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Installation of laminate

Today, laminate flooring is one of the most popular flooring for consumers. It is warm, beautiful, economical, easy to install.

laminate installation
Installation of the laminate can be done practicallyon any base: concrete slab, board or parquet floor, linoleum and even on the pile covering (but the length of the pile should not exceed 5 mm). Lay the laminate can be along the walls or at an angle to them.

It is used indoors with both normal andincreased to 90% humidity. At the last, a moisture-resistant laminate and an adhesive joint are used. When installing the laminate is carried out on the existing wooden floor or parquet, it is better to apply perpendicular laying of the laminate board in relation to the floorboards.

Prior to the installation of floors from the laminate it is necessary to keep it in the room where the installation will take place, in the package for at least 2 days.

Installation of the laminate begins with a surveybase, the unevenness of which should not exceed 4 mm by 2 m in length and which should be horizontal. In case of more significant deviations or non-horizontality, the ground should be prepared. Concrete - pour a self-leveling solution. Wooden - polish and replace the flexing boards.

put laminate

The laminate can also be laid on mineral substrates, but requires such a careful vapor barrier device with a polyethylene film, the lining of which overlaps (up to 20 cm).

On any base is placed noise insulation or a substrate made of cork-friendly eco-cloth or foamed polyethylene. The substrate and the laminate are laid perpendicular to each other.

Installation of the laminate is usually done from the left cornerrooms from the window (less visible joint seams) along the long wall. Almost the whole laminate has lock joints (collapsible or latches), which makes its laying very simple. The next board is brought to the already mounted, its spike is inserted into the groove lying down and the board is lowered. A click is heard - everything is ready. Between the edge boards of the laminate and the wall, a thermal gap of 10-12 mm must be left to ensure that the coating does not swell during further use.

From the front side at an angle of about 30 degrees, insert the next panel into the groove and snap it, pressing it to the floor.

laminate flooring
End seams in adjacent rows should be shifted to30-40 cm, i.e. staggered. This will evenly distribute the pressure on the panel. Installation of the laminate is carried out in a "floating" way - the panels are fastened together, but do not attach to the base.

It is often necessary to putsuch a coating is directly on the parquet. Is it possible? Laying the laminate on the floor is possible and quite common. And in this case everything begins with the preparation of the foundation. Not very large defects of existing parquet are eliminated by a grinder. Loose strips are glued or nailed, cracks, cracks are puttied. If the deviations are significant, and there is no way to dismantle the parquet, plywood sheets (on the level) are laid over top and fixed with screws or nails. Then the substrate is spread, the laminate is laid and fixed with a plinth.