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When to crop apple: tips of professionals

Beginners are often askeda question: when to cut an apple tree. It should be noted that the main objectives of this procedure are to regulate tree growth, increase its yield and form a crown for more controlled and compact growth. There are several ways of pruning apple trees, of which gardeners usually distinguish two: thinning and shortening.

when to cut an apple tree
When thinning, the gardener usually removes the branches,affecting the thickness of the tree. First of all attention is drawn to shrunken, broken or damaged by various diseases or parasites parts of the apple tree. At the same time he tries to make hemp from branches as short as possible. Answers to the question of when to cut the apple tree, there will be several, but all professionals agree in one: it is always necessary to wait for the termination of the tree growth phase and only after that to make manipulations with it. Thinning has a beneficial effect on the yield of apple trees and allows increasing the size of the fruit.

Everyone who is interested in when to cut off branches at apple trees, the method of their shortening is known. There are several types of this procedure, depending on the degree of impact on the branches:

  • slight shortening, at which approximately 25% of the length of the branch is removed;
  • average - when about a third is cut off;
  • strong - when 50% or more of the length of the branch is cut off.

when to cut off branches at apple-trees
A cut of apple tree branches must be made up tokidney located on the outside. This will give the opportunity to develop new branches in the horizontal direction and reduce the possibility of increasing the density of the crown. In addition, this method affects the development of more fruit and increases their size.

Any gardener who was interested in the question ofWhen cutting an apple tree, he knows that not only time is important, but also the degree of impact on the tree. The procedure should be done in late autumn or early spring before the appearance and development of the kidneys, but you can not remove too many branches. The tree always weakens when removing its parts, and the loss of a large number of branches can delay its development for a long time. That is why apple trees with a very dense crown are handled by gardeners for several years. In addition, both in autumn and in spring, it is necessary to rid the tree of damaged branches, as they turn into parasites sucking useful juices and minerals from the body and not doing any good.

pruning apple tree in summer
Most gardeners know that young treesit is necessary to subject the trimming procedure several times a year, but when asked whether the apple tree is trimmed in the summer, many respond negatively. The fact is that at this time the plant is in a phase of rapid development and growth, and any interference can greatly slow down this process. As a result, the hapless experimenter can get small, sour fruits, in texture resembling wild varieties.

Anyone who is interested in when to trimapple tree, it should be remembered that a tree always undergoes such a procedure either in late autumn, before the first frost, or in early spring, after the onset of the first thaw. However, the dried branches can be removed at any time of the year. This action will not only improve the plant, but will also give it additional resources for the development of fruits. If you carefully monitor the apple tree and do not give it a thickening, it will very long be able to please its masters with strong and delicious filling fruits, which both children and adults love so much.