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Electric winch is a powerful helper

Lifting, descending and moving heavy loads islaborious work. And the costs go not only in the physical plan, but also in time, because there is always a need for rest workers. If, for such purposes, an electric winch is used, the required number of people decreases sharply, and the time for work is reduced. This factor largely determines the wide use of such devices.

electric winch
An electric winch is a device thatis intended for moving, lowering and lifting of goods. It finds application in many areas, from household to manufacturing. This device can be used both as an independent equipment, and as a component of the whole complex.

Types of winches

- Small-sized. This type of device is positioned asauxiliary lifting equipment. The main advantage of small electric winches is low weight, which usually does not exceed 40 kg. Due to this they are easy to transport. It should also be noted that the installation of equipment is simple enough, and for operation it requires an ordinary socket for 220 V.

- Planetary. Electric winches of this type aresubspecies of small-sized. Their main difference is in the design features. And more precisely, in using a planetary gearbox. In other words, the usual small-sized electric winch has a driven and driving wheel, in this one there is one driving and several followers. This allows you to increase the power, and with it the load capacity of the device with the same or even smaller mass of the product.

electric winches
- Mounting. This type of device is considered industrial. Electric winches are used in construction and industrial facilities. In contrast to the previously considered devices, they differ much higher carrying capacity, a mass that exceeds 600 kilograms, and power consumption, which is calculated in kilowatts. Also such equipment is no longer suspended, as in the case with planetary and small-sized, but is installed.

- Traction. They are used as traction mechanisms forcarrying out loading and unloading operations. Sometimes they are confused with mounting, but this is incorrect, since the latter are designed for lifting and lowering the load, and this type of winches - to ensure traction. For example, they are used to move crane trucks. Their main advantage is that with equal tractive effort with winches they have a speed almost twice as large.

electric winches

- Shunting. Electric winches of this type are similar totraction, but they are used for the movement of railway tanks and wagons. Often, they are used for similar tasks in other areas. The shunting electric winch is capable of moving 10-15 wagons with a cargo weighing about 950 tons.

How much do electric winches cost?

The price of the device depends on many factors:

- a type;

- power and load capacity;

- manufacturer.

For example, small-sized winches KDJ-300E withcarrying capacity of 300 kg are about 14,000 rubles, and EWH250 with a pulling force of 250 kg will cost around 34,000 rubles. As for industrial options, their cost starts from 60,000 rubles.