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What is a dowel-butterfly for gypsum board?

Modern renovation with wall plastering with gypsacorton- The usual thing. But on these walls there is always something to hang: a picture, a small shelf, a photo in a frame or a night lamp. To carry out such work using a fastener called a dowel-butterfly for gypsum board. Easy-to-use and reliable in use dowels enjoy a well-deserved popularity with professionals and home masters.


Actually the product itself is a partThe fixing device, which is fixed on the supporting surface. The second part is threaded fasteners in the form of a screw, a screw, etc. A plastic dowel, invented by the German engineer Arthur Fisher in 1958, replaced the wooden chopiki.

dowel butterfly for drywall

The design is very simple, it has two parts:Expanded (mobile) and non-disputable (static). Spacer when screwing the threaded fastener expands and thereby forms a strong connection. The rim around the hole does not allow the dowel to fall into the sheet of drywall and rotate in it.


Dowels for plasterboard are made on the principle of harpoon, which provides a reliable and durable fastening. All of them are divided into two groups:

  • Passing. Applied for mounting on the ceiling. Well suited for massive chandeliers, sports equipment, that is, where there will be a solid load on the mount.
  • Expandable. Applied for suspension of any product weighing not more than 15 kg.
    plastic dowel

The design can be a dowel:

  • nail;
  • Molly;
  • bung;
  • Expanded;
  • self-tapping screw;
  • bolt;
  • screw;
  • mungo;
  • anchor;
  • dowel-butterfly for gypsum board.

One of them is used for the installation of the drywall itself, the part in order to fix something on the wall from it.

By the method of fastening:

  • due to the frictional force - in this case the device is held by the tight fit of its walls to the base;
  • due to the expansion of the back of the dowel, which does not allow it to pass through a narrower inlet.

By the way of installation:

  • clogging;
  • screwing.

According to the material of manufacture:

  • metal (the alloy can be different - stainless steel, brass, etc.);
  • plastic dowel (use polypropylene, polyethylene, nylon).

Butterfly plug

Drywall is not the most durable finishingmaterial, it can crack and crumble. Nevertheless, it is widely used in repair work. It is easy to install and process. Often there is a need to strengthen on its surface any items: switches, cables, shelves, cornices, lamps, plinths.

In order not to subject it to mechanical destruction,use specially designed fasteners, such as a dowel-butterfly for gypsum board. When folded, it is a design with a diameter of 8-10 mm, the length depends on the model.

dowel price

Its peculiarity is that afterscrewing it opens, and from the back side is formed a sufficiently strong stop. By opening it, the area increases, so that the pressure is distributed evenly.

Depending on the size, the manufacturer and the material (metal or plastic) from which the butterfly dowel is made, the price will be different:

Diameter (mm)



Price ($)













Features of installation work

To install a dowel, it is necessary, beforein total, drill a hole in the plasterboard. The diameter should exactly correspond to the diameter of the dowel, and the length is 5 mm longer than the length of the screw. The hole is thoroughly cleaned from dust and dirt. Then the dowel is inserted into it and clogged with a hammer blow. It is important that he does not hang out in the hole. Another point to which you should pay attention - the thickness of the product (what is attached to the drywall) should not be more than 5 mm.

dowel butterfly price

Between the plasterboard and the main wall, the gap is notcan be less than 35 mm, then the screw will tighten securely and press the stop. If the gap is smaller, a hole is drilled in the main wall, then the plug will fit, and it will be possible to freely screw the screw. It is better to use a screwdriver, so as not to break the plastic edges of the stop with high turns of the screwdriver.


Butterfly dowel for gypsum board has several advantages:

  • it is sold complete with a screw of the appropriate length, diameter and type, the versatility of the design makes it easy to replace the threaded hardware with a more suitable one (hook, ring);
  • It is reliably fixed in the sheet of gypsum cardboard due to the ribbed surface, this guarantees the quality of the fasteners;
  • thread attached to the head of the dowel thread contributes to a reliable clamp, and special internal paws ensure the rigidity of the entire structure, when the dowel is completely twisted;
  • its versatility makes it possible to use this type of fasteners for chipboard, plywood and other construction sheet materials.

In addition, a plastic version with a thickness of 12 mmcan withstand several twists. The ability to use it repeatedly attracts consumers, and they choose this dowel. The price is completely justified and corresponds to the quality of the product, whether it is metal or plastic.