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Leather products with their own hands: fascinating and original

It is almost always a pity to throw out old,worn things that are still seemingly whole, but you will never wear them for different reasons. Especially this applies to leather products. But you do not need to carry them to the trash when there are so many opportunities to use them as a great material for all sorts of crafts. Many benefits can be extracted even from the smallest and, at first glance, useless skin debris.

For example, from an old belt can turn out verysimple to manufacture, but reliable and not issuing nasty squeaking loops for the covers of boxes, easels or caskets. Also from them you can make beautiful and strong roots for book bindings. A strip of thin, soft leather, neatly pasted from the inside of the metal watch bracelet, will make it more comfortable to wear.

Of course, the leather goods themselves do notare limited only by this. If, for example, you are bored with plastic or metal bracelets, then, having acquired the skills of decorative leather finishing, you can always make to your taste a comfortable, soft and, you can say, exclusive leather watchband. Thanks to these same techniques, you can build an original and durable bookmark for books.

However, you can do not just cute craftsfrom the skin with their own hands. For example, a small strip of soft leather, folded longitudinally two or three times and glued, can serve as a hanger-hanger on a coat, jacket or other outer clothing. It is more durable and durable than the fabric, and not as rough as a loop from a metal chain.

Make knitted mittens or gloves moreoriginal and resistant to wear will help circles of thin, soft skin, which can be sewn on their palms and in those places where they are most quickly wiped. The same circles, but smaller, you can sew on the tips of glove fingers. This device will prolong their life for a long time, because in these places they are rushing the fastest.

If you show imagination and skill, then the productsfrom the skin with their own hands can become a real hobby, because from this material you can do anything you like, including the most beautiful wall panels, flower arrangements, flower vases, key chains, mobile phone cases and much more. Therefore, you should not rush to get rid of old leather boots, bags, jackets and other things. They can be ripped off and make absolutely usable material for crafts. Simply separate the skin from excess threads, linings, worn parts and other, now superfluous elements, rinse the resulting whole patches with a warm soapy solution and stretch it on the board, fixing it around the edges with small studs. When the skin is completely dry, it can be lubricated with any cream and get to work.

For example, today's jewelry is very popularleather with their own hands. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets and even rings made by themselves, are able to turn them into a stylish, original and unique lady, because no one else has such beauty. And from the old leather pieces you can sew the original room slippers. The case, of course, is troublesome, but your friends and relatives who came to visit you will not have to walk barefoot, especially in the winter when the floors are not too warm.

Leather products with your own hands if you want, you cancombine with other materials. For example, when making jewelry, you can add fur, beads, feathers. If you want to create a beautiful panel, here too, there is where to fancy fantasies, because you can add any natural materials to the leather elements, including tree branches, cones, acorns, walnut shells, wheat ears, dried leaves ... After all, the skin is so unique that it can be combined with anything. Leather products with their own hands - it's always spectacular, stylish, original and very exciting!