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Entrance doors: standard dimensions, differences and parameters

Sometimes the front door to an apartment or officedetermines our attitude towards its owners. As you know, the first impression is the most stable and the most durable. True, in this case there remains the question of whom to surprise and shock: their guests or unclean people who want to seize your property? Correctly chosen entrance doors - a pledge of your prestige and safety.

What should be the door?

entrance doors standard sizes
The entrance door to a modern dwelling shouldcombine beauty, elegance, individualism with strength and reliability. Do not forget about such qualities of this interior as fire safety, heat and noise insulation. Today in the consumer market a huge number of various metal products of any kind. The buyer can choose for himself not only the entrance doors, the standard sizes of which are available in almost any building department, but also order the manufacture of door leafs according to individual parameters.

Thickness of door leaf

A sufficient number of steeldoors, manufactured with regard to safety, fire resistance and strength. According to the current standards, the total thickness of the metal door leaf can be from 2 mm to 6 mm. To impart rigidity to the structure, so-called "stiffeners" can be placed between the steel sheets. In this case, the steel metal door in accordance with GOST must comply with the established safety standards.

Dimensions of entrance doors

standard size of entrance doors

All entrance doors, standard sizes of whichcan be found without problems, are acquired only after the finish of the opening is finished. Proceeding from this, and will size out, because they may be different from those that were originally conceived. In this case, it is better to contact a qualified specialist who will help to measure and correctly install the canvas. Determine the exact dimensions of the opening for installing a new door can only be after dismantling the existing door frame. Only a specialist can tell you which is better to choose metal entrance doors.

Standard dimensions of entrance doors

The basic established standard sizes of entrance doors and doorways you can find out by looking in the reference book of SNiPs and GOSTs of the Russian Federation. The following are examples of the main parameters.

door entrance metal standard dimensions

Standard size of entrance doors in mm: 2000х600, 2000х700, 2000х800, 2000х900. For double-leaf doors, the size of each canvas is 2000x600 mm.

Entrance doors, standard dimensions of which can bediffer, there are both domestic and European manufacturers. If you have a non-standard size opening, perhaps you should look for a Chinese-made door. Dimensions and sizes of metal doors sold from China have significantly more options than domestic manufacturers. Entrance doors, standard sizes they have or not, should not only be strong and quality, but also be suitable for the general style of the room. Today, for many, this factor is the determining factor in the choice.