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Scissor machine with own hands: device, drawings

Plucking a bird is not the most pleasant thing.It's good if you need to remove feathers from several carcasses. And if you need to process 300 pieces, for example? With such an exhausting task, even the whole family can not cope. That comes to the minds of many owners of the bird's yard to make a scissor car with their own hands. The homemade variant will differ slightly from the factory one. Maybe it will not look so aesthetically. But the main thing is the functionality.

Operating principle

Hand-made scissor carworks on the same principle as the factory one. Most often it represents a capacious tank. The inner part of it (and the wall, and the bottom) is punctured with rubber "fingers" - beats. They are elastic pins, at the end of which there is a thread.

scissor car
A bird carcass, bathed in boiling water, rushes intostorage tank. After the engine is turned on, the bottom begins to rotate. The carcass begins to "dance" throughout the space. At the same time, she strikes against the beads. From this, the feathers are removed. Only the smallest remain in hard-to-reach places, which need to be removed manually. Everything takes no more than 2-3 minutes. To make the process happen faster, the carcass is watered. Water washes off excess feathers and protects the bird from damage.

Variety of species

Before you start making a scraper with your own hands, you need to decide on its appearance. This will depend on the number of carcasses.

  • With a centrifuge. It is a container (more often a round or triangular shape), on the inner side of which there are billy fingers. The bottom begins to rotate, and the carcass is treated with beads.
  • With a drum.The machine of this type starts working with the engine on. To the rotor on the outside are attached beads. The owner brings the bird to the rotor and keeps it at such a distance that the beams reach the bird. At the same time, he can adjust the force with which the carcass is pressed. The main advantage of this method is that it is suitable for plucking birds of different sizes.

scissor car

  • In the form of nozzles for power tools.It is easy to make a similar nozzle. This is the most economical option. But its disadvantage is the inconvenience in the work. The operator must hold the bird with one hand and the instrument with the other.

The factory scrapper can affordfar from everyone due to the high cost. Therefore, they are acquired only by those who cultivate poultry in large quantities. And the others prefer a self-made scissor car. Drawings for this you can not even use.

Where to get the beads?

One common feature of all types of machines is thepresence of beats that will take off the pen. It does not change, no matter what option they choose for making their own hands. The device of the scraper machine necessarily involves the presence of rotating rubber beats. And this is one of the obstacles that can prevent you from making the car yourself. The fact is that it is impossible to make such a specific detail at home. Therefore, you need to purchase the beads in the store.

the device of a scissor machine by one's own hands

When making an order, remember that the beards are notare universal. They may vary in size. And their choice depends on the size of the carcasses. It is clear that the largest fit for the largest bird (geese, turkeys). And the smallest ones are for quails.

Nozzle for power tools

In this case, the basis will serve as a piece of pipewith thick walls. From it make a piece that resembles a tin can. The pot itself is not suitable, since it is made of very thin metal.

The bottom is welded to the pipe (or fixedscrews). In the center of the bottom, a hole is made for the hairpin. Its diameter is selected in such a way that it comes to the holder of the power tool (drill, screwdriver). The stud is fixed with nuts. Through all the walls of the can, holes are made into which the purchased beads are inserted. "Fingers" are fixed on the outside of the pipe. This is the process of making a scraping machine in the form of a nozzle with your own hands is completed.

self-made machine

To facilitate the manufacturing process, it is possible, if instead ofmetal pipe to take a polyethylene pipe, which is usually used for sewerage. Its diameter should be approximately 10-12 cm. All other steps are performed in the same sequence as in the case of a metal pipe.

Drum type machine

The machine for plucking a bird of a drum type, in its design, resembles a nozzle to electric tools. The difference is only in size. The drum is made longer than the nozzle.

The drum is driven byelectric motor. Enough motor with low power and a pulley reducer. The axis to which the drum is attached is attached to the motor. The drum itself is also mounted on the frame. A bag is hung from below, into which the feather will fall.

Centrifuge machine

The most common option is whena disposable machine is made by hand from a washing machine. For this, models with a fixed capacity of cylindrical shape are suitable. This option is very convenient, since there is already a drive from below, which will rotate the bottom. In addition, the stuffing box is also installed.

scissor car with own hands from a washing machine

From the bottom of the machine you need to install the bottom, whichwill rotate. Its diameter is usually made a few centimeters less than the diameter of the machine. But too much difference in diameters is not needed so that the limbs of the carcass do not fall into the gap formed. The bottom joins with the axis. This joint must be sealed to prevent water from entering the engine.

On the bottom and walls are made holes, which will be inserted beads. In addition, it is necessary to prepare a hole for draining water and feathers.

This type of hand-pickedmachine is most popular. It allows you to process birds of different sizes. If the carcass is small, you can lower it several at once. At the same time, there should be enough space for the carcasses to turn. The process itself is best performed on the street. This is due to the fact that when plucking water and feathers will fly in different directions. Water should be added to speed up the plucking process and protect the bird from damage.