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Shipboard varnish (yacht) for wooden surfaces

While doing repairs or building a house,one has to face the question: how to protect wood? Each owner seeks to obtain the maximum quality at a low cost. The best solution to this problem will be a ship's varnish. Already from the name of the material can be understood that it was originally used to cover the surface of various vessels.

This waterproof varnish protects wood fromdestructive effects of liquid. It is clear that if the facility protects yachts permanently in the sea, then it will perfectly cope with the protection of walls, floor or ceiling. Due to its structure, the composition penetrates deep into the pores of the wood, thereby reliably protecting it for a long time. Yacht varnishes can be purchased in the form of aerosols. They are sold in banks of different denominations. It is more convenient to use aerosols, but they are sold only in small volumes.

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Properties of yacht lacquer

Ship's varnish often hasalkyd-urethane base. Due to this, it perfectly protects the surface from moisture, prevents the appearance of mold and fungus. At the same time, the product has decorative properties. When applied in several layers, the lacquer smooths out the surface, smooths the roughness, making it smooth. The tree will get a nice shine. Due to different shades, the ship's lacquer emphasizes the natural beauty of the wood and advantageously embellishes its natural color.

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Types of varnish

There are several types of ship lacquer, which differ in the technology of production:

  1. Alkyd means.They are produced using organic solvents. This kind is used only for outdoor works. This is the most common varnish yacht, the price of which is lower than other means. During its drying, harmful vapors of toluene and xylene are released, which enter the body during breathing. Therefore, varnish of such a variety is strictly forbidden to use indoors. Even after a few years, the evaporation of harmful substances will not stop.
  2. Urethane-alkyd agents.They are more suitable for interior work. The composition is smaller in volume of organic solvents. The release of harmful chemicals is prevented by urethane plasticizers, which are present in the lacquer. Their presence makes the agent more resistant to temperature changes. This is especially true in homes where the "warm floor" system is equipped. By the way, among the representatives of this category it is possible to distinguish the varnish ship "Tikkurila". To dry it will take less time than other means. In addition, the substances in its composition will slow down the yellowing of the wood, which are caused by ultraviolet radiation. Its separate species give additional glow to the surface in the dark. Its average price is from 500 and above rubles per 1 liter, depending on the variety.
  3. Acrylate yacht lacquer is the most suitable optionfor working indoors. It is the most ecological. But the price is the highest. Such a device, in fact, is not considered a ship's varnish. It is not used to cover the outer surface of the wooden hull of the vessel. Acquiring such a varnish, you should be careful. There are cases when unscrupulous manufacturers sell acrylic products under the label "acrylate" to obtain greater benefits.

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Coating Options

Using a yacht lacquer allows you to obtain a wooden surface of two types:

  • Matt - a more practical option. After treatment with such a tool, the tree is not covered with dust and is less dirty.
  • Glossy, which will allow you to enjoy a beautiful, spectacular shine. But when touching such surfaces can remain ugly dirty "fingers."

Everyone decides for himself which varnish to choose. It all depends on your own preferences and the taste of the owner of the home.

Use of yacht lacquer

The main area of ​​application of yacht varnish -processing of wooden surfaces of ships. For household repairs, it is also used: it covers furniture, doors, window frames, floors, frame houses in general. You can use such a varnish for plywood and lining. Acrylic yacht agent is perfect for applying to garden furniture made of natural wood. Covering the varnish will make it more durable, beautiful and interesting in color. At the same time, the tool will give an even shade to the frame house. It will protect wood from the impact of aggressive environmental factors. In this case, you do not need to purchase antiseptics and other protective impregnations in addition.

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Precautionary measures

The composition of yacht varnishes includes harmful components,necessary to perform the tasks assigned to the tool. After application, toxic fumes can be released into the air. Whatever the producers say, but using a ship's varnish for flooring is not the best option. If nevertheless you decided to use it, give preference to the funds on urethane-alkyd basis. Otherwise, after a few months you can feel problems with the physical condition.

It is not recommended to use this product forfurniture, which is in contact with food. For example, it is strictly forbidden to process bedside tables in the kitchen. Use nail polish is better on the street. This is due to the released harmful substances. Applying it at home can cause depression, nervous breakdown. Especially it is dangerous for children. Therefore, consider whether to use a varnish yacht at home. The price of health is still higher.

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Method of application

The yacht lacquer is easy to use. To do this, you first need to prepare the surface: clean it, remove the residues of grease and detergents. If the old layer is on the wood, it must be sanded, sanded and wiped with a solution of white spirit and lacquer (in a proportion of 5: 1). But that is not all.

The shipping lacquer is applied only to drywood (with a moisture content of up to 20%). The surface is covered in several layers with aging interval for drying. And the drying time with each layer should increase: between the first and second - from 4 to 6 hours, between the second and third - 24 hours. The third layer should dry for at least two days. If you follow all simple recommendations when using lacquer, the surface will last a long time.