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Want to learn how to make a bow at home?

Since ancient times, men are considered as earner, andwomen are the keepers of the hearth. And although the modern world has largely turned our ideas about the possibilities of the strong and fair sex, primitive instincts still play an important role in modern society.

That's why weapons continue to attractmen regardless of whether it is a gunshot, or uses the power of a person's hands. If you do not want to buy it in the store, then the weapon can be created with your hands. On how to make a bow at home, and will be discussed in this article.

Choose the material for onions

The most suitable tree species forManufacture of onion is considered ashberry, hazel, juniper, willow, ash, oak, maple, birch or spruce root. In addition, at one time the medieval English warriors made it out of yew, as many legends tell about it.

In order to make an onion in the homeconditions was successful, it is necessary to know that it uses tree branches, and not processed on the machine tree trunk. It is branches 3-4 cm thick have all the necessary qualities and type of fibers, which in the future will positively affect the flexibility of your product.

It is best to choose billets for onions in winter. It is desirable to cut down branches when there is a frost of 10-15 degrees on the street.

Onion making

If you do not want to just shoot at the target inyour yard, and you want to learn how to make a bow at home so that it really had a long range of the arrow's flight, it is worthwhile to dwell on a simple English version.

To do this, you need two branches thatwill become the basis for the two shoulders of the bow, as well as the preparation for the handle. It should be borne in mind that usually the total height of the bow reaches the reach of your arms, so the length of the shoulders should be about one meter.

Do not remove the bark from the blanks. Just paint the ends or cover them with a layer of wax three millimeters thick, and leave in a room with normal room temperature in a suspended state.

Drying can take a long time. Different sources recommend doing this from three months to a year. But the optimal time will be before the summer. At this stage you already understand how to make a bow - at home it will take time. Therefore, be patient in the same way as our ancestors did.

When the wood is completely dry,remove the bark from it. Now it's time to collect the onion and give it the necessary shape. To do this, take a board of this diameter so that it corresponds to the thickness of the shoulders, and attach to it the shoulders with any fasteners - from the wire and clamps to the usual rope.

Now we need to understand how to make an onion inhome conditions such that it has the necessary flexibility and power. Currently, there is a way of quickly processing wood instead of soaking in various liquids or fat. We will use steam for this.

After steaming, the onion acquires the necessaryplasticity, and to give it the necessary form is quite simple. After that, it should be placed in a special form, which will help to maintain the necessary bend. Here he must stay for a few days until he finally dries up.

Now we not only understood how to make onions inat home, but also learned how to do it. It remains only to cut small grooves for the bowstring and pull it. To the outer part of the onion was more durable, it can be impregnated with hot wax to a depth of no more than 2-3 mm. Otherwise, the onion may lose its elasticity.

In order for you to use yourfor a long time, it is advisable to wear a string on it only for the shooting period. In addition, it should be stored in a room with small temperature fluctuations - within 15-25 degrees Celsius.