/ / Gas stove "Hephaestus" - the best option for any kitchen

Gas stove "Hephaestus" - the best option for any kitchen

Miniature neighbor of the Russian Federation -Belarus is known all over the world for its engineering industry, mineral fertilizers and sportsmen. However, this is far from all the achievements that an independent small state is proud of. The renowned hero-city of Brest sheltered on its vast spaces the giant for the production of equipment for home use - the company "Hephaestus". Not only in Belarus, but also far beyond its borders, this organization is known.

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Company's popularity and lineup

Its popularity is grateful onlya single kind of technology that is used in every home. His name is a gas stove. "Hephaestus" launched on the market a world-wide competitive product, which was not only of excellent quality, but also relatively low cost. "Indesit", "Bosch", "Zanussi" - these brands also collect similar equipment, but the prices for their products are much higher

The gas cooker "Hephaestus" has a wide modelA series that represents specimens that meet even the most refined tastes of consumers. When choosing this member of the kitchen "family" is to look at the material that was used to make the surface of the device. So, the group of experts recommends buying plates that have an enamel, glass-ceramic or steel coating. The Brest company offers a huge selection of goods with these surfaces.

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Brief description of important components

Gas cooker "Hephaestus" is equipped with either gas,or an electric oven. However, in the first version there is no fan. Their electrical "brothers" are more functional for use. They have several modes of operation, meet the requirements of fire safety and are much more convenient to use. Gas stove "Hephaestus", equipped with an electric oven and gas hobs, is an ideal option for housewives. A huge selection of colors (from white to imitation marble) gives the ground for thinking about which shade to choose.

In addition, the company offers product options withdifferent diameters of burners. Like ovens, they can be either electric or gas. Equipped with different-sized burners, this technique will allow you to prepare any dish in a dish of any diameter.

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Characteristic of one of the models

A popular and popular model isgas stove "Hephaestus 3200". Its subspecies are subdivided according to the size, capacity of the oven, the number of burners, the presence / absence of a timer and other parameters.

The gas cooker of this model is equipped with a grill withadditional spit. This function allows you to prepare delicious and juicy kebabs, without leaving the threshold of your house. A positive moment is also easy and safe management - even a schoolboy will be able to warm up his dinner.

Easy to use, lightweight, compact,equipped with an electric pizza, a capacious oven and four different in capacity cookers - this is a short description that the gas stove "Hephaistus" boasts. The price of this product is precisely this company varies. It depends primarily on the name of the model, the seller and the importing country, but it is still at the permissible level for average consumers.