/ How to make a playpen for yourself?

How to make a playpen for yourself?

Each of the parents takes care of their child. But being around always is simply unreal. And leaving a child unattended is dangerous. After all, during the game, he can hurt himself. And it does not matter where you are: at home, at the grandmother or at the dacha. A playpen, made by hand, can be that way out of the current situation, which everyone was looking for. It's quite easy to make it. And from a financial point of view, it will be cheaper than buying in a store.

Variety of species

You can make a playpen yourselfdifferent designs. And different materials can be used for this. The main thing is to find the right size. It is necessary to take into account the free space on which it can be installed. It is better to slightly push aside the furniture, but to make a comfortable and spacious arena. Next, consider several options.

Classic riding school

The main material for the manufacture of this speciesThe fence is a tree. Suitable are all hard rock: alder, oak, birch, maple and so on. In height, usually take 70-100 cm Another important indicator - the distance between the bars of the lattice. For safety reasons, leave it 7 cm.

at the cottage children's playpen with their own hands

A classic children's playpen made of wood with its own hands is assembled using materials such as:

  • Bars of wood of two types: with a diameter of 30 mm for the base and with a diameter of 5-10 mm for the grate.
  • Primers for wood, varnish and paint (all water-based).
  • Pendulum hinges with a wide shelf (double action).
  • Sandpaper labeled "0" or "1".

When choosing materials, you can pay attention toDesign, made, for example, wood and metal together. The lower part of the base is made of metal, and the upper part is made of wood. In this case, the whole structure as a whole will be heavier. If the child piles on one side, the riding arena does not turn over.

From tools a saw on a tree, a roulette, a drill, a brush and some other simple adaptations will be useful.

A frame is made from wooden blocks. To do this, prepare 8 blanks (4 pieces along the length of the crib and 4 on the width). In addition, you need 4 more pieces to make vertical racks, which will be mounted in the corners.

how to make a playpen for yourself

In the ready-made base, holes are made for installationlattice. They are not created through the bars. One half of the timber is enough. Thus it is necessary to fulfill the condition that the holes on the lower and upper parts must coincide.

The surface is ground with sandpaper and covered with a primer. After drying, the bars of the grid are installed on the base. First, the lower part is inserted, then the upper one.

Connect the finished racks with each other using metal corners and bolts. On the outside, a hook or bolt is fitted.

Sliding playpen

Children's arena with their own hands in this situation is collected on the same principle as in the previous version. The difference is that the racks here are mobile.

Manege for children with their own hands photo

Sidewalls gather from bars and slats. Only in this case two bars are made on the bars. They are necessary in order to connect the side parts among themselves.

Soft construction

A playpen, assembled with its own hands of wood,has one drawback: during the game the child can fall and hit the wooden grill. But there is a way out of this situation. It consists in using plastic pipes instead of wooden bars. The wooden bars from which the lattice is made can be replaced by a cloth-based net. On this playpen, a child, with his own hands made of plastic pipes, created, ready.

Hexagonal shape

Children's playpen, with his own hands he collected orpurchased in the store, plays a protective role. It helps to protect the child. Therefore, the dimensions for its manufacture should also be similar to this purpose. Height should be in the range of 75-100 cm. Growing up, the child begins to indulge. He can tilt the leg to the edge and be outweighed. And the specified height will not allow him to do it.

Manege for children with their own hands made of plastic pipes

A fence made of various solidwood species. Choose the one that is more suitable for color. It will take 12 brusks with a size of 15x15x1000 mm. For the grid, rods from the same rock are selected. Their size is about 10 mm in diameter. In total, such brusochkov need 36 units. A colorless varnish will help to emphasize the color and pleasant drawing of natural wood. It will protect the surface and make the drawing more vivid.

After polishing and processing with specialprotective and decorative means of the arena are assembled into a single structure. To connect individual elements use bolts with nuts (with a size of 5 mm). It turns out a mobile design, which, if necessary, can be disassembled. This allows you to hide it, take it on the road, replace the damaged element.

For the whole process, it only took a saw, a drill, a brush, a tape measure.

Folding sections

Making a playpen for yourself, you canPay attention to options with folding sections. The whole process begins with the assembly of the side parts. Their number depends on the chosen shape of the crib. For hexagonal, 6 side sections are necessary. And they must be carefully sanded and covered with protective varnish.

children's playpen

Side sections are assembled according to the same principle,as in the previous versions. A frame is made into which the rods are inserted. In the recesses on the bottom and top crossbeams, the rods are fixed using PVA glue. The fasteners between the side sections are detachable. Individual elements are fastened together with bolts and nuts, which can be unwound if necessary.

The considered version is suitable for playing at onceseveral toddlers (2-3 people). But this does not mean that if only one child plays there, he can give a big toy. Children are very smart. And the baby will soon understand that the toy can be put under your feet and climb on it.

Manege without lattice

For small apartments it is possible to make a playpen for children with their own hands. A photo of a similar design can be seen in the picture. The fence at it soft, safe. It will soften the fall if necessary.

children's playpen

The main material that will beused, is a synthetic mesh. It should be calm, gentle tones. Otherwise, the kid, having seen enough of the bright grid, can suffer pains in the eyes. The cell is recommended with a size of 20-35 mm. If you choose a larger one, the child will certainly want to push something through it. And through the grid with a smaller size will be poor visibility. The child will feel that he is left alone.

The frame is made of plastic pipe. The grid is cut out a bit larger than the arena parameters require. The rest is needed for the kulisks. They insert a thin tube to stretch the mesh.

The considered options will help to understand how to make a playpen for yourself. Apparently, this process is almost the same for all species.