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Welding flux AN348A

Flux is a loose material from the chemicalsubstance, which is used to facilitate the processes of all types of welding. Thanks to it, the welded materials are connected. One of the popular varieties of material is the flux AN348A.

What is this material used for?

Flux AN348A (GOST 9078-81) is used forarc welding. It allows you to protect the arc and weld pool from the effects of environmental factors. In addition, the flux can help in the metallurgical processing of welds.

flux an348a

When welding (surfacing) flux is covered with wire. Due to this, the thermal coefficient of efficiency increases. The AN348A flux is used in electric welding, protecting the working area from air and other gases. This creates the necessary conditions for the correct performance of work, which ensures the formation of a quality welded seam.

How to apply

Recover broken appliances and parts oftencan be done by surfacing. This method allows you to save money and time. The process will not last. Thanks to him, you do not need to wait long for parts that are "coming" soon.

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In the process of welding, the flux AN348A and wireare fed together into the arc combustion zone. There, the edges of the base metal, wire and flux are melted. As a result, around the arc appears a bubble consisting of gases of metal and flux materials. When moving the arc, the flux in the molten state rises to the surface of the weld pool. In this case, a slag is formed. This allows you to protect the surface from atmospheric air, which is not needed here. Welding seam is smooth and qualitative. After it cools, the crust of the slag is easily removed.

In addition to the properties described above, the flux allows to protect the welder from escaping harmful gases and dust.

Flux AN348A: characteristics

The material is a graindark brown color. Their size is about 0.35-0.5 ml. Grains in their structure resemble pieces of glass. Their bulk density is in the range of 1.3-1.8 kg / dm3. The material must be kept dry when used. If this is not the case, it must be dried. For this, it is dried for an hour at a temperature of 300-400 ° C0FROM.

flux an348a characteristics

One of the most important characteristics for fluxestheir chemical activity is considered. In AN348A this value is in the range 0.7-0.75 Af. This means that the flux AN348A belongs to the highly active category. In the process of welding using the material, radiation is emitted, the value of which corresponds to the norms established by standards (no more than 18 mcd / hr).

The composition of the flux includes silicon oxides (up to 44% ofof the total volume of the substance), manganese (up to 38%), calcium (up to 12%), magnesium (up to 7%), aluminum (up to 13%) and iron (up to 2.2%). In addition, there are sulfur and phosphorus. There are also foreign particles that remain in the material during production (such as residues of coal, coke, graphite, metal chips, etc.).

Flux AN348A can be used in various conditions and a wide range of ambient temperatures. It is not recommended to use it in the North at very low temperatures (below -300FROM).