/ / Stand for disassembly and assembly of engines with their own hands

Stand for disassembly and assembly of engines with their own hands

Special stand is designed for repair,depreciation and diagnostics of the engine. Thanks to the rotary mechanism, which rotates 360 degrees, working with the machine becomes more convenient. The stand for disassembly and assembly of engines is mainly suitable for all types of units.


Each driver wants the transportthe product was reliable in operation and served for many years. But all the same, there are situations when the main breakdown of the car is the engine. That's where you need a stand for disassembling and assembling engines. There are different variants of it.

Stand for disassembly and assembly of engines

Such a stand is designed forsignificant simplification of the inspection process of the unit, as well as defects, repairs and depreciation. After removing the engine from the compartment, the unit is tightly and securely attached to a special stand.

Reduced time spent work, when in a garage or garage there is a prefabricated installation for maintenance.


Since 30 more years ago there was not so mucha variety of cars that are now found on the roads, stands for engines with rear axles and other devices did not have versatility. They were not produced massively on the equipment market. At the moment there are many varieties of cars and trucks. And in connection with the growing demand for repair services for engines of different brands, it became necessary to use universal stands to meet the needs of the market.

Stand for disassembly and assembly of engines with their own hands

Unambiguously, a similar device for enginesmost rationally. It is suitable as a stand for disassembling and assembling engines "Kamaz", YaMZ. P-776 is the most common in this area. Also popular models are P-500E, P-776 E. They are designed for servicing motors, gearbox, rear axles.

Also popular is the model R-1250,which capacity can reach up to 2 tons. It is universal and suitable as a stand for disassembling and assembling the engines of "Kamaz". It matters how many degrees of freedom the stand has. There are models with 2 and 4 positions. Two degrees of freedom allow the equipment to be turned up and down, to the right and to the left. More universal varieties are those that have four degrees of freedom. They can be rotated to any desired degree, fixed at different angles for comfort.

Primary requirements

The main requirements for the stand for disassembly andengine assemblies are versatile and easy to operate. It is also important how many levels of freedom are provided in the design, what tonnage the selected equipment must withstand.

Stand for disassembly and assembly of engines Kamaz

At the present time in the stores is presented a considerableassortment for choice. The construction can be assembled independently. This will save money and help you choose the parameters in accordance with your wishes for personal convenience in operation.

Homemade installation should be strong andreliable. All metal elements are collected by welding. In this case it is better to seek help from a specialist. He can qualitatively weld all the details together. In this case, it is possible to guarantee the safety of maintenance personnel in the course of performing their activities.

Features of the self-made stand

The main feature of the stand for disassembly and assemblyengines with their own hands lies in the fact that it can be designed for their own parameters. This allows you to save a considerable amount of family budget.

Stand for disassembly and assembly of Kamaz YMZ P776 engines
Especially if the stand is needed for an irregularuse. Therefore, most owners of small car repair shops prefer self-made stands for disassembly and assembly of engines (the photo will be presented later).

Elements of construction

The usual stand for disassembly and assembly of enginesconsists of a list of certain materials, which are taken as a basis for the assembly. The list includes several components of the design. This is a plate to fix the ICE, the base of the stand, a special tray for the outflowing waste mass, and a swivel mechanism.

Stand for disassembly and assembly of engines Kamaz 740

Also, for greater convenience and versatility, the equipment must be able to move around the room. To do this, install strong wheels at the bottom of the structure.


If the installation is to serve a variety oftypes of engines or just be for all cases, then it should be made it universal. It should be noted here that the engines of VAZ cars differ significantly from the mechanisms of BMW in the way of fastening. It may be necessary to create a stand for dismantling and assembling the KAMAZ-740 engine or other large-sized engines.

Stand for disassembly and assembly of engines

To the rotary plate is welded a pair of channelswith holes of 10 mm. The step is 50 mm. Places for the channels are marked in the vicinity of the motor mountings. The center of gravity is precisely directed along the axis of rotation of the plate. This will make it possible to simply rotate the stand around the axis.

Using a manual hoist enablesInstall the construction on the wheels (they must be strong enough). This will facilitate the movement of the defective part of the room. If necessary, it can be easily set aside in the far corner. Another thing is to attach the pallet at the bottom, thanks to which the dirty dirt from the engine will not be poured on the floor. The existing tray below will allow the engine to be flushed.

Work with the stand

Before operation, it is necessaryconduct a visual control of the system. If any defects are found that could damage the equipment during maintenance, they must be eliminated. If there are no such defects when inspecting, you can start work.

For good and long service lifeit is necessary to monitor its condition. It is necessary to check the reliability of the fixing fastener every time, regularly lubricate all moving parts and store the unit in a dry place. It is necessary to exclude the possibility of direct precipitation and moisture.

Do not load the bench above the actualcalculated mass, so as not to drop the engine due to a breakdown. During operation, the structure must be placed on a stable surface. It is also worthwhile to use a fixing pin for the swing mechanism. Work should be carefully and carefully.

It is necessary to monitor the cargo so that it is locatedcenter. The unit must be firmly tightened by brackets. It is necessary to adhere to safety techniques, so as not to damage the engine, do not get injured. With proper care and proper operation, the stand will last for many years.

If there is a stand for disassembly and assemblyengine repair work is efficient and convenient. Self-assembled plants can significantly save the family budget funds for the purchase of several models. Each house master, if desired and with the availability of an appropriate tool, will be able to assemble a stand that is suitable for many types of mechanisms.