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Standard slag blocks sizes

Slagblock, or artificial buildingstone, is one of the most common materials that are used in various types of work. Such designs have very impressive dimensions, which can not be said about their weight. And the whole secret lies in the fact that this panel is a compressed concrete mass with the addition of slag, which is fixed on a metal frame. Inside, such a construction detail is empty, as a result of which its weight is extremely small, and the thermal insulation characteristics are very high.

dimensions of slag blocks

This building material is very widely used inall types of construction, but before you do the calculation, it is important to know what are the sizes of cinder blocks. From this indicator depends on their mass, and other technical features. Correctly made calculation of the construction of the structure ensures its reliability and durability, therefore it is important to make it correctly and in accordance with all the rules.

There are standard sizes of slag blocks,produced in Russia. Such plates have 39 centimeters in length, 19 in width, and 18.8 in height. Making calculations, you can compare this artificial stone with standard bricks. On average, this construction will be 4-5 corresponding units. However, its mass will be much lower than the weight of five bricks together. Therefore, slagblocks are used more often than any other materials in construction - both in industrial and domestic.

standard cinder block size

The size of the standard cinder block can besomewhat different. Often, artificial stones are produced with parameters of 40 x 20 x 20 cm. Most often, such materials are used in domestic construction, or in the case of a special order. Often, such stones are also used to equip suburban areas or to strengthen the foundation under the path.

Discussing the size of cinder blocks, it is worthwhilespecial attention to their voidness. This indicator is expressed in percentages, and most often ranges from 20-40 units. The smaller the digit, the correspondingly, the stone is lighter. Builders argue that it is best to choose blocks with a voidness of 30%, since they ideally condense in this space the air, transforming cold temperatures into warm ones. Also, these materials are very easy, and they can easily be mounted by any man.

cinder block dimensions and price
Since the size of cinder block can be the mostvarious, such stones can be made at home. The technology of their production is simple, it is important only in the right proportions to mix cement with sand, and to give the result to freeze well. At the same time, the mentioned building material can be given any shape, so that the process of building a building becomes easier and more accessible.

Let's sum up. One of the most common and universal materials is, as you understand, cinder block. The size and price of it depend on many factors, so the choice should be approached with attention and knowledge of the basic characteristics. After all, the basis that you put into your house, will cause its longevity, or, on the contrary, very sudden destruction, which is not someone's goal.