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Rysmus: what is it, purpose and features

In working with wood, only a few toolscan ensure a qualitative cutting. Even jigs with a high frequency of engine operation leave small flaws on the surface of the workpiece. In some cases, such defects can be reconciled, but if the material is to be used in a delicate finish with a paint finish, then you can not do without additional processing, which will help make the thicknesser. What it is? This is a machine that performs the function of grinding, - in some ways it is similar to a group of joists.

Thickness that it is


The function of this machine may seem superfluous.The fact is that it is quite possible to prepare several boards for installation and with the usual hand tool in the form of the same jigs or planes. But if it is a question of large volumes, the machine house thicknesser will have noticeable advantages over the small-format tool. And it's not just the speed of the operations, but the maintenance of high-quality machining with an optimally clean cut surface.

In addition, this is just the case whenelectrical equipment to work safer than with a hand tool. As practice shows, the probability of getting a trauma on such a machine is much lower than in working with planers. Nevertheless, it is not always necessary to purchase such a thicknesser in everyday life. What is this in professional production is another matter. For example, on a woodworking line or in a furniture factory, the availability of such equipment is simply a prerequisite for technical support.

Varieties of the instrument

Two criteria can be singled out, according to whichclassify models in the group of thicknesser machines. This division is based on the purpose (household and professional units), as well as the configuration of the cutting complex. As for the first classification, household models are less common, have a small power reserve and a design focused on servicing typical billets. Professional units have high power capabilities, a wide range of settings and rich functionality. However, the proverbial household wins at a small cost.

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In terms of implementation of cutting segments, you canIt should be noted that two elements are used primarily in thicknessing machines. But there are modifications, which are called fugano-thicknessers. Such versions can have more knives and are suitable for working with rough surfaces.

Main characteristics

Among the main operating parameters can be identifieddepth and width of the cut, power and speed of torsion of the shaft. As for the depth, it varies from 1 to 3 mm. This is an extensive range, within which the user can and put in order a rough board, and finalize the ready-to-paint panel of solid wood leaf.

Width of blanks with which you can work onmachine, in some models it reaches 330 mm. Power capacity determines how productive the machine will be. The fact is that the thicknesser woodcutter can perceive soft and hard rocks in different ways. That is, in the second case, processing may not be as effective or time-consuming. The higher the power, the more pliable will be such species of wood as oak, beech, elm, ash, etc. To work with such sawn timber, a power of at least 1500 W is recommended. Here it is worth noting the quality of the cut, which will depend on the speed of the shaft. The optimum parameter for this parameter is 8-10 thousand rpm.

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Unit Features

In addition to high accuracy, such machines providethe ability to control typical cutting parameters. That is, the operator can, for example, process a single workpiece, set the equipment a sample example, which will be followed by subsequent serial cutting. This option is not every woodworking machine. Reismus (household unit or professional) allows the structural orientation of the material under the template cutting, which provides the parameters of depth and width.


The segment is rather narrow, so manufacturersthere are not so many in it. For example, one of the popular models offers the Swiss company Jet. This is a machine JPT-310, to the merits of which can be attributed high performance and reliability. Interesting offers are realized also by Polish company Proma, in which family it is possible to find not simply qualitative, but also accessible at the price planimus. Reviews about this product also indicate ergonomic components - convenience in management and settings. A universal model is offered by the manufacturer Brassa in the modification of FS-32N. This machine is suitable for home use, and for furniture factories.

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What to consider when choosing?

It is clear that the main focus of the buyer should bebe drawn to the assessment of the paramount technical parameters, including capacity, design capabilities, cut quality, etc. Familiarity with these indicators will help to find out whether a particular model is in principle suitable for working with a particular material. But this is not enough to fully understand how suitable a particular thicknesser. What is this in terms of operation? Not only a working tool, but also quite a dimensional machine, which will require a lot of space for work. Accordingly, it is important to assess the size of the equipment, since it will require a separate storage room.

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Also it is necessary to take into account some functionalAdditions that allow you to work in a non-ideal environment. For example, you should take into account the presence of fuses, lights and protective devices.


Even before buying a machine, it will not be superfluous to calculate,how much such an aggregate will be in demand in the economy. So, if in the specialized production the presence of the equipment will be fully justified, then in everyday life this need is not obvious. Another thing is that there is a wide choice of models, which represents the thicknesser. What is this in the general classification of woodworking machines? This is a specialized technique, which, depending on the modification, can have very different characteristics. Accordingly, prices vary. For example, a professional model can cost 150 thousand rubles, and a household machine - about 20-30 thousand rubles.

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As can be seen, the difference is enormous between the individualsegments of the market thicknessing machines. Therefore, if financial opportunities allow and there is a need for obtaining high-quality processed wood materials, then you should not deny yourself such a purchase.