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Armenian cucumber: properties and characteristics of care

Snake-like melon comes from Central Asia.Fruits of Armenian cucumber (the second name of this unusual culture) up to 50 cm in length and weighing up to 1 kg. White and green, straight and slightly curved fruit - juicy and slightly sweet. Young fruit to taste more like a familiar cucumber. The second its name "melon" plant more received not only for its size. Having reached maturity, the fruits acquire the taste and smell of melon. What is this miracle-vegetable?

Armenian cucumber: description

Armenian cucumber

The plant belongs to the genus Cucumber, to the familyPumpkin. Shoots are long, like all melons, up to 4 m. Leaves resemble melon, in color - bright green. Fruits slightly pubescent. The peculiarity of the Armenian cucumber is that there are practically no air cavities inside it. The flesh of the cucumber is juicy and dense, the seeds are small.

Early ripening culture (70-80 days).The yield of each plant is from 8.5 to 10 kg. Fructifies to the very frosts. Suitable for growing both outdoors and in a greenhouse. To obtain smooth long fruit, it is advisable to use trellises or gratings. The variety is resistant to diseases and well tolerates temperature changes.

melon serpentine

Properties of Armenian cucumber

  • Beneficial effect on the brain. Melon snake contains a special chemical compound - flavonoid fizetin. According to scientists, he stops the decline in memory and intelligence.
  • Contains polyphenols (lignans), which help reduce the risk of developing breast, ovarian and prostate cancer, and phytonutrients (cucurbitacins), which also have anti-cancer properties.
  • Cucumbers contain antioxidants and flavonoids, includingnumber of well-known vitamin C, kaempferol, apigenin, luteolin. For example, kaempferol helps reduce the risk of chronic diseases, including cardiovascular diseases.
  • The Armenian cucumber contains vitamins of group B, which help to fight with a sense of anxiety and help to overcome the devastating effects of stress.
  • Cucumbers are rich in two essential elements for healthy digestion - water and fiber.
  • The potassium content helps to reduce systolic pressure.
  • Rich in fiber, low-calorie (16 calories) cucumbers can help in the fight against obesity.

growing of Armenian cucumber

Cultivation of Armenian cucumber

Seed preparation

To grow an Armenian cucumber is not difficult.For successful germination of seeds, fertile and light soil is sufficient. Seeds germinate at a temperature of 15 to 25 ° C. To obtain friendly shoots, the seeds must be pre-soaked. The first shoots will appear in a week and a half.

Planting on seedlings

The optimal seeding time for seedlings is the endApril. The depth of sowing is 5 cm, with this penetration the seedlings develop many lateral lobes and grow up squat and strong. In the open ground the plant is planted in the presence of 7 present sheets, around the end of May. The planting scheme is 0.5x1 m.

Features of care

Melon snake is unpretentious in care.Regular loosening of the soil and infrequent but abundant watering are necessary. As a feed using organic, the best liquid mullein. Alternating fertilizing with manure and mineral fertilizers has a good effect on the development and growth of the plant. As a protection against pests and diseases, onion and garlic infusions are effective.

plant Armenian cucumber

Seed procurement

The seeds are fully ripened fruits. Seeds put in a strainer and rinse thoroughly under a stream of water. Then dry on a napkin. You can store seeds in a plain paper envelope. Their germination lasts up to 5 years.

Reviews of gardeners

According to the reviews of truck farmers who grow this culturealready more than one year old, the Armenian cucumber has an unusual taste. Outwardly the fruits resemble pubescent and slightly wrinkled courgettes. Collect fruits that have reached a size of 25-30 cm. To obtain a good harvest, the soil should be thoroughly digged and fertilized with humus (approximately 1 m bucket2) and sand (0.5 buckets / m2).

Many gardeners share the experience of growingArmenian cucumber by a seedless method - sowing seeds in the open ground. The optimal time is the end of May. But before this, soak for a day seeds in a growth stimulant solution. Cucumber diseases do not affect the plant, the temperature drops practically do not affect the fruit bearing. Unexpectedly for an exotic culture, but growing an Armenian cucumber does not cause trouble.

Armenian cucumber 1

How to use in cooking

Young Armenian cucumbers do not cleannecessity. Their thin skin makes them ideal for slicing and for fresh salads. The delicate taste of snake-like melon allows it to become an ideal ingredient in sandwiches and sushi. Fruits can be cut in length, width and cubes.

Snake-like melon is good on the grill, wiped orpickled. The Armenian cucumber plant is perfectly combined with red and white fish, shellfish, chili and tomatoes, mint and oregano, yoghurt, garlic, cumin, chicken, pork and fresh cheeses. Good cucumbers in fresh form and with heat treatment do not lose their taste.