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How kiwi grows: tips for growing

Curious gardeners, who are interested in everythinga new one who is not afraid to experiment in his apartment and in the cottage area may be wondering about how the kiwi grows, and is it possible to grow this wonderful fruit in our Russian climate? We will try to give an answer to it.

Kiwi cultivated just a hundred years agoNew Zealander Allison, who raised and planted the plant from seeds obtained from China. The plant was named after the New Zealand bird kiwi because of their external similarity.

how the kiwi grows

Kiwi has gained great popularity thanks torich content of vitamin C in it, this indicator bypasses apples. It also includes vitamins A, E, B1, and the juice of this fruit contains quinic acid in the same volume as lemon juice. The fruits of kiwi are a good way to improve digestion. Due to the fact that kiwi is low in calories and contains a rich content of nutrients, they are recommended as a dietary product. It is believed that the use of this fruit helps prevent the onset of cancer.

Gardeners are interested in how kiwi grows, not onlybecause of its medicinal properties. The plant is practically not affected by diseases, it is not damaged by pests. When breeding, it must be taken into account that it does not like mineral fertilizers in large doses. Its root system is located in the surface layer of the soil, in which there are many nutrients. When planting kiwi in an open ground, it is necessary to select a place protected from the wind by a vineyard or fruit trees. The plant is dioecious, therefore it is necessary to obtain fruits, so that the individuals grow female and male. Kiwi soil, rich in humus and well aerated, helps to increase the yield. Kiwi is very picky about watering. Water is especially needed during the flowering period, in the first two months. But at the same time, the soil should not be overmoistened, otherwise the plant may experience oxygen starvation.

growing of kiwi

Plant kiwifruit seedlings in open ground. In this case, you can not compact the ground in the hole, be sure to plant the plant and water it well. Seedling for the first year reaches 3 meters, it should not be treated with pesticides. In summer, the plant needs pruning. Grow kiwi possibly at home from seeds obtained from the fruits of the plant. Seeds are placed in a container with moist sand, put in the refrigerator for 2-3 weeks. Then the container should be put in a warm room, covered with plastic wrap or glass, and wait for the germination of the seeds. It is better to plant them in the spring. Fruits appear in three to four years.

kiwi seedlings

Gardeners are worried about the question of how the kiwi growswhen the temperature is lowered? The plant belongs to deciduous lianas. It can withstand temperatures from -16 to -30 ° C. At the same time it is sensitive to freezing. Therefore, it is recommended in the Russian climate to grow kiwi in sheltered soil, in greenhouses without heating. It is possible to cultivate the crop in the open ground, but then the yield decreases.

The plant is a creeper, the growth of its shootscontinues throughout the growing season, so growing kiwi requires supports. They can be a pergola, a trellis, a gazebo. Almost all kiwi flowers pollinating field give fruit. But their size depends on how many seeds are tied up. Since the roots of the plant lie in the upper layer of the soil, loosen it carefully so as not to damage the root system. Feed the plant advised sulfate forms of potassium and nitrogen fertilizers.

In Russia there are many gardeners who manage to grow this thermophilic culture. Comprehended by science, how kiwi grows, in several areas of our country: in Novocherkassk, in the Volgograd region, near Moscow. The fruit from the fruit tree, which grows exclusively in New Zealand, gradually turned into a fairly common culture, which is now cultivated in various countries of the world.