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What wallpaper is now in vogue for those who appreciate the style?

There are people who want to be stylish in everything:and in clothes, and in accessories, and even in the design of the apartment. Many of them are interested in what kind of wallpaper is now in vogue. If you also want to keep up with the times, you just need to know. Perhaps you will be pleased with the fact that the choice this year is great: relevant as reserved, discreet options, and very bold and original.

1. The wallpaper, which is an imitation of another material

They create certain visual illusions.For example, a person sees a brick wall, and no doubts come to him, touches his hand, but it turns out that this is ... wallpaper. Many people like this option: people are not averse to "forging" their wall covering to a more elite one. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that such wallpaper has now gained immense popularity.


Many fabric wallpapers are on sale.They are pleasant to touch, but their drawback is that they quickly become dirty and become worthless. Therefore, usually they wallow the walls exclusively in the offices or bedrooms. But do not get upset, because there are vinyl, as well as non-woven options that look exactly like textiles. Everyone who wants to know what kind of wallpaper is now in fashion should appreciate their advantages.

Brick or natural stone
what kind of wallpaper is now in fashion

These materials can be called very successful, sohow they fit perfectly into any interior. But in a typical city apartment you can only dream of a beautiful masonry. To erect such a wall for a long time, moreover, it will take a decent amount of money. And can you imagine how much space it will take? And then again come to the aid of wallpaper, like a brick or natural stone. Just pay attention to the edge: it should not be too smooth, otherwise the guests can guess that this is an imitation. Such wallpaper is great for niches, they can also cover one wall in a room.


This material has many advantages, but some believe that touching a surface that is finished in this way is unpleasant. In this case, you should think about wallpaper, simulating plaster.

Fashionable wallpaper 2014
It is much more profitable than to invite a specialistand purchase finishing materials. Not surprisingly, many manufacturers began to make similar models, and they immediately fell in love with housewives and designers. Here, it turns out, what kind of wallpaper in fashion! 2014 brought us many surprises.


Some may wonder:Well, who can like the imitation of such rough material? However, in reality, such wallpaper is perfect for apartments decorated in high-tech style, as well as lofts. In an interior where there are a lot of catchy elements, a gray background will come in handy. Such wallpapers are not only dark, but also light gray. For a room with poor lighting, you should buy exactly those.

what wallpapers in fashion 2014


Now in vogue all natural, so wallpaper,imitating a tree, recently very much in demand. After all, this material and panels from it are distinguished by high prices, in addition, they need careful care. And not for every apartment they are suitable. Here people buy a beautiful and fashionable wallpaper in 2014, made under a tree. As a result, their apartment is transformed, it becomes very cozy.

2. Retro wallpaper

This year, as before, they are veryare relevant. The same, however, can be said about retro floor coverings. But back to the wallpaper. Specialists advise to pay attention to the options made in the style of the 20's and 60's of the twentieth century.

what kind of wallpaper in fashion photo

3. Wallpapers with words, quotes, maps

This year, at the peak of the popularity of the model,which have words, quotes, and even pages from books. If you are looking for a wallpaper for a cabinet or a nursery, you can choose the option with maps. In addition, many models with drawings in the form of newspaper sheets are on sale. Do not doubt that such wallpapers your guests will appreciate, inscriptions will attract attention. In addition, such models look very aesthetic and make the room very effective. Want to see what kind of wallpaper in fashion? The photo will help you in this.

4. Flower ornament

The vegetative theme is very actual today, and it concerns not only wallpapers.

what the wallpaper is in fashion
Flowers can be any: and little cute forget-me-nots, and big red poppies. Of these, whole patterns can be made. Such wallpaper, as a rule, like women. They buy them for children's rooms, living rooms, bedrooms.

5. Large geometric shapes

Thanks to such patterns, the ceiling seems higher, androom - more. In addition, the room immediately becomes more unusual and interesting. In the collections of this year there are many different lines, rectangles, arcs, ovals, triangles, circles, rhombuses, zigzags.

6. 3D-drawings

If you want to see with your own eyes,what kind of wallpaper is now in fashion, go to the store and look exactly these models. 3D images have become popular since last year, and to this day they are not out of fashion. Experts advise paying close attention to the repetitive details, otherwise called patterns. As for colors, pink, blue, green and yellow colors are relevant.

7. Photo wallpapers

Maybe you remember how else in 2012 aboutthese wallpapers were said to be old-fashioned and ugly. People believed that they should remain in the past, namely, in the 80's. Today, wallpapers are again relevant, on sale they can be found in huge quantities. They have many advantages, for example, the image can be chosen by the buyer himself. Also they visually expand the room, and they are simply very attractive. Fashion trend - images of cities, for example, New York. Photos of the owners of the apartment are also relevant.

8. Images of shelving

This original version was created a lot moreyears ago, but became popular only recently. Many people thought: why do we need wallpaper with shelves, if the real ones already exist in the room? However, the image of the shelves with books and various small objects looks very nice, and the room gets a special charm. And many people who know what kind of wallpaper is now in fashion, choose exactly these.

If the printed output in your apartment is small, then such wallpaper will come in handy. Guests will be delighted, there is no doubt about it.

Everyone decides whether to step in step with the times or give preference to simple monochrome models. However, it is useful for any person to know about current trends and what kind of wallpaper is in fashion.