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Finishing the floor with your own hands - laminate flooring

Laminate in the form of thin sheets with a width of sixup to eleven millimeters - enough demanded type of a covering in any premise: both in apartments, and in offices. Stack it without assistance is not difficult.

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Laminate flooring with your own hands is carried out inrooms with a normal value of humidity and temperature. In the bathroom, shower and sauna, that is, in rooms where humidity is increased, it is prohibited to use laminate.

1. Preparation of the laminate

It is necessary that the temperature in the room iseighteen degrees Celsius. Before laminate flooring, the coating should be kept indoors for two days. This is done for its acclimatization in new conditions.

2. Preparation of the floor surface

Laminate flooring, the cost of which depends onnumber of stages of work, can be performed on the surface of various solid materials, for example, concrete, wood chipboard, wood. The surface of the floor must be level. To smooth out all irregularities, the screed is most often used.

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3. Substrate preparation

The substrate provides noise protection andmoisture, serves as a shock absorber. Make it from cork, foam polyethylene. Between the stripes of the substrate, gaps or overlaps are unacceptable, they should be laid back to back, and if necessary, can be joined with a paint tape.

4. Directly laminate flooring

Laminate is a floating type coating. This means that it is not attached to the floor, and fix only the ends of its slats with each other. You can laminate flooring with and without glue. Recently, the most commonly used is the glueless way to assemble the laminate. In the process of work, it is necessary to leave a special deformation gap between the wall, objects and laminate. The length of this gap is ten to twelve millimeters, but it is needed to expand the wood of the laminate with new values ​​of humidity and temperature. To maintain deformation gaps, special pegs or spacers are used in the work.

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Laminate flooring is best to start from the window andTo move in a direction of falling of beams of the sun that seams were not so appreciable. The first lay a solid panel. After the row has been laid out, the length of the last panel is adjusted. If the length of the remaining part is more than forty centimeters, then it is used for the next row. Do not forget that in the rows located next to each other, the distance between the joints of panels should be at least thirty centimeters. If you want to put a laminate, for example, next to the pipes, then you can use a jigsaw. Taking into account the gap between the pipe and the laminate, using a jig saw, cut out a cutout of the right size in the panel.

With the method without the use of glue during the docking of the panels, it is necessary to tap them first in the longitudinal and then in the transverse direction so that the locks snap shut.

After the laminate flooring is finished with your own hands, you should close each deformation gap with a decorative skirting board. A special metal door closes the joint on the threshold.