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"Hansa": a gas cooker of professional cooks

Gas stove - a kind of hotbed of the modernat home. For heating, it is not used, but it prepares food. Of course, that depends on the quality and comfort of this kind of home appliances, how beautiful it will be to cook masterpieces of cooking.

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And in this regard, stands out the technique of "Hansa": a gas cooker from this manufacturer is capable to serve without any complaints for more than one year, without requiring repair and any complicated maintenance.

A little about the manufacturer

The company considers the beginning of its history far 1921the year when the Polish workshop (under the management of German shareholders) arose. Already in 1957, they began to produce the first gas cookers, which were very successful. In 1981 electric models were added to the assortment. At present, Hansa, a gas cooker from which we are considering, has representative offices in 50 countries.

Main advantages

This manufacturer was one of the firstTo introduce into their technology technologies for energy conservation and safety when using gas. So, "Hansa" has long announced a technique that automatically stops the supply of gas if the burners were flooded with "runaway" food.

But even this is not so famous for Hans! The gas cooker of this company (to whatever model range belongs) is distinguished by a high-quality coating of both the working surface and the oven. No housewife should not tell for a long time how easy the cleaning process is, when the stove does not need to be scraped off for hours by the dried up particles of burnt food!

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Especially warm words are the ovens. As a rule, in most models they are convective. What is the use of this technology? It's simple - you no longer remember that your pastry could not reach the "condition". In domestic cheap plates it is always so that on the one hand, baked products are toasted to charring, while the other part remains half-raw.

In addition, Hansa, a gas cooker fromwhich receives such high reviews, is not greedy about components. At less "conscientious" producers you will rarely find in the delivery set even one pan, while here two plates are provided with a stove!


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If you have been in the stores of household appliances, thencertainly could not help but notice that any gas cooker "Hansa", whose price is higher than that of competitors (from 15 thousand rubles a minimum), has much better grills. As a rule, they are made of cast iron.

What does it give? You will never see the scale, which in the process of exploitation is formed in a multitude on the gratings of many "cheap" producers. Accordingly, the durability of such household appliances is at an altitude.

And further. It was Hansa who was one of the first to supply "hybrid" plates to the domestic market, equipped with both gas hobs and an electric hob. This is especially good for rural areas, where there is a regular absence of at least one of these energy carriers.

Here such advantages are possessed by a gas cooker "Hansa". The instruction on its application (enclosed by the manufacturer) will certainly give you even more information.