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Varnishes for parquet: what to choose

To protect wooden surfaces from damagevarnish is used for a long time. Previously, this tool could only be made by well-known masters. At the same time everyone had his secret. It is worth remembering only the violin of Stradivarius.

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Parquet is considered one of the most expensive coatings. Therefore, to protect it you need to use a high-quality lacquer. From the right choice will depend primarily on the durability of this floor covering. At the moment, a variety of varnishes for parquet are produced. Alkyd, water-soluble and acid-cured are most often used. Special primer varnishes are also produced.

When choosing this tool for your parquetFirst of all, it is necessary to be guided by the load the coating will bear. For living rooms, which are used in ordinary home footwear, it is best to use lacquers for parquet with a normal load. Inside non-residential buildings, wherever walking in street shoes, a coating agent with increased load should be used. In those rooms where a large number of people go daily, it is not advisable to use lacquer at all. In this case, other means are suitable - various special oils and waxes.

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In those rooms where there is a dangerignition, it is best to apply varnishes for parquet on a water basis. Often this kind is used even where the specificity of the premises requires increased safety in terms of ecology - children's rooms, canteens, hospital wards, etc. It is worth choosing it and those people who suffer from allergies of all kinds. This varnish absolutely has no smell. Even in the process of painting the parquet, you do not need to open windows and doors. But there is a means of this kind and its drawbacks - it is not too dull. For example, it can not be used for vestibules.

Lacquers for solvent based parquet are calledalkyd. When using them, it should be taken into account that they are able to change the original color of the wood. To ensure that this varnish is faster dried, it is necessary to provide a sufficiently high temperature in the room. In addition, we need an influx of outdoor air. Non-water types include also polyurethane varnishes. This type of coating is characterized by increased wear resistance and resistance to various chemicals.

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In those rooms where the load on the floor is veryhigh, it is advisable to use acid-curing lacquer for parquet. The price for it can be lower than for other types of varnish. It consists, as is already clear from the name, of two agents that must be mixed before application. Such varnishes are also able to change the color of the parquet board, making it slightly lighter. When working with them, it is necessary to ensure good ventilation, as they have a sharp odor.

You can buy both a matt and gloss varnishfor parquet. Reviews about both, and about the other are positive. They look just great. If desired, you can also choose a silky matt, semi-matt or semi-glossy option. Typically, varnishes are applied in several layers. Each of them before the application of the next is ground to increase the adhesive properties. Only the uppermost layer does not undergo this treatment.