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Composite facade panels

The facade of the building is the first thing a visitor sees. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of its aesthetic appeal. And given the Russian climate, you also need to think about the quality, safety and durability of the surface of the building. The choice of materials used should be approached with all seriousness.

Now it is becoming increasingly popular to revet buildings composite panels. This material provides reliable insulation fromsound and vibration of large cities and transport routes. In addition, the panels are durable, but at the same time flexible. They perfectly resist the external environment. It is possible to use a wide variety of processing methods, such as welding, rolling, drilling, milling, cutting, bending, gluing and others.

The most widely distributed Altek panels. Their versatility, ease of installation, largethe choice of sizes and colors made them so in demand. Another fat plus is low cost. Standard color design is presented in the palette of the selling company, but you can always order an individual painting on request. Modern companies, trying to please the customer, produce products of a wide variety of sizes. The installation of the composite is easy, thanks to the ductility and low weight of the material. Even buildings with relatively low strength of load-bearing walls are able to withstand the construction of aluminum panels.

Even large volumes of future cladding without specialLabor can be raised to the height without the use of special equipment. During the installation it is permissible to change the shape of the product depending on the requirements of the architect or designer. This is certainly a positive thing, other materials do not have this feature.

Composite panels practically do not require care,since their surface is perfectly smooth, the facade of the building always looks neat. According to the properties of aluminum processing, the lining is not subjected to corrosion processes, does not deteriorate from moisture, temperature changes, drought. According to the tests, it is believed that the life of such products is about 50 years.

In general, the composite panel is amazinga combination of materials and their properties. Aluminum gives plasticity, durability and lightness, high-density polyethylene provides a high level of noise insulation and fire-fighting properties. Combustible materials and materials are not used in the production of the composite.

The paint fits perfectly and rests onsurface of smooth aluminum. The choice of colors is usually limited only by the imagination. Even if in the standard palette of the company does not appear the right color, there is the possibility of creating an individual order.

Modern technologies, economical equipmentand low cost components make a low price for aluminum composite panels. If the product is purchased not in the store, but on the Internet, its value drops even lower. After all, the online store does not need to maintain a large staff and pay rent for a room with shopping malls. In addition, the site can always order delivery to the desired location. The time of choice is unlimited working hours, the store always works.