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Corner cabinet: dimensions of standard products

Elegant and at the same time practical element of the situation - it's a corner cabinet. Its dimensions depend on the room in which it will be installed.

Corner cabinet sizes

Such cabinets are two-, three-, four-doorand combined. Creating such furniture, the manufacturer focuses on the compactness, which does not prevent the cabinet from being large enough. As you know, quality determines the cost. When calculating the price for a corner cabinet, its dimensions and the materials used for manufacture play an important role. Many details contribute to the overall cost of the product.

Standard sizes of corner wardrobes for the hallway

The wardrobe corner cabinet is very space-saving andrational. In your hallway it will take up a minimum of space. Easily replace a huge number of all kinds of chests of drawers, lockers and shelves that clutter the space, thereby creating its deficit. Modern corner cabinets look stylish and elegant, have different configurations and sizes. But there are also standards:

  1. The width of the structure is 1100 mm.
  2. The depth of the cabinet is 1100 mm.
  3. Its standard height is 2400 mm.
    standard sizes of corner cabinets

Corner kitchens for Khrushchev

All prices for furniture products are calculatedapproximately one common template. In this article, we briefly discussed what needs to be taken into account when calculating the price of a corner cabinet. The sizes of the models already manufactured are usually standard. In every single country they are their own. Just standard sizes depend on the area of ​​the premises in which they are installed. For example, let's take our Khrushchev. In such a kitchen you can install corner furniture, the maximum size of which will be 1400 mm (right wing) and 2100 mm (left wing with refrigerator), or vice versa.

Standard sizes of corner kitchen cabinets

  • The cabinet of the angular structure 63x63 cm, which has a facade width of 29.6 cm.
  • Cabinet corner kitchen 60x60 cm, width of the facade 38 cm.
  • Corner, modular kitchen cabinet - the width of the modules for docking at an angle of 90 degrees is 60х26.9 cm. In the design there are two facades, each 26.4 cm.
    Dimensions of corner kitchen cabinets

Corner furniture with a road and a cheap bundle: the difference in price

Since such premises are inherent in all formerUSSR, furniture manufacturers usually produce the standard size: corner kitchen (1400 to 1500 mm and 1600 to 1600 mm). Take, for example, a corner cabinet. Its dimensions are calculated as standard: height 710 mm, width 300 mm. We take into account the number of doors, several drawers and calculate how much it will cost with cheap and expensive fittings. The difference in price will be somewhere in 1,5-2,5 times. But the service life will increase by 50-60%. The production of a cabinet with glass elements will raise the price of furniture. Also important is the fact that the manufacture of two cabinets of 35-40 cm each will be more expensive than the release of one copy in size 70-80 cm. Ordering wide elements will significantly reduce the price and make the entire furniture set cheaper. Do not be in a hurry to get upset if the cost is a little higher than you expected. Prices for furniture of standard sizes have the property to be adjusted by the method of selection and replacement of some elements, facade coating in particular.