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Is it possible to put a laminate on linoleum and is it practical?

Repair in the house is a troublesome occupation, whichrequires some knowledge and skills. Not an exception is the replacement of the flooring. In order to start repair work, you should know which materials are better to choose, to study their properties and technical characteristics, and the installation technology.

Can I put a laminate on the linoleum?

Many people are interested in: Can I put a laminate on the linoleum? The opinions of specialists in this matter are ambiguous. There are no special reasons for prohibiting its packing, but alignment is a very complicated process that takes a long time. And if you still decided to laminate flooring in this way, all the preparatory work and installation must be carried out in accordance with the instructions indicated in the technology. Can I put a laminate on the linoleum? To perform these works, you need to know certain requirements and adhere to them.

Basic rules of styling

Can I put a laminate on the linoleum? A detailed instruction from the manufacturer on the package indicates that the laminated coating is laid on a clean, dry, smooth base. This means that the quality of linoleum should be flawless, and the floors - have a perfectly flat surface. Permissible irregularities of not more than 2-4 mm. Linoleum should not be very worn and soft. These conditions are necessary to ensure that the laid flooring does not sag. Otherwise, everything will have to be done anew.

whether it is possible to lay a laminate on a linoleum the instruction on installation

If you want to know if you can put a laminate onlinoleum, floor coverings, check for quality, damage and defects during purchase. Laminate boards must necessarily adapt in the room for two days after purchase. It is not worthwhile to carry out laying. Linoleum should be covered with a polyethylene or cork substrate, which ensures the alignment of the substrate, the strength of the laminated surface and the increase in the service life. Its thickness should be at least 2 mm.

Laying of laminate on linoleum in the kitchen and bathroom

Can I put a laminate on the linoleum inplumbing and in the kitchen? This coating can not be laid in rooms where the humidity of the air is increased. Hence draw a conclusion. If there is high humidity in the room, place a layer of waterproofing made of double polyethylene under the substrate.

Humidity of linoleum can be checked by suchway: spread the oilcloth on the floor and press down its edges tightly. If the film after a few days, droplets of moisture, then put the laminate is not worth it. Laying panels on the "raw" linoleum is prohibited, as this can contribute to the deformation of the lamellas.

On which linoleum laminate flooring is allowed

In response to a question of interest to many, canlay laminate on the linoleum with various damages, experts advise: if the old coating has holes, small swellings, dents or cracks, then they need to be corrected. For embedding it is necessary to choose a similar material.

whether it is possible to lay a laminate on linoleum floor coverings

Linoleum, purchased for repair, is used in this way:

  • A piece is covered with a damaged part and a square piece is cut out slightly larger than its size.
  • Crop the areas with defects, which are put on prepared patches, processed with mastic.
  • Cold welding, designed to join the joints of linoleum, they are sealed.

Small swellings in the old linoleum,seal in the following way: pierce the bubble with a syringe and inject the adhesive into the interior by pressing the top with the load. You can repair the patch. All cracks are filled with silicone sealant.

What to consider when laying a laminate on linoleum

To cover the laminate is well, you should consider some tips:

  • When purchasing laminate flooring, consider the thickness of the product so that there is no confusion with the opening and closing of doors.
  • When using a long and wide panel, the amount of waste will decrease.
  • To buy a cover is necessary with a reserve. If the laminate is to be laid perpendicular to the windows, then add 7% to the area, if diagonally, then 15%.
  • That the laminate does not slip during laying, the first row and the last one are fixed with wedges.
  • Saw the panels with a hacksaw with a small cloth or electric jigsaw at a right angle. Begin the installation of each new series follows from the cut piece. This minimizes waste.

The technology of installing a laminate on a linoleum coating

whether it is possible to lay a laminate on linoleum detailed instruction

Can I put a laminate on the linoleum? The installation instructions provide for laying according to standard technology. Laminate must be removed from the first two rows. The first board is laid in a corner, from which the installation is performed. To the surface looked like brickwork, the panel of the second row is cut into two parts and with one of them begin the flooring.

The lamellas are fastened depending on the type of lock. If it is Lock type, then their connection is made in the horizontal plane. To reduce the gap between the panels, the second row board must be pounded with a rubber hammer into the panel of the first row. If the laminate is with a Click junction, then the second lamella is inserted into the first at an angle of 45 degrees and smoothly drops to the floor, resulting in a click. All the remaining rows of panels are connected according to the same scheme.

For laying the last row use a bracket: one of its end is fixed in the gap between the wall and panels, and the other is taped with a hammer, so the butt seam is reduced. Installation of the floor covering is complete. After that, the skirting boards are installed.

Feasibility of laying laminate boards

Whether it is possible to put a laminate on linoleum and whether it is practical - such question often arises at consumers. Experts argue that this method is acceptable and practical.

Laying the laminate on linoleum has its ownadvantages. This method provides additional sound and heat insulation in the room. It is advisable to use it in apartments located on the ground floors, as well as in individual houses with cold floors. In addition, you do not need to spend time and money on dismantling the old cover.

Whether it is possible to put a laminate on linoleum and whether it is practical

Qualitatively executed works on installation of a laminate on linoleum with observance of all instructions will allow to make strong, beautiful floor covering which will give to the house comfort and a cosiness.