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Slag-block machine with own hands: drawings, photo

If you are interested in the issue of maximumcheaper construction materials, then you can think about how to make a machine for cinder blocks with their own hands. This can only be done by means of a vibrating table. Of course, you can buy such equipment, but it is quite expensive, but it is only justified if you want to put the molding of products on the flow. That's why experts advise you to make a matrix by yourself, but you can read about the rules of carrying out these works below.

The machine for the production of cinder blocks by own handsyou can completely manufacture by yourself. The slag block acts as the most accessible and simple stone material for the erection of walls. It was invented more than 100 years ago, a combination of characteristics of this warm and constructive material makes it indispensable today. The development of mass private construction, especially for farm and subsidiary farms, requires a constant reduction in the cost of building non-residential premises.

For the construction of storerooms, barns and shedsToday, almost everything that comes to hand is used. If you want to work with the help of quality products, then you can make the machine for the cinder block yourself.

Technology of work

You must understand the moment that the finalthe product made with the help of a self-made machine tool will not have such high durability and strength as the blocks of factory production. This is due to the fact that domestic production can not afford to withstand all the rules and features of technology, because you will not have the opportunity to use the steaming step, which saturates the material with the necessary moisture. However, the self-made blocks can be used for the construction of light one-story houses. The period of their operation will be 30 years.

cinder block machine

If you decide to make a cinder block machine,then take into account that as a basic part of such equipment a mold for the raw mix or matrix will perform. These parts are a steel box in which elements are installed in the form of voids. The matrix is ​​a machine that can be used to perform a certain phase of the operations manually.

Preparation of materials and tools

In order to produce a cinder block machine,It is necessary to stock up a Bulgarian, a metalwork tool, a welding machine and a vice. It will take a 3-millimeter steel sheet, the size of which is 1 square meter. Prepare a 3-millimeter strip, the width of which is 0.3 meters. As additional components will make nuts and bolts. It is necessary to stock up a pipe, the diameter of which can vary from 75 to 90 millimeters. Its length should be equal to one meter. It will take an electric motor, the power of which can vary from 500 to 750 watts.

cinder block machine

The order of work

If you decide to perform a cinder block machinein-house, it is necessary to observe the technology. At the first stage, it involves the need to determine the size of a standard cinder block. The master must take into account the necessary dimensions for the future product. From the sheet, the side parts of the matrix are cut out, while it is necessary to expect that a block will need a structure that will be equipped with a partition in the center. Thus, you should get a kind of box, in which there will be two compartments. The voids should provide this wall, the thickness of which is at least 30 millimeters. Given this, you need to determine the height of the parallelepiped or cylinder. This will limit the emptiness.

cinder block machine

Technique of manufacturing equipment

If you decide to make a machine by yourselffor the cinderblock with their own hands, the drawings of which are to be prepared in advance, you need to cut the pieces of pipes in an amount of 6 pieces. Their length should be the height of the cylinder.

In order to give the cylinders the shape of a cone,it is necessary to cut each element along to the central part, and then press it with a vice, connecting it with a welding machine. This will reduce the diameter by 3 millimeters. Cylinders are brewed from both sides. To connect them among themselves will need to be in the form of a series along the long side of the future product. In the center of each of the compartments of the matrix to be made, it is necessary to make the cuts, and then to fasten the eyes on the back side. This is required for the temporary fixation of the emptiness limiters, which will make it possible to produce blocks.

drawings of the cinder block machine

Advice of specialists

When a slag-block machine is manufacturedwith your own hands, the drawings must be considered before the time of work. On one of the transverse walls, you need to weld 4 bolts for the fixing holes. On the edges are welded blades and apron. All parts are polished and cleaned to paint afterwards.

At the next stage the master makesthe mold. This element is a plate with holes, the diameter of the latter should be greater than the cylinder by about 5 millimeters. It is important to make the plate such that it is freely immersed to a depth of 70 millimeters in a box where the limiters will be located.

cinder block production machine

To the press are attached handles, which will be convenient to use in the process of equipment operation. The entire structure is painted in the next stage, and then a vibration motor is installed.

What else needs to be considered when manufacturing

In order to convert a conventionalelectric motor, turning it into a vibration motor, it will be necessary to add to it the eccentric shafts, which are welded in the form of bolts. Their axes must necessarily coincide. Nuts are screwed onto the bolts, and it is important to choose the vibration frequency and amplitude. If you manufacture such a matrix, it will act as the basis for a walking or stationary machine. If there is a desire to modernize the construction, then the skills of locksmith will be needed.

cinder block

Material for blocks

After the machine for manufacturingslag blocks will be ready, you can think about what will form the basis of the products. Theoretically, they can be made from anything, keramzit concrete, clay, and also sawdust concrete. As the most suitable composition of the mixture is 1 part of sand, 3 parts of the slag and 1 part of the cement.

The decisive moment in carrying out this workwill be the ratio of water in the mixture. No matter how good a machine for the manufacture of slagblocks, if the mixture is not properly prepared, the products will turn out to be substandard. The water content is easily determined by eye. The mixture should keep the shape, not crumbling. The raw material is placed in the matrix, so that blocks are formed during the pressing process. When making a machine, instead of emptiness, you can use a brick fight, an acute-angled stone or glass bottles.

Working with the machine

Drawings of the machine for cinder blocks you can quite wellbe fulfilled independently. It is important to correctly understand the technology that was described above, as well as to study the features of working with a self-made device. All contact planes must be oiled before the first loading of the raw material, and the solution will not adhere to the metal.