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What are the dimensions of a sheet of particleboard, and why is it so important to know these parameters

Many novice masters who onlyrecently started to be engaged in furniture, often the question interests, what size of sheet ДСП is the most popular material for manufacture of every possible furniture. The same issue is often of interest to designers who design new, original products for household use.

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Why is it important to know the typical dimensions of a sheet of particle board

Any piece of furniture (cabinet, table,bookshelf, bed, etc.) consists of a certain number of parts fastened together by means of various furniture joints. These details are obtained by cutting chipboard. Sheet sizes and the direction of its surface structure largely determine how much material will be in the remainder, what will be the price of the future product and how many sheets will need to be purchased from the supplier. Note that the chipboard is afraid of dampness, and therefore it is problematic to store it in warehouses. In addition, it is not profitable to invest working capital in reserves from the economic point of view. Therefore, in many furniture factories, the material under consideration is purchased under the order. Knowing what the size of the chipboard sheet can be, you can not only accurately calculate how much of the mentioned material is required for a particular product, but also make an optimum cutting, in which the residues will be minimized.

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Dimensions of the chipboard sheet: what they are?

The thickness of this material varies in the rangefrom 10 to 38 mm. Plate size of 16 mm is the most popular. Particleboard thickness of 18 mm is used a little less often, this material is usually used for making higher-quality and expensive furniture. Of the thin plate (10 mm), the doors of the closet and frame facades are often made, and from the thick (28 and 38 mm), usually the countertops for kitchens and dining tables are produced. As for dimensions, the length of the sheet is as follows: 5500, 3660, 3500, 2750 and 2440 mm; width - 2440, 1830, 1750, 1500 and 1200 mm. Usually, sellers indicate in their prices all the necessary parameters.

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Chipboard selection: sheet sizes and price

In order to find out what dimensions of the platewill be the most optimal, it is convenient to use specialized cutting programs, for example 2D-Place application. First, the dimensions and the number of parts are entered into it manually or by importing from a file. Then, the dimensions of the chipboard, the thickness of the saw, the distance from the edges and other technical parameters are set. After that, the program, following one of the two algorithms, will automatically show how it is best to cut each sheet on a part, and how many such sheets will be needed to manufacture the desired product. The cost of chipboard depends, first of all, on the producer country, the thickness of the material, as well as on the availability and type of laminate coating. The price of a slab of the popular brand Swisspan (Ukraine) varies in the range of 240-400 rub / m2. A square meter of EAF German company Eggerwill cost an average of 80-120 rubles more. In general, the slab of this company is produced in thickness of 18 mm and in quality of production is somewhat better than Swisspan products. It is worth noting that the non-laminated board (i.e., not having a color coating) is the cheapest. Use it only in internal, invisible places, as a rule, as a filler.