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How to replace the cartridge in a mixer with your own hands:

Weak place in the design of single-levera mixer is a cartridge, an element through which hot and cold water from a faucet is mixed. Running the crane or noise during the water supply indicates a malfunction, and to get rid of such a problem, it is enough to replace the element. It will not be necessary to call the plumbing for reconstruction. This is a simple job, the main thing is to figure out how to replace the cartridge in the mixer.

How to replace the cartridge in a mixer

Features of hand-held repair of the mixer

Single-lever valves last for yearswithout failing, but because of the condition of the water containing microscopic particles of sand and other deposits, the integrity of the products is disturbed and they begin to flow. Replacing the cartridge in the mixer will help to solve the problem, and the cost of the part is not high, which will save you money on buying new plumbing.

What are the differences between cartridges

They are distinguished by such parameters:

  • diameter;
  • the landing part;
  • the length of the rod.

To pick up a new part, remove the tap and take out the old cartridge for the mixer. So you can easily find a model and buy a new high-quality product.

How to replace the cartridge correctly

The procedure for installing a new product consists of several stages, including:

  1. Water shutdown. Before you start, close the water pipes with cold and hot water supply. Do not forget to open the tap and release the remains of water stagnant in the pipes.
  2. Dismantling the decorative cover.This design is on the crane arm in the front. It has to be removed. To carry out the procedure accurately, poke the plug with a screwdriver, after - unscrew the locking screw of the handle, armed with a hexagon.
  3. Removing the lever housing that hidesdefective part. It happens that the lever is not removed, which means that it has become attached to it. The problem is easily solved by watering the part with hot water. As a result of the expansion, it can easily be removed, and if this does not help, then spray the surface with WD-40. Without removing the lever, the cartridge can not be removed.
  4. Remove the nut that presses the cartridge against the body.
  5. Dismantling of the old cartridge and its replacement with a new one, which should take its position without additional efforts. Check that the hole of the replaced part is correctly aligned with the mixer.
  6. Strengthening the structure. Place the nut in its place and do not forget to tighten it.
  7. Installation of the cartridge handle for the mixer, which is pushed onto the rod.
  8. Final assembly of the structure. At this point, tighten the locking screw and insert the decorative plastic plug into place.
Replacing the cartridge in a single lever mixer

Correctly made replacement of the cartridge will allow to extend the life of the product for another 4-5 years.

Knowing how to replace the cartridge in a mixer, andusing a simple instruction to perform actions, any host can cope with the task. Special procedure will not cause. The home master is quite able to dismantle with the further installation of a new old mixer and replace the cartridge inside it.

Replacing the cartridge in a single lever mixer

Species variety of single-lever mixer cartridges

Before buying a cartridge, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the design features of these products. There are two types of cartridges:

  • ball;
  • ceramic.
    Cartridge for mixer

Features of ball cartridges

Before replacing the cartridge in the mixer (in the shower or in the bathroom - it is not important, check the features of the presented types of products and choose the best option.

Cartridge for ball mixer differsthe presence of the possibility of adjusting the water, so the setting is comfortable for the adoption of water temperature procedures. Due to their shape, the products are less sensitive to hard water and microparticles.

The principle of the product is that water enters the mixer, passing through the spring-loaded Teflon saddles and a pair of supply channels, where mixing takes place directly.

How to replace the cartridge in the mixer

One of the main disadvantages of this kindconstructions consider the sensitivity of the ball to corrosion. Over time, the cartridge wears Teflon seals and jointing pads because of the increased level of chlorine in the water.

This type of machinery can rarely be seen on the shelves of stores, since their release is accompanied by the need for a special permit.

Distinctive features of ceramic cartridges

Alternative to ball mixer optioncartridge. The design consists of two plates made of aluminum oxide. It is important that water does not leak between them, not even a drop of liquid. Details show a distinctive quality and are subject to exploitation for a minimum of 10 years.

Ceramic cartridge for the shower mixer, which is located in the divertor, distributes water to the hand shower. If this is a tap in the bathroom, then it is changed by analogy to a kitchen spout.

The malfunction associated with replacing the mixer cartridge in the kitchen entails the purchase of a divertor.

Distinctive characteristics of cartridges from different manufacturers

The products of different companies producing plumbing parts are not significantly different. Some develop details on their own technology, trying to make them more refined:

  • Experts recommend Grohe mixer cartridges, the outer surface of the plates is covered with special carbon-crystal spraying, which makes the products more durable.
  • The Finnish Oras mixer standard is reliable and practical, and in case of product breakdown, it will not be difficult to find a replacement, because the brand of cartridges is widely distributed in the networks of sanitary ware shops.
  • One of the available in the market are mixersspare parts for them company Vidima. Warranty period of service in five years, speaks about the reputation of the company. Many customers trust Vidima and have already tested in practice that the mixers of this company have to be changed infrequently.
  • Hansgrohe - ceramic cartridge for mixers. Equipped with a safety feature that positively affects the economy of water and electricity. If necessary, replacement will cope with the dismantling of the structure easily without assistance.
  • Boltic is the brand of the above-mentioned Hansgrohe company. The patented formula for the production of mixers has allowed to achieve an innovative result: a special way of fastening the handle and crane lever allows to operate the mixer for more than ten years without failures and loosening of the structure.

What to look for when buying a new product

Before buying parts, it's worthwhileattention to quality. It is clear that for ever such an element of sanitaryware will not serve, and replacement of the cartridge in a single-lever mixer is still required, but still pay attention to the fact that such products and all consumables to them should be bought in a specialized store or ordered from a distributor.

When a "one-armed" breakdown occurs, if the selection of the partit is advisable to purchase an analogue of a new cartridge or try to find the original and replace it. You can and even better buy a new part, because such products are not very expensive, but buying one cartridge instead of a mixer will still be cheaper. Which of the proposed options to choose, decide for yourself. The first is preferable, the second is even cheaper.

How to replace the cartridge in a mixer in the bathroom

Before replacing the cartridge in a mixer in the bathroom or in the kitchen, consider buying water purification filters. This will help extend the life of products to 5 years.

Try to buy products of famous companies,characterized by a positive reputation and feedback on the Web. It is not necessary to choose an expensive model. Products from the middle price category are also not bad and will go for an alternative in the case of a limited budget for repairs.

Unrefined water adversely affects the condition of the mixer and its functioning, therefore they quickly deteriorate.

Before replacing the cartridge in the mixer,you need to buy, so keep in mind that each company has its own "filling" for the mixer models on the market, and it will be better if the outer shell matches the internal filling. This is an extremely important point.

Replacing the mixer cartridge in the kitchen

Why pay attention to the choice of products

We have already found out that it's enough just for yourselfreplace the cartridge in the mixer. But keep in mind that the prices for products vary greatly. This is due to the presence of several standard sizes of parts that function in accordance with the same scheme, but differ in the volume of water that they can pass through. Sometimes in the market there are not quality Chinese counterfeits of low cost - such products are not recommended to buy, so as not to damage yourself.

If you know how to replace the cartridge in a mixer,breaking the plumbing will no longer be a problem. By using the data you have learned in practice, you will quickly cope with the anticipated workload and warn of more serious problems emerging as a result of the crane's progress.