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Repair of the living room: modern, economical, practical

Any repair requires investments, at the same timethe natural aspiration of any master is the maximum economy with a high result. Get a beautiful modern living room and spend the minimum amount of money for repair can be, if all stages of work carefully to think through and properly plan.

Repair of the living room is a special occupation,requiring professionalism and patience, as the requirements for this room are higher than to any other corner of the apartment. The living room is a public room. In her most often the whole family gathers, holidays are organized, that is, many people visit her. Everything here should be flawless, aesthetically correct and practical.

Any repair begins with the planning of the maincases and purchase of necessary materials. The first thing to do is to carefully review everything and determine what needs to be replaced due to wear and tear, and what is enough to tint or restore.

repair of the living room
Repair of the living room, like any other room,It is necessary to start with the replacement of obsolete and worn parts, especially windows. To date, the most popular plastic windows, but many return to the old practice and install a wooden. Choosing the latter option, it should be borne in mind that the tree requires special permanent care, has a limited life and is much more expensive than metal-plastic.

If the exit to the balcony is located in the living room, you should immediately consider the options for its insulation and repair, and, possibly, the expansion of the main room area.

Any replacement of windows, even the most neat, requireswork with slopes. The most economical finish of the slopes is to make using panels or plasterboard. Under the material can be laid insulation, which will provide additional protection from heat leakage.

Starting the repair of the living room room, it is not necessaryforget about the door. Old doors, if they suit you, you can leave, after having restored them. You can put a new model doors, but in this case you have to replace all the doors in the apartment, so as not to lose the overall combination.

The main repair of the living room begins with the finishing of the ceiling. It is usually leveled with gypsum boards, shpaklyuyut and paint, preferably several times.

repair of the living room
Carrying out repairs to the living room with their own hands, the mainattention is paid to the walls. From them remove the old finish, process the cracks, align using plaster (gypsum board), if the walls are too crooked. The final finish is to apply a special mixture. Before gluing the wallpaper, the walls must be primed, which will create a greater adhesion of the adhesive mixture to the wall surface.

Glue the wallpaper from the corner, carefully measuring the verticality of the first cloth.

Separate attention deserves sex. If necessary, it should be leveled, especially if a laminate is chosen for the floor covering. In some cases, the floor is enough to restore, for example, if the room is parquet. The concrete floor is covered with a screed, which allows closing old cracks and small detachments. The most economical option for repairing the floor is painting it. The flooring of the final cover completes the renovation of the living room.

repair of the living room with your own hands
But this basic work has not yet been completed. Remained the most pleasant details. Buy and arrange furniture, place accessories and various small things that make our home cozy.