/ / Disc stacker for the motor-block "Neva". Attachments for motoblock "Neva"

Disc stacker for the motor block "Neva". Attachments for motoblock "Neva"

The disk heap for the motor block "Neva" isone of the most popular representatives of attachments for this unit. Its characteristics and features will be considered below. First let's have a brief overview of the motoblock itself. It was created by machine builders from St. Petersburg at the Krasny Oktyabr plant. The technique is an agrarian all-season unpretentious machine. The motorized unit is equipped with a steam atmospheric filter, which makes its operation more practical. If it is necessary to turn, one drive is deactivated, making a turn on the heel point. The peculiarity of the unit is the possibility of using a variety of additional devices.

disk hiller for motoblock neva


The first modification of the car used a motorDM-1K. The cylinder liner made of cast iron significantly increased the working life of the engine. The unit could develop not only agricultural land, but also virgin land.

In the new modifications, there appeared distinctive spare parts for the Neva motor-block:

  • Gear chain gear type.
  • The power unit of foreign manufacture.
  • Left wheel unlocking element for turning on small sections.

The indicator of the carrying capacity of the motor block was 300kg, and this made it possible to use a trailer cart. Despite the price increase, the machinery received high demand from workers in the agrarian sector and private farms. Among the operational improvements, the following parameters are noted:

  • The processing width of one pass increased.
  • There was a gearbox with four front and two rear ranges.
  • An ergonomic steering wheel is installed.
  • The carrying capacity of the machine has increased to 300 kg.


The set includes cutters for the Neva motor-block. They serve to loosen the top layer of the soil. At maximum power, the depth of immersion in the soil is 35 centimeters. In the serial release models M-23 and M-3 are provided. The first version has almost the same functionality as the MB-2, but is equipped with a horsepower of ten horsepower. MB-3 belongs to the category of cultivators without attachments. It is focused on the processing of small plots in the private economy.

In the standard version, the unit representsa frame structure with rubber wheels having an inverse deep protector providing good adhesion to the surface. The set includes saber-like elements on the axle, which replace the wheels when carrying out cultivation. The technique is called a motoblock, since it is designed for operation with various attachments, the features and types of which we will consider below.

spare parts for motoblock neva

Disc stacker for the motor block "Neva"

This element is the most expensive and effectiveamong analogues. Due to the special design of the device, it is practical and convenient to operate. The optimal version is the version with the possibility of adjustment.

Hilling with a disk hiller gives higherridges, their height can be corrected by convergence or distance of disks. You can also change the angle and depth of the elements. When using such attachments, it is advisable to equip the motor block with metal grippers, which will ensure reliable adhesion to the soil. On a soft ground operation can be carried out and on standard wheels.


  • The diameter of the discs is 370 mm.
  • Depth of treatment - 300 mm.
  • Working speed - up to 5 km / h.
  • Weight - 4,4 kg.
  • The width of the grip is 300 mm.
  • Dimensions of the disk hedge are 45/13 / 4.5 cm.

chisel plowing

Hillers with variable and fixed working widths

The cheapest element for hilling onmotoblock, is a variant with a fixed working width. When this device is operating, the height of the ridge remains strictly fixed, and the adjustment of the rows must be made even before processing. At the same time, the efficiency of such a device will suit perfectly the owners of medium and small land plots.

A significant advantage of the analogue with the variableThe width of the grip is the ability to adjust the working parts to any width of the bed. The disadvantages include shedding of land in cultivated furrows, which reduces the efficiency of work. Similar devices have two modifications: single-row and two-row version. The second model is more productive, but on loamy soil it is more difficult to work with.

Plow for motoblock "Neva"

This element is one of the most importantdevices in the farm. It is intended for plowing the land, forming a landing furrow. The shape of the device makes it possible to cut the layers and loosen the soil layer. Qualitative characteristics of the tool depend on the type and grade of steel, its geometric features, the configuration of the share and the heel.

To install the element, you need a special hitch that allows you to adjust the position in three directions. The plow for the Neva motor-block can be without a coupling.

Characteristics of model P-1 20/3:

  • The width of the processed strip is 22 cm.
  • Depth working - 21.5 cm.
  • Weight - 7.8 kg.
  • The overall dimensions are 53.5 / 31.0 / 40.0 cm.

Models H and PNS-CH are also suitable for operation.

It is allowed to use circulating plows. Their peculiarity consists in the presence of two buildings, allowing to make the finishing of the soil without omissions. This type of device is usually mounted on heavy motor blocks. Alternatively, weights can be used on medium modifications.


Special metal wheels for motoblock"Neva" allow the unit to dig deeper into the ground and not slip. They are installed during plowing, hilling, weeding and harvesting of root crops. The shape of the grousers positively affects the efficiency of operation and prevents the machine from tipping over at high power. The technique with such elements moves along the loosened ground easily, without slippage. The weight of each wheel is 12 kilograms with a diameter of 46 centimeters and a width of 21.5 centimeters.

plow for motoblock neva

Disc stacker for the motor block "Neva"is used along with metal wheels like KUM-700. Each such element weighs 15 kg, has a diameter of 70 cm. With the motoblock in question, lugs of the following type can also be used: K-T, F0340 / 110.

Devices for processing potatoes

Another popular type of attachments- potato-digger. This tool allows you to increase the efficiency of collecting tubers. An alternative to harvesting potatoes is a plow, however, when used, part of the crop is damaged. The digger gently and carefully turns the soil, lifting the tubers to the surface. With this equipment, you can also collect beets, garlic, onions and other tuber cultures. Working depth and speed are adjusted before starting work. The following types of potato diggers are suitable for the "Neva":

  • KNM (depth of processing - 220 mm, working width - 250 mm, dimensions - 560/370/540 mm, weight - 5 kg).
  • KB-2 (the width of the seizure of the ground is 300 mm, dimensions - 540/300/445 mm, weight - 3 kg).
  • Model KB-3 - is designed for light types of soils.

Planting of tubers is provided by disk holesfor potatoes (potato planter). They make it possible to place seedlings at the required depth at an equidistant distance. The construction of the unit includes spoon-disk elements and a hopper, in which the augers move the tubers, feeding them to the landing compartment. Step potato planting can be adjusted.

dimensions of disk horn


The disk heap for the motor-block "Neva", as well asother attachments, is fixed to the working position by means of a coupling. This node can be bundled or purchased separately. The agricultural machine has an original coupling mechanism. For "Neva" the following modifications are suitable:

  • CB-1/1 weighs two kilograms, it has dimensions - 22/13/20 cm. A device is used for standard attachments.
  • CB-2 - 3.6 kg, 43.4 / 13 / 17.5 cm. This device can be aggregated with a frame equipped with a pair of locks.
  • H - hitch for the plow.
  • PTS - for hills and plows.


If the cutters for the motor block "Neva" go into anypicking, then such a useful object, as a trolley, is purchased separately. The device is a metal structure on wheels of conventional or dump type. With the "Neva", carts of the type TPM, TPM-M, with one or two axes can aggregate.

Tipper model with one axle in positiontransport up to 250 kilograms of cargo. Its weight is 56 kg. The biaxial analog has a carrying capacity of about 500 kg, weighs only 40 kg. The overall dimensions of both variants are identical - 1,1 / 0,9 / 0,35 meters.

The TPM has the following parameters: load capacity 250 kg, dimensions 1.3 / 1.1 / 0.3 m. The version of TPM-M transports a maximum of 150 kilograms, weighs from 85 to 110 kg, its dimensions are 0.82 / 0, 14 / 0.25 m.

wheels for motoblock neva


These devices are used for harvestingsilage to livestock, and also as lawn mowers. The equipment is equipped with several knives, the height adjustment of the cut is adjusted manually or by means of an electric drive.

For the "Neva" the following types of mowers are suitable:

  • KR 05. This model mows grass at a speed of up to 0.4 m / sec, providing in one pass a cut height of up to 40 mm and a gripping width of 560 mm. The weight of the unit is 30 kg.
  • KN 1/1. The width of the bevel is 1.1 meters, the height of the cut is 40 mm, the speed is 3.6 km / h, and the mass is 45 kg.
  • Rotary mowers of the type "Dawn". Processed in one pass the area of ​​80 cm wide at a rate of 0.15 hectares per hour.

Rotary models are more effective, but less maneuverable than knife analogs. This should be taken into account when processing areas densely planted with bushes or trees.

Attached equipment with own hands

Some adaptations are easy to do by yourself. Below is the instruction of the motor block "Neva 1" for manufacturing equipment by our own hands.

Such a useful device, like a rake,really make in a few hours. For work it is required to prepare the welding unit and half-bent rods. Through the entire length of the pipe, the bars are welded through a uniform distance. Also the holder with the lock of a coupling is fixed.

The simplest model of potato digger is similar toconstruction of a hiller. It is fastened behind the motoblock and loosens the potato rows to a depth of 180 mm. The earth is filtered through a wire mesh of rods, and the potatoes remain on the surface.

The device is made as follows:

  1. Take a sheet metal thickness of 3 mm.
  2. Cut out the workpiece in the form of a knife-shovel.
  3. Sharp edges are sharpened.
  4. The workpiece is bent according to the configuration of the bucket shovel.
  5. To the resulting element, rods of 8 mm cross section, 400 mm long are welded at a distance of 20-25 mm from each other.
  6. From a steel strip with a diameter of 1 mm, a holder is made in the form of the letter T.
  7. In it, fixing holes are made to adjust the depth of loosening.
  8. From below, the holder is welded to the knife shovel, from above it is attached to the beam, also by welding.

disc hillers for potatoes


Moto block "Neva" can work with almostall kinds of attachments. In addition to agricultural equipment, it is possible to connect a driver's seat (using a special adapter and coupling) or a cart. For public purposes, brushes and snowplows are used. It is also possible to make a number of devices with your own hands. If the weight of the used tools and equipment is insufficient, a weighting agent is used for the Neva motor block, which allows the working parts to penetrate deeper into the soil, increasing productivity and processing efficiency.

User reviews confirm thatthe technique in question is an indispensable assistant on a private farmstead and in farms. This popularity is due to the practicality and versatility of the machine, as well as an acceptable price, compared with foreign counterparts. The spare parts for the Neva motor-block are widely represented on the market, so there is no problem with their search for problems.