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Facades tinted MDF for kitchen

The kitchen should not only be comfortable andfunctional, but also beautiful. The original appearance can be achieved thanks to kitchen projects with quality fittings and carefully designed filling. A bright facade painted MDF when looking at them will provide a good mood every morning.

What material consists of

The basis of such elements are plates fromWood sawdust with enamel or varnish-and-paint color coating. When creating plates, lignin and paraffin for bonding are used, as well as the method of hot pressing under high pressure. Due to the absence of epoxy resins and other harmful chemicals, the material is classified as natural and environmentally friendly.

facades of painted MDF


Facades painted (MDF), photos of which are presentedhigher, are becoming more prevalent and constitute a serious competition to other materials due to easy processing and environmental friendliness. In the opinion of manufacturers, such boards are mechanically and water-resistant characteristics superior to even natural wood.

For the manufacture of painted panels createdA special scheme, the first stage of which is the preparatory work. Plates are cut in accordance with the established parameters, after which they are subjected to plastering and priming. The service life and appearance are directly dependent on this process.

Staining is carried out in several layers, each of which is dried and ground to achieve a glossy effect. Further on the entire surface is applied a varnish with subsequent polishing.

Polyurethane enamel is the final,the last stage of finishing the material. It fills the recesses, the existing sides and the volume elements of the structure, creating a protective coating. Its characteristics are especially useful for designers, who with her help create the most bold and unconventional ideas.

facades of painted MDF with milling


Facades painted (MDF) with milling havetheir merits and demerits, but the quality of performance deserves special attention. With its increase, the period of operation of such furniture increases. The quality is fairly easy to determine by yourself, it is only necessary to carefully consider the samples of the material. Check for defects and shortcomings with good natural light. These may be the roughness of the paint layer, dents, punctures or blisters.

Quality material should have a smooth, flat surface. If any defects are found, you must refuse to purchase such an option so that you do not regret buying later.

facades painted mdf reviews

Positive and negative sides

Painted facades of MDF for the kitchen have many advantages, among which it is worth noting the following:

  • A wide range of decorative elements and a variety of shades.
  • Easy elimination of small defects that appeared during operation.
  • The panels are easy to care for, since dyes, vapors and dirt are not absorbed into the surface. It is possible to use a variety of cleaning products for washing.
  • Excellent resistance to the appearance of fungus, mold and reproduction of microorganisms.
  • Environmental Safety. The material does not emit harmful substances even during heating and long-term operation.


  • For many, the main disadvantage is a rather high price for painted facades (MDF).
  • Surface, covered with enamel, is unstablemechanical influences and requires careful handling. If carelessness or improper operation is used, it is possible to damage the top layer, which can not be repaired or replaced.
  • There is a chance of burning out and changing the shade under the influence of sunlight.

facades painted mdf photo


Plates can have absolutely any shade,so you can choose the kind of furniture you want, which will be in harmony with other elements of the room. Also it is worth remembering the different coloring compositions that impart original effects. When selecting the facades, you can find your favorite shade and make the kitchen multicolored or monophonic, composing a combination of matching colors of hinged and floor elements.

Separate attention deserves coverage withthe name "chameleon". Such an effect will not allow a single kitchen façade to be monophonic. It is always opened in different ways, depending on the available lighting and viewing side.

facades painted by mdf with their own hands

Brilliant coating

Perfectly look options with mother-of-pearleffect. Thanks to them, the kitchen acquires an attractive shine and refinement. Facades dyed (MDF) receive this effect after the completion of manufacturing. On the painted plates an additional special coating is distributed, having optical interesting characteristics. The resulting surface beautifully shimmers both under artificial lighting and natural. Also, buyers note the practicality of such a coating, for example, it does not leave traces of water droplets.

The metallic effect is most common inmodern kitchens. For its preparation with a coloring compound, special components are mixed. Such furniture sets attract attention and surprise potential buyers. If such options are not of interest, you can choose the usual matte or glossy coating. Also it is worth remembering that in some companies the service of drawing of stencilled drawings is provided.

Facades painted (MDF), reviews about which inmostly positive, are amenable to any methods of processing. The properties of the plate allow it to be shaped in a desired form, for example concave or, conversely, convex. Rounding of edges and milling is also often used.

Self-painting MDF

For application of a paint material on platesA pneumatic spray gun is needed, to which a compressor is connected to provide the required pressure level. Polishing of the finished surface is carried out using a grinding machine.

To the facades of painted (MDF), their own handsmade, as long as possible pleased the look, it is necessary to use quality material. Milling work is performed at the maximum speed of the tool, due to which the plane becomes completely smooth. Plates become more fragile after preparation, so they should not be placed on objects with sharp edges or heavy weight to avoid deformation.

painted facades from mdf for kitchen

How to extend the service life

To increase the resistance to mechanicalImpact on the painted surface is applied to the final layer in the form of varnish on the basis of acrylic or polyurethane, due to this the painted facades (MDF) become less susceptible to wear and chemicals.

There are some recommendations that determine the correct operation of furniture from such material:

  • The elements of the backlight should be installed taking into account the maximum heating of the lighting fixture, and the distance between the product and the luminaire must be at least 150-200 mm.
  • On the surface, the maximum influence temperature should not be more than 110 degrees.
  • It is forbidden to use alkaline compounds, acetone, acids, solvents. For washing, only specially formulated formulations should be used.