look ridiculous. Moreover, even with the slightest roughness, you have to open the door almost from the kick. By the way, it's to this operation that the proverb about seven measurements and one cut fit perfectly. But you do not need to be afraid: if you do it carefully and do not rush, then you will succeed.

Before starting work, it would be a good idea to purchasemiter saw: with the help of it you can make door frames with perfect accuracy. If there is no money for such a tool, you can still scratch the cash for a hacksaw with a small tooth for the best quality and smooth cuts. Immediately measure the required height of the rack, focusing on its internal surface. Saw the ends at an angle of 45 degrees, set the upper jumper and threshold (if necessary). We fix the structure with screws and try on the opening. If everything is in order, and the door of the standard size has approached your box, then we continue to work.

standard sizes of wooden doors
Hinge mounting

No less care should be taken toinstallation of loops. We measure 20 cm from the top and bottom of the box (on the side you need), then attach the hinges to the intended sites and draw a contour with a pencil. The cut is best done with a mill, but in the overwhelming majority of cases one has only to dream about it, so that the chisel is sometimes the only reliable tool. Try to stretch the seats for them as evenly as possible: the standard dimensions of wooden doors assume that the loop will be completely recessed in the end. Otherwise, there may be problems opening and closing them.


The box is inserted into the opening, after whichhelp self-tapping screws and struts are pre-attached. With a maximum accuracy level it on the building level, after which we finally put on the screws. We fasten the hinges to the door jamb. We fix all the defects found, after which the assembly foam (do not be too zealous with its number) we fill the remaining slots.

Adapted, you can try your hand at installing more serious designs. In particular, having studied the standard sizes of iron doors, personally put this in your house!